More than 30 Crores Learners get affected in India amid the COVID19 – UNESCO

When the initial few cases of coronavirus COVID19 were witnessed in the country in the first few days of February. The entire nation was not aware about its severe consequences; and how it might impact the economy of India as well. Among the few initial patients were the students studying medicine in the medical colleges in China; and just returned to the state in Southern India.

The disease soon started spreading to other Indian states as well, and the government was left with no option left than to announce the entire national lockdown for three weeks till April 14, 2020 which later got postponed by another three weeks ending on May 3, 2020.

The lockdown also means that all the educational institutions, schools, universities, etc were closed down; as a precautionary measure to lower the impact of the COVID19. The closure of the institutions results in affecting the studies of school and college going students as well. To reduce the effect of this deadly virus among the younger generation studying in schools and colleges. All the educational centers around the world opted for online teaching so that at least studies don’t get affected; by the existing situation.

Today parents globally are taking extra efforts in ensuring that their kids get the best education. With the growing competition in the present world, parents look for additional learning ways aimed; at boosting the learning skills of their kids. To get better and improved learning students can get access to online classes at Ziyyara. Which offers online classes to the students so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow.

Some Major Effects of Online Classes

According to the latest reports presented by UNESCO

Almost 320,713,810 learners are affected by the COVID19, which include 158,158,233 females while 162,555,577; studies of male learners were affected due to the outbreak of this deadly virus. The global figure of affected learners reached 1,578,657,884.

This kind of emergency results in the growth of online classes in India as well; and many Kerala students started resuming their studies through online classes. The initiative was taken by the Kerala government and tried to offer extra bandwidth across the state. As more school and college going students were likely to take online classes due to increasing spread of the Covid19.

Thus online education came into limelight even if people started opting for it in unfortunate circumstances. The educational sector in India can motivate crores of students to opt for online education; as the best alternative in this COVID19 challenging time.

Ed-tech sector

Since the offline classes have higher costs linked with them, which include increased infrastructure costs linked with the offline mediums of studies, many educators are getting motivated to give ed-tech its due respect and will slowly start it with offline classes as well. This way the educators will get adequate data points to understand the learning trends of its students and accordingly can create new online learning ways for students based on their requirements. The teachers are also taking step forward and are creating personalised and customized online classroom learning for the students, an opportunity that presently exists in almost all the countries as many nations are locked down due to the COVID19.

The advancement in technology and revelation in the world of the internet has allowed more people across the world; to take the benefits of online classes. Online tuition is the next big revolution in the academic world offering the maximum benefits to the school going kids.

(i) The students can get a chance to understand every subject through online tuition courses. Even the well-renowned universities across the world also provide several online tuition classes to the students living in different parts of the world.

(ii) The online tuition classes have become more entertaining and encouraging, easier availability of online resources, academic websites, and the availability of numerous study-related applications has made learning easier.

(iii) Students are more attentive in online classes and pay detailed attention to what is being taught in these online tuition classes.

(iv) Also, activities like quizzes, solving algebric Formulas in the form of test series and etc, encourage pupils to stay active throughout the online classes.

Online classes to be Highly interactive and less expensive

To fill the gap, the ed-tech players are taking the lead in emerging academic areas with the help of technology like artificial intelligence, data analytics, etc. An ed-tech revolution is brewing in our country and the engine drivers are using advanced and latest resources like AI and gamification to educate the youth of the country. India’s Budget 2020, too, expected that the online education market; valued at INR 3,900 crore in 2018 is expected to grow manifolds in the coming years.

Leading ed-tech companies keep on adding add value to Indian markets and they will continue doing their work with the help of the funding offered by many PE/VC players that are offering funding rounds to support Indian online education But since India always prefer offline more as compared to the online classes and giving importance to the traditional style of teaching, the new Indian education can be a combination of online and offline classes that will rule the roost going forward.

The many flavours

Easier availability of phones and availability of data at lower prices will further prove to be a boom in the online education in the country. Also the higher usage of smartphones among the youth will motivate ed-tech companies to offer a friendly and supportive environment to the students. The Indian online education market is expected to grow manifolds in the near future. If policy initiatives are favourable and support online education in the country. The K-12 institutions in India are offering online studies to support classroom learning and to abide by the new rules; the schools need to make changes in their style of teaching as well.

Many leading Indian players are foraying into the edu-content aiming to offer better online teaching education to their elite customers. Furthermore, the students will enjoy learning this way as it will be device-agnostic; and can be easily accessed through any phone or laptop rather than sticking to TV all the time. In the future, it is expected that the ed-tech services will offer wider learning opportunities; to the students at the prices that will be at higher discounts. This discounting can be possible due to larger availability of players and boost in online teaching businesses.

 Compounded annual growth rate (CAGR)

Thepresent online education sector is likely to increase at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost 50% between 2019 and 2024, and these trends might result in dynamic changes in the Indian education sector in the future. It will be impressive to see how the investors are expanding their portfolios in the flourishing online education sector, and what are their plans regarding organizing the learning modules in the future. It will be clear with the time as to how ed-tech will offer the much-needed push to online education in the country.

In the wake of global crises, almost all the educational institutes in India have shifted to online learning, which includes top educational institutions like Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Millia Islamia among many others in addition to the schools and colleges as well. Though online education is a little bit challenging for the school going kids in countries like India where more emphasis is given on offline classes and to make learning easier and enjoyable for the schools going kids, companies like Ziyyara are stepping forward to help the students in understanding the concepts. Ziyyyara is a globally recognized, one-stop solution that provides the best online classes to the school going kids. A pool of talented experts and teachers having dynamic knowledge help the students in understanding the concepts without much difficulty.

World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have declared Coronavirus or COVID19 as a Pandemic; which forced countries across the world to opt for the nation lockdown. So in this challenging situation, don’t let your child experience fear and depression. Rather allow them to stay closer to their studies so that they can learn new things in life. Opt for the online tuition classes at Ziyyara so that your kids’ studies don’t get locked down!!

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