Apple Finalized Location for First Indian ‘Apple Store’ In Mumbai

Apple Finalized Location for First Indian ‘Apple Store’ In Mumbai

Apple is all set to open its first retail shop in India. For this, the company has shortlisted some locations in Mumbai for its retail store. Apple stores have always had iconic designs and architecture, and its outlets in Mumbai will rival its flagship stores in London, New York First Retail Shop of Apple will open in Mumbai and Paris.

The move comes as the tech giant is making efforts to create a strong presence in the fastest-growing smartphone market of the world. Apples have been prohibited from opening its stores in the country because, it does not meet local sourcing needs, but it is now shifting manufacturing into India and is in talks with the government about its retails expansion.

Apple has struggled a lot to establish itself in India where consumers have opted for cheaper Android phones. It still accounts for only 1% of the smartphones market. The high cost of the iPhone in India has been hitting the brand. That is why Apple has been measuring extra miles to make its latest models more attractive by offering discounts and a lot of advertisements.

Besides, the company has vowed to enhance its presence in the fast-growing industry, mainly as it loses ground in China. Manufacturing in India will also allow the company to sidestep 20% tariffs on imported phones, making its productions more competitive.

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