Instagram Introduced Dark Mode Feature

Instagram Introduced Dark Mode Feature

With the introduction of IOS 13 by Apple last month we have seen some new and stimulating features in iPhone 11 series. One of the most exciting features introduced by Apple is the dark mode. After three weeks of this update the biggest social media platform, Instagram has updated its platform by supporting IOS 13 dark mode. This feature is not only for Apple users but also for android customers using Android 10 or above.

Some people do not like the white background of Instagram because it generates too much brightness and this bright background can cause harm to your eyesight even after keeping your screen brightness to minimum. This dark mode will allow us to switch the bright and vibrant background of Instagram to a dark background. In this, the interface will be dark and text will appear in white and only other colour you will see instead of the images and video is the coloured ring in the stories section.

Dark theme of Instagram looks beautiful and it perfectly blends with IOS 13 dark mode. You might feel a little weird while using the popular photo and video sharing app in a dark mode, but once you get used to this new feature, you are going to love it. One additional and important benefit of this mode is that it will get rid of that bright and eye-straining background.

So the main question here is how you can switch Instagram into dark mode? It is very simple indeed; all you have to do is go to your play store or apple store and update Instagram app and after you enabled the dark theme in your phone your Instagram will automatically adapt to it. Remember, this will only work in devices having IOS 13 or Android 10 in them.

Well, there is no in-app option to switch from a light theme to a dark theme, the night mode of Instagram will adapt to your system settings. This is quite same as Twitter’s night mode.

With this update, Instagram has decided to remove the ‘following’ tab from its interface as it is not used much. If you are an active user of Instagram, you will soon see the difference in its interface as the following tab will now show in a unified ‘Activity tab’.

Head of products of Instagram, Vishal Shah recently said in his interview that “There are features that are not serving their purpose but when there is an activity, people feel surprised”.

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