Letting Business Go Mobile, Anant Computing ensures your Success with the skills and talents

Letting Business Go Mobile,

Anant Computing ensures your Success with the skills and talents 

Anant Computing is the brain-child of Phani Bhushan, an IIT-Kharagpur Alumnus, seasoned IT professional and social entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience and Gopal Pradhan, an OUAT Alumnus and tech geek with more than 16 years of experience in developing award winning IT products.

They started their entrepreneurial journey with ViaEdge Technologies, and IT Infrastructure products and IT Consultancy Firm with a prestigious client list including Aditya Birla group, Reliance Industries, Tata Insurance, Spice telecom, DRDO, Indian Railways, Kotak Mahindra and IBM. Among other innovative products, ViaEdge built ‘M-Switch’ to offer financial transactions on feature phones.

Passionately committed to digital inclusion, the duo believe it can happen only if every citizen of India is powered with mobile at their fingertips offering ability to access high-quality apps without any language barriers on their mobile devices. This inspired them to create Anant Computing.

The CEO Magazine interviews Mr. Phani Bhushan – Founder of Anant Computing 

TCM: When and how did you ideate setting up a mobile app development platform?

Mr. Bhushan: Anant Computing was created with the vision of catalyzing digital inclusion, and bringing the next billion online in India. More than 700 million Indians are excluded from this revolution, simply because the world of mobile applications here caters exclusively to an English-centric developer and user-base. In stark contrast, markets like China, Japan and Korea have their mobile-ecosystems built around local languages. Why should India be different?

Hence, Anant Computing was born in 2012 with a vision of digital inclusion – an India where anyone with a mobile can create and access high-quality apps. We created India’s first vernacular language operating system for tablets. And as Smartphone revolution unfolded, we decided to create a robust ecosystem by complementing existing mobile infrastructure and shifted focus to the sphere of mobile application development. The holy grail of digital inclusion is where a Hindi-speaking weaver from Jaunpur of Uttar Pradesh on his Android phone, can purchase raw cotton from a Bengali-speaking trader from Jalpaiguri of West Bengal on his Java phone, using design received from Mumbai-based English-speaking designer on her iPhone and can sell his handloom to Tamil-speaking housewife from Chennai, who is using a Nokia phone. At Anant, we made this possible. 

TCM: Please tell us in brief about your company’s Solution/Product-Offerings.

Mr. Bhushan: Our core product offering is India’s first indigenous mobile technology platform. Our technology facilitates app developers and companies to create apps to run in any mobile or Indian language. Doing this, we plan to increase adoption and app usage in Indian-market. What can be a better example of #Made-In-India than local language apps being made in India, and for India?

Our technology also addresses some key challenges of app usage in India – slow/poor mobile internet connectivity and lack of space to store apps on low-end smartphones. 

TCM: Tell us some Key differentiating factors of your platform.

Mr. Bhushan: Segment of one is the dream of every marketer for better user acquisition and retention. Our technology allows companies to have their own AppWallet – a single app address.

AppWallet is like a folder, containing multiple apps. It is light on device and mobile data usage, yet updates dynamically and automatically. We believe AppWallet is the future format for apps.

Now, your company can cater to multiple target audiences through one app when you build your app with Anant Computing. You can offer specific apps to a specific user and talk to each one of them separately in the language they speak, in the UI-UX they enjoy. Also, different services can be featured inside AppWallet for different user segments.

Because AppWallet is a dynamic app container and not an appLink container, one can push an app into AppWallet modularly without requiring installation, which can be used instantly. This solves two biggest app-marketers’ headaches today – customer acquisition and customer retention.

Through AppWallet, you can install multiple apps on a single user’s device. No more spending millions on mass-media campaigns. Say, you are a bank who needs to solicit existing banking app users to download your UPI wallet app, you can simply get your UPI wallet auto-downloaded into your Banking Master App (AppWallet) in user’s phones, making it ready to use.

AppWallet is a combination of hybrid and native apps and hence would be light in size, how many ever apps you add inside it, giving no excuse for your customers to uninstall. 

TCM: Do you develop all apps in-house or outsource?

Mr. Bhushan: Anant Computing as a technology provider doesn’t develop mobile apps. However, we help developers, IT companies and mobile development firms to make mobile apps by providing our technology and supporting them throughout the process of making apps for their users.  Our technology is easy to adopt for any app development firm and also our official implementation partner, ViaEdge Technologies can build and offer the experience of our platform to users.

TCM: Tell us about your clientele.

Mr. Bhushan: We are currently working with organizations with massive public diversity, like the Govt. owned Largest Public Transportation company, the largest public sector unit who deals with rural Development, a state unit of higher education, and the largest dairy association of our country. We are also working with few private sector organizations with pan India presence.

TCM: Tell us some milestones for the company since founding?

Mr. Bhushan: We believe when India’s largest public transport company have started using our platform to make their mobile app accessible across their wide user base, it is a milestone on itself to watch our technology benefit Indians across its diversity. We are also working with India’s largest public sector unit who deal with rural development, which is soon going to launch. These are big milestones start-ups take decades to achieve. However, we think our technology and vision has together made it all possible in such a brief time.

TCM: Please share about your or company’s Awards & Recognitions.

Mr. Bhushan: I was recently awarded “Great Achievers Award for Mobile Technology”; by Indian Organization for Commerce and Industry for contribution in this field of Mobile and digital inclusion. Anant Computing also stood as a finalist by Grand Jury for 2014 mBillionth Awards – South Asia, and has been the shortlisted technology for vision 2030 by Government of India.

Anant Computing also featured among 50 top innovations by DST – Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Program 2014 by FICCI, and is proud member of NAASCOM and IAMAI.

TCM: What’s your organization’s Road Map and Future plan?

Mr. Bhushan: True digital inclusion isn’t just about offering vernacular services, we needed to create an ecosystem. Hence, we zeroed upon three major entities; Consumers, Developers and Producers (Enterprise and Govt).

We have first ensured that digital content be consumed by every Indian in their own language and devices. Made sure technology never becomes a barrier to its users and apps run on any phone in any language of choice with no rendering issues.

We then created AppWallet so that novice users get the apps they need instantly to use without facing challenges.

We are now making it possible for Indians without English knowledge, to code apps in local languages.

While few app development companies have started providing apps to their users with our platform, by 2019, we are expecting IT-giants like Infosys and Accenture to start using our platform for app development.

We are always open to collaborate with young entrepreneurs with great go-to-market ideas benefiting Digital India.

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