Today marks the launch of the sixth E-Summit at IIT Madras, the flagship event of its entirely student-organized Entrepreneurship Cell.

Presented by Westbridge Capital, co-sponsored by StartupTN and powered by the IIT Madras Batch of 1990, E-Summit ‘21 is the next phase in a series of ISO 9001:2015 certified entrepreneurial fests, one of a kind in India. 

Every year, the fests try to capture the spirit of an important point in a startup’s lifetime. This year’s theme is ‘Sustain to Attain’, stressing the necessity of resilience, preparation and calculated decision-making in order to sustain through the do-or-die standpoints of a startup’s journey, and overcome them.

‘The lockdown is just another phase in the E-Cell journey. It is an opportunity to flourish, to come back on our feet. Our experiences’, Student Heads Akshit and Ayush write, ‘reflect the resilience of India. And it is this India, that E-Summit 2021 gives voice to.’

Over the span of ten days from March 5 to 14, attendees will be taken through a four conclave model; encompassing a Youth Conclave, Innovators’ Conclave, Startup Conclave, and Growth Conclave. Each conclave is customised to the needs of a specific audience, enhancing their knowledge and enabling them to access emerging market opportunities. 

Every year, E-Cell initiates a social campaign, broadening the scope of entrepreneurship in India. For 2020-21, the social campaign was Pankh – ‘Opting Vertical Over Horizontal’. Pankh focuses on Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), empowering them to build sustainable business models and is aimed at enabling the growth of the Indian MSME ecosystem. The campaign will attempt to highlight and resolve sector-specific challenges while engaging the Indian youth. The vision of Pankh is to build a more sustainable and efficient MSME ecosystem in India. This was achieved through the case study competition & policy competition in association with Unlock Consultancy and the National Institute of MSME, Hyderabad.

E-Summit 2021 realises this potential, engineering solutions to technical challenges and bringing together a platform to share these stories. 

The Growth Conclave will boast workshops by industry leaders such as The School of Design Thinking, TheSmartBridge, Finstreet, Institute of Product Leadership and David Parrish, all oriented to answer a crucial question – why the buzz around AI/ML, or cryptocurrency, or design thinking?

This year, its famous Inspirit lineup brings renowned speakers like & Myntra co-founder Mukesh Bansal; Groww co-founder Lalit Keshre; Gaurav Agarwal from 1mg; Rana Dagubbati; and YouTubers with over 10 Lakh subscriber, Abhi and Niyu.

Inspirit lectures, held on each day of the Summit, highlight experimenters and innovators from all sectors who stand testament to this spirit. This series is designed to encourage a wide range of audiences; from students and start-up enthusiasts to serial entrepreneurs and business professionals. 

The lectures will be sold under the E-Summit Access Pass, which further offers attendees complimentary passes to a LinkedIn-sponsored workshop on profile-building rock your Profile’, networking events, and tickets to the E-Cell Shows. 

E-Summit 2021 will be launched at 5 PM by CEO, Abhishek Singh. Passes can be purchased from their website, 

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