India’s Ed-tech Entrepreneurs refurbishing Education

India’s Ed-tech Entrepreneurs refurbishing Education

A decade back, not many students were aware of the technology driven learning which was being imparted in western countries. Students in western countries were already accustomed to such teaching methods but it was still considered a luxury in India. Then a slew of events took place which paved the way for an education entailing “learning with fun”. India witnessed new ideas which were evolved after a long deliberation from assorted budding minds. Among those many ideas, one was to provide world class and easy-to-understand learning which was entirely different from rote learning. The sole idea was to deliver an experience which was innovative and engaging.

One such idea was engendered by an engineer, Mr. Byju Raveendran, who was very passionate about teaching since his school days. He wanted to tap his potential in this domain and that is how he laid the foundation stone of Byju’s. His sole aim is to make students feel engaged with the contents. Once someone gets engaged with the content, the output is bound to automatically come in favor of the person. His fervor to bring innovation in education has placed him in the ranks of revolutionaries in the education field.

Next in this list comes the name of Meritnation. This organization was initiated in the year 2009 by Mr. Pavan Chauhan. Meritnation is known for making school studies easy for students up to class XII. It is an online portal for school children and it continues its journey by catering to the learning needs of students in school. It has content aligned and updated to the curriculum of various state boards, ICSE and CBSE. At Meritnation, users have the option to learn through live video lectures and interactive recorded videos. Not only the learning and self-study courses, Meritnation also has a strong focus on conducting regular tests and giving time-bound assignments to check the preparedness of students.

CultureAlley is the next Ed-tech company which was founded by the husband wife duo of Nishant Patni and Pranshu Bhandari. This website came into existence for those struggling to learn languages. CultureAlley aims to make the process of adding more languages in your cart easily through its different methodology designed with robust research. In a short span of time, it has earned the trust of more than 5 lakh learners from all over the world. The learning process is so informal that you can learn the chosen language while scrolling through Facebook which remains in your memory for long.  Not only that, They have lollipops (rewards) after each challenge you fulfill which ranges from learning based on audio-video lessons to lessons based on games.

Simplilearn is another such platform which was launched in the year 2009 by Mr. Krishna Kumar. This is an online education portal with the aim of simplifying learning for working professionals. The website offers more than 400 courses in vivid areas including IT, Digital Marketing, Programming, Big Data and Analytics etc. At Simplilearn you get the certificate which is well recognized for the course taken by you at different platforms.

Next in line is a company which provides various courses through its app known as EduKart. This was brought to life in the year 2011 by Mr. Ishaan Gupta, Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma and Mr. Mayank Gupta. They had a common purpose of providing Indian and International courses such as MBA, Executive MBA, MSc, MCA and many other such courses. The website is known for online distance learning. It offers various undergraduate and post graduate courses. It is running partnership with more than 90 course providers to promote registrations in 2000+ courses offered by it.

So, these are some of those talented people who have changed the dynamics of Indian education. Let’s hope for many more such talents to emerge in developing India.

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