Testingxperts, A Small Idea Backed By ‘Passion For Perfection’ Enabling Quality Within Digital Transformation And Cloud Adoption

Testingxperts, A Small Idea Backed By ‘Passion For Perfection’ Enabling Quality Within Digital Transformation And Cloud Adoption

2014 Founded, Next-Gen Quality Assurance (QA) and DevOps Company with a global presence, TestingXperts (Tx) is the brainchild of Manish Gupta, Founder and CEO, assisting brands across the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore and India.

In the year 2013-14, Enterprise software was at a major inflection point with the evolution of cloud and continuous delivery of software. While most of the software industry experts were predicting the demise of software testing industry, the far-sighted entrepreneur felt that Software Testing and Quality Assurance is the weakest link in the Continuous Delivery of software.

As a serial entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of experience in IT industry, Manish Gupta could spot an opportunity to build a Modern Next-Generation Specialist Software Testing and QA company to address this need. The Vision was laid out for Tx to be the most trusted brand in providing specialised continuous software testing services across domains and industries. Customer focus with a deep-rooted ‘passion for perfection’ to deliver quality to the clients outlined TestingXperts’ DNA and that is something they have percolated throughout the organization.

Today, Tx’s comprehensive suite of services covers Quality Engineering Consulting, Functional and Non-Functional testing specializing in Automation, Digital, DevOps, Agile, Web, Mobility, AI/ML, RPA, Blockchain, IoT, and Big Data to name a few. 

It’s All In The Name

“In sync with our name, we want to be seen as leaders and experts in software testing.”

Manish Gupta, Founder and CEO

TestingXperts have been progressively staying ahead of the curve by investing in state-of-the-art labs to create and deliver solutions for next-gen technologies like Digital, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud and DevOps by leveraging AI, ML, and RPA in testing. With innovation and continuous research, they have developed IPs, service platforms, and accelerators such as Tx-Automate, Tx-IaCT, Tx-Insights, etc. which puts them on the map as a brand where quality is delivered faster with quicker ROI. 

Creating Value For Its Clients

The company has been helping companies of all sizes including Fortune 2000 companies across industries like BFSI, Retail, Logistics, Telecom, Hi-tech, etc. in 25+ countries. With Next-Gen testing solutions, modern testing approach, skilled teams, and a global delivery model, they assist brands in delivering greater value to the clients. The organization’s culture has been built on ‘Quality’ and ‘Customer Delight’ with passionate people who bring 3 key virtues of being humble, hungry and smart.

The Initial Ride And The Breakthrough

In the initial journey for TestingXperts into entrepreneurship, there was a need for assembling a specialist team that lived software testing as a subject, for creating a differentiated set of offerings. The core team was hand-picked to include industry experts in respective areas and the focus from early days was on innovation within software testing. They brought in IP-led testing to the market by building in-house solutions that customers could leverage to carry out testing faster and with greater accuracy.

The toughest part of the brand establishment was to build a ‘Go-To-Market’ story which could differentiate TestingXperts from the leading players in the market, including the large tier-1, tier-2 and other IT leaders in the software testing services industry. There was intense competition and hitting a sizable client was the first hurdle. However, TestingXperts landed their first major win with a US-based product company in the year 2014 with more than half a million USD in revenue per year and there was no looking back. 

A Certain Constant, ‘Change’

The world is changing rapidly, especially in the technology and software testing services market space. With the changing needs of the market, brands have to adapt continuously to keep themselves relevant. Hence, it’s critical to be close to the customers and understand the challenges they are facing today. TestingXperts continuously keep feeding market analysis to their innovation labs to develop effective and intelligent testing solutions for the same.

They are the robust believers of the idea that the brands have to adapt to these changes to deliver what is needed for today’s digital customers with cloud transformation, DevOps, AI, RPA, Blockchain evolving rapidly in the market. Today, TestingXperts’ services are more focused on enabling Test Automation in DevOps, along with leveraging AI, ML, and RPA in testing, to address the changing needs of quality within digital solutions.

Strategic Business Model Promising Customer’s Delight

TestingXperts’ business model has been modulated and focused on client delight and to bring-in innovation to Quality Assurance through enabling accelerators and IPs. These accelerators are bound to bring in faster QA processes to be in place with faster and quality releases delivered to clients.

“We have been experiencing great results for our client’s businesses and with our strategy, we have been able to find our space in the marketplace.”

Manish Gupta, Founder and CEO

What Drives Testingxperts?

Seeing their clients succeed in their business is the idea of success for TestingXperts. Enabling great customer experience (CX) and helping clients deliver high-quality solutions to the market in minimum time, is what drives every action at Tx.

Turning Challenges To Opportunities In 2020

2020, a disturbing year for the economy, posed two major challenges for organizations which were to keep delivering its services/ products to the clients like before and to keep up the revenue/ sales as projected.

While the TestingXperts’ business experienced temporary pain due to lost customers, budget freeze, slow decisions, etc., they never lost their fighting spirit. While prominent factors included ensuring the safety of the staff and continuity of the services they were delivering to the clients, they adapted well to the new working model and ensured that not a single client was affected due to lockdown and remote working. 

In parallel, the brand turned its go-to-market strategy to help clients in specific verticals like Edtech, Healthtech, etc. which were seeing increased demand. They also introduced a creative value proposition and engagement models for clients to win new business. Their novel positioning as a digital transformation specialist helped the cause since it is what all companies globally are working upon. Overall, TestingXperts managed to see significant growth even during these troubled times and indeed credits the tireless efforts from the team.

Core Values And R&D, The Spine Of Testingxperts

The core values are the guiding light for the testing industry leader, TestingXperts, in everything they do and make them who they are as a team and as a family. These core values are fundamental to their long-term success and represent the set of standards under which the TestingXperts work.

“We believe in ‘ACTION’, wherein these alphabets represent their following values:

  • A–Agility
  •  C –Commitment
  •  T–Transparency
  •  I –Integrity
  •  O –Ownership
  •  N – Non-stop innovation,”

Research and development (R&D) hold immense importance in enhancing the brand. This key area receives an investment of 5% of the company’s revenue to develop next-gen QA and DevOps solutions.

Will Testingxperts Make It There?

The TestingXperts leadership is confident to reach and excel in their goals with a well-defined roadmap as the forces of commitment, innovation and agility are there within all the teams. 

A Piece Of Advice For Budding Entrepreneurs

“Keep a manic focus on your goals, build a great team that is aligned with the purpose of the company, always think long term and don’t settle for shortcuts which may look attractive in short term and build a long-lasting business which can benefit generations to come,” advised Manish.

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