“We have grown @ 38% CAGR in the last three years and the outlook for coming years is healthy.” – Rajeev Asija, CEO, Aforeserve

“We have grown @ 38% CAGR in the last three years and the outlook for coming years is healthy.” – Rajeev Asija, CEO, Aforeserve

When companies create a growth story in a traditional business like ICT Infra Lifecycle services, some of the fundamentals have to be right and the strategy has to precise. Elements like Market segmentation, value proposition and sticking to one’s core competence play a decisive role in the success of the business.

In addition to the entrenched business with the leading OEMs like HP, Lenovo, Acer, NCR etc and major Global ODMs like Inventec, Asus, Pegatron, MSI, ECS etc, Aforeserve added Direct customer services portfolio a few years back to drive the services growth in the ICT Lifecycle services arena.

Rajeev got associated with Aforeserve in 2013 and fine-tuned by his sheer passion and deep-seated knowledge, the organization today holds a sterling reputation in the ICT domain, exponentially catering its products and services to the leading corporate giants. Incorporated in 2000, Aforeserve is an integrated service management and support company offering comprehensive and standardized lifecycle services for the full spectrum of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) products including notebooks, desktops and servers, Storage and Networks, computer peripherals and mobility devices as well as for a range of non-IT automated systems such as self-service kiosks, point of sale terminals, ATMs etc.

The Aforeserve Edge

  • Superior Tech Repair Capabilities
  • Integrated Service and Support Model
  • Pan India Support Network
  • Leveraging Key Partner Associations
  • Flexibility, Agility, and Responsiveness

Rajeev shares Aforeserve’s business voyage with Pooja Kundoo, Editor at The CEO Magazine. Here are the excerpts…

Supported by a team of over 4100 engineers, technicians and service executives, one of India’s largest chains in organized repair, Aforeserve handles more than 87000 service calls every month, combining industry experience with superior repair capabilities and standardized support practices. What inspires the Aforeserve’s team?

Aforeserve operates as a single point service solution for manufacturers, integrators and end-users of ICT products, delivering best in class service and support at every stage of the ICT asset lifecycle across brands, platforms and technologies. Keeping our people abreast of the latest technologies and trends and building up a strong work culture is one of the most critical tasks for any leadership. We have a strong belief in developing our people so that they can learn and grow in their careers by taking up larger roles as they work on Projects or in Business Roles. The learning and development framework is quite wide and covers soft skills training, technical training and Management development programs.

Please share about your offices from where you run the business and the clientele.

We have an extensive pan India support network of service points with 51 offices and 310 RE (Resident Engineer) locations across the country. Because of the wider footprint that we have, our engineers can respond to customer requirements with minimum response times, which give us an edge in the market. Since these are our own offices and engineers, we are able to provide a consistent service experience to our customers.

Few words on Aforeserve’s growth…

We have grown @ 38% CAGR in the last three years and the outlook for coming years is healthy. Our Repair Services business is growing well and the engagement with Global OEMs and ODMs are becoming deeper in the form of greater volumes as well as newer technologies. In the D2C space, we have acquired more than 1600 customers over the last 4 years and the growth outlook in this segment is healthy. We expect to grow our customer base to 2x of our current base in next two years. This is driven by our offerings like AMC and Managed Services for the entire range of ICT Products across Brands and Technologies.

How has been your professional journey? What was the most difficult lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

I worked in HCL for 29+ years and now 4+ years in Aforeserve. Apart from the first 10 years in HCL when I was gaining knowledge on technology and acquiring Management skills, the next 20 years were a good lesson about doing business and managing P&L as well as cash flow. At Aforeserve, it was more like a startup experience which has its unique set of challenges and requirements. Attracting talent and retention, acquiring customers and managing cash flow would definitely be on top of such a list. So, if I have to pick the most difficult lesson learned as an entrepreneur, it would be identifying the target market correctly and sticking to your core competence. It will surely lead to success.

Thanks for this wonderful talk Rajeev. We wish you luck on your journey ahead. We would love to have few words of wisdom for the young entrepreneurs.

One should build up a core team whom you can trust. Trust gives speed and agility, which is very important for any entrepreneur. Probably, that is the biggest advantage you can build against established competition in the market.


  • Field Services (AMC , FMS , Managed Services , Multi-Vendor Services)
  • Tech-Repair Services (for full range of IT and Mobility Products)
  • Project Services (Installation/Commissioning as well as Operations/Maintenance over long years)
  • Resourcing (Contract as well as Permanent Staffing)
  • Solutions (IT Solutions, Security Solutions)

 Some of the Large Projects

  • Services for more than 14000 branches of Banks like SBI, PNB, OBC, BOI, CBI, BOB, Canara Bank and others
  • Services at four major locations of RBI
  • Repairs of 35000+ units at our repair facility every month
  • Repairs of 28000+ mobile phones every month
  • Managing the services at 4700 Digital Cinema screens at Cineplexes across the country. This is almost 50% of the total screens in the country
  • Managing nearly 90000 laptops for UP Govt currently as well as the project of 1.5Million laptops by UP Govt in 2013-14, along with HP

Awards and Accolades

  • Company of the Year 2016 by a leading business magazine
  • Top 10 Field Services Solution Providers – 2017 from a leading business magazine
  • Aforeserve Mysore Team got Infosys “Best Partner Award” in 2017
  • Aforeserve received “Best Partner Award in Customer Support” from Lenovo

The CEO’s Periscope

Rajeev is a well-known expert in the IT Industry of the country possessing 34 years of experience. Prior to joining Aforeserve, Rajeev served HCL for almost three decades, with last 7 years as the Head of the Business and COO. With an extensive experience of business operations, Rajeev holds a track record of establishing New Lines of Businesses. He possesses exceptional leadership skills and adeptness to manage, control and supervise all the affairs of the company. His rich understanding and experience of Business Management and various other aspects of the business has led Aforeserve to cruise smoothly on the realm of ICT Lifecycle.

His qualifications include B.E in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from College of Engg, Pune and a host of Executive Management Programs from premier Institutes like IIMs, ASCI, ISB, Kelloggs School of Business, Chicago and MSM Netherlands

Brand Of The Year 2017
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