“We innovate and develop new software that serves real needs. We translate abstract ideas into concrete software solutions that assist in increasing efficiency, productivity, and profits.” – Nektar Baziotis

In this digital era, we get to see new advancements every now and then. It was almost impossible two decades back to even imagine any software or application which would make a machine capable of speaking like human beings. For these advancements, we should be grateful to those tech companies which have literally transformed our lives. One such gem, Enki Inc. stands pioneered and the global leader in delivering excellent tech solutions, designed to help you leverage your business.

Enki Inc. is achieving rapid success as a strong tech partner who understands your future needs and helps you in multiple ways, whether you need a website, mobile app or custom software.

An inception that all began in the year 2015, from a small group of tech geeks grew into making its global presence in the software solution company. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, ENKI Technologies holds a strong presence throughout the US and in the global arena too. It aims to express the ideas of companies and professionals around the world to move beyond local and conceptual boundaries, by creating high-quality user-friendly software, delivering unique graphic designs, and defining exact technical communication messages.

The team of ENKI stands unparalleled in experience, and they strive to go one step further and make their work their mission. ENKI Technologies has received the AI & Software Solutions Best of 2019 from the Santa Monica Award Program and several community recognitions.

The company’s philosophy is to capture your mission, vision, and core values to apply their process and get you solid results. They elevate your competitive edge by applying the latest trends and technologies.

“Our core is freedom and evolution. We love what we do, and we love providing tangible solutions to our clients and partners,” shared Nektar Baziotis.


Nektar Baziotis is an expert IT professional and serial Founder with proven entrepreneurial skills. He has over 20 years of broad experience in International Business Development, IT Project Management, IT Business Consulting, and E-Learning.

He has an excellent understanding of the overall operations, and he delivered IT products and services for the UN, European Commission, European Parliament, organizations and privately held companies in several countries. He is a successful versatile leader. In academics, Nektar did an MBA from the University of Sheffield and graduated from Aristoteleion Panepistimion Thessalonikis.


Enki Inc. offers a wide assortment of strategic tech services including;

  • Custom Software: for a wide range of industries to streamline processes and create new business models
  • Custom Website Development: any common CMS and or/custom with our proprietary Custom Web CMS ready for use from small businesses to large corporations, organizations and e-shops
  • Software implementation with Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile apps: iOS & Android.


Enki Inc. goes beyond technology. They are also entrepreneurs and investors striving to push the boundaries of what’s possible. They have experience in several markets since 2005 and they combine solutions to bring their clients or partners on the top.

“Our tech solutions are designed to help our customers leverage their business whether they need a website, mobile app or custom software. In order to grow value, they need a strong tech partner who understands their future needs, stated Nektar Bazioti.

This can range from translating an idea into a product, opening a new sales channel, automating processes with technology, disrupting the entire industry with a tech product or building complex solutions to integrate different platforms clients are using.


Enki Inc. is focused on building long-term trusted relationships with its clients, ensuring quality customer service before and after a project is complete. Here is the list of some renowned brands Enki has worked with;

  • Pacific Park is the most famous landmark in the US
  • Expert DOJO is the largest accelerator in Silicon Beach (Southern California)
  • Santa Monica Mirror is a weekly community paper covering news from Santa Monica, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Venice, and Marina del Rey
  • Lily et Cie a vintage clothing boutique in Beverly Hills Etc.


Enki Inc. is a trusted IT partner providing high-quality, reliable services for its local and international clients. While competition is enormous in this business, the business model of Enki Inc. is based on market vertical solutions with a focus in the future expansion of the company

The major branding strategies of Enki Inc. includes networking, referrals, approached by the sales team, participating in conferences and to public procurements


To stay relevant as per the clients’ needs, the team performs market and user research for any project of any size. Shortly, ENKI Inc. is going to launch proprietary products such as the Icarus AI e-learning platform and the Jobeleno HR matching platform.

“The sixth P of marketing is Philosophy (fifth = People). We come together as a team to help everyone evolve. Our clients evolve in their business, our team members in their career and we as a company”, asserted Nektar while talking about his work culture.


Combining solutions to serve current client needs, but being open to the future expansion of the company is the major challenge in application development. Companies have to be ready that each client will expand and thrive in this market. And this is what Enki Inc. cares for.

Nektar furthered added, “We get to innovate and develop new software and technology that serve real needs. The long-lasting relationships that we forge with our clients and the community’s appreciation are the actual accomplishments for us.”


We are shifting to larger-scale projects and expanding our team. We are concentrating more and more on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, as we believe that several life aspects may be improved by the ethical use of AI,” shared Nektar Baziotis.


Excel in what you do, be on top of it. Care and love your products or projects.


  • Nektar Baziotis: President
  • Chris Haberl: CEO
  • Markos Giannopoulos: CTO
  • Brian Mac Mahon: Investors Relationships

“Our creations, solutions, and services are inspired by the trust and love of those involved. We only care for evolution and freedom. This is what makes our planet a better place for future generations.”- Nektar Baziotis

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