smmart: mentor and asset of the SME clients 

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smmart: mentor and asset of the SME clients

India is the third largest startup base of the world. The small and medium enterprises are heavy and large in numbers in the country. But the reality is only few of them finally reach their mission. The road to building a successful business is filled with hurdles and challenges. When thousands of small and medium businesses are dying in spite of high potential, the need for an SME Training & Consulting/coaching organization was felt, that would allow businesses to collaborate without barriers and mould their existing operations towards their growth. This need propelledSantosh Nair, now an SME Training/Consulting Industry veteran to conceptualizesmmart!!!!

smmartknows the art and science of the Entrepreneur business, irrespective of Industry. This SME focused Training & Consulting organisation supports early-stage, growth-driven SMEs through training, mentorship, and consulting advisory services.This organization can be considered as the most precious assets for the SME’s. Fronted by T.I.G.E.R Santosh Nair & a coveted team of dynamic &passionate Board of Directors – Mrs. Sindhu Santosh Nair, Ms. Vijaya lakshmi Suvarna & T.I.G.E.R Nayan Kotian; the organization acts as a business incubator and brings in collaborative experiences across various domains.

Mumbai Headquartered smmartTraining & Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd,started as a corporate training company; but gradually niched itself to NMSME’s to make their businesses more profitable. This School of true entrepreneurs is a convergence medium where new ideas, challenges and market dynamics are addressed and exchanged to accelerate the growth of NMSMEs. This is a place where traditional values meet transformative ideas. Its founder and chairman Santosh Nair is a quintessential sales-professional who has spent three decades in sales, vested with vast and vital responsibilities. He has walked through all the cycles of the market. When it comes to smmart, Nair’s restless passion, zeal, and enthusiasm are the hallmarks that have contributed to the rising success of his company. Santosh Nair was one of the youngest, fastest, and the richest employees in the history of Eureka Forbes. A sales professional evolved into becoming an entrepreneur. During his corporate stint, his art of delivering impeccable results was admired and appreciated by most of his superiors and colleagues. According to him, a professional should rely on 4E’s – Education, Examination, Experience, and Ethics. His progress over the years defines these qualities. Also, his robust experience in the corporate training domain and sales has taken him to top managerial levels.

Initially, the company provided corporate training for insurance agents where they helped them imbibe multiple strategies and implemented various methodologies that promote knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits among others. As time progressed, they channelized their services by working with SMEs & MSMEs. “Today, we aew a training, consulting, and coaching company dedicated to Nano, Micro, Small and Medium enterprises and have helped companies like Varmora (Ahmedabad), Ekta World, H K Designs, H K Group (Surat), Nirman Realtors, V-Trans, Metropolitan Equipment’s, Deepjyot Engineers (Rajkot), Riddhi Display Equipment’s (Jamnagar), Agappe Diagnostics (Cochin), Kalpataru Organics, Turanth Logistics, Vashi Electricals, Walplast, Rajdeep Industries (Pune) and many more such NMSME companies to move to the next level of growth.

We have worked with 150+ companies like Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Asian Paints, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Ford, Mahindra & Mahindra and other National and International companies; where we do programs on sales, Management, leadership, strategic business planning. “Our team has trained close to 2.1 million people”, proudly claims T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair.

When they entered the SME industry, they realized that every entrepreneur goes through six stages in their Entrepreneurial Journey – Groping Stage, Early Success, Growth Acceleration, Reorientation, Corporatization, and Liberation Stage. “To suit each of these stages we have developed a strong offering of programs viz-a-viz Orientation Gurukul, Foundation Gurukul, Entrepreneur Gurukul, Advanced Gurukul, Masters Gurukul & Nirvana Gurukul. Our Flagship T.I.G.E.R. Program is an Entrepreneur & Individual Transformation Program and develops one to become Tough, Ingenious, Go-getter, Enterprising & Resourceful person and more than 1700+ T.I.G.E.Rs have already being produced by smmarttill date & the community is still growing. We are a company dedicated to Entrepreneurs in the NMSME space and our Big Hairy Audacious Goal is “To Incorporate the great practices of GE; be the Harvard of Entrepreneur Education create 100 million success stories & become a billion $ company by 2031”, speaks T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair.

A magnetic personality who is known for his dynamism, Santosh Nair has been the major force behind inculcating a highly collaborative culture that is driven by the core values of teamwork, ethics and excellence. He began his career as a sales-professional almost thirty years ago. In his long journey that spans more than three decades, Nair demonstrated exceptional performance in every role he assumed and have contributed remarkably in realizing his company’s vision. The way he steered smmartand its growth through the major eco-political events such as Global Financial Crisis as well as low GDP growth is a testimony to his outstanding leadership. His sharp decision making abilities have been instrumental in directing the SMEs towards a growth path that leads to huge success.

Santosh Nair has an impeccable track record of success in providing corporate coaching. Nair is naturally the undisputed leader who believes in leading from the front. He has the power of hijacking the audience’s mind. Wherever Nair delivered a lecture or key note address,  owners of SMEs, Association’s, Entrepreneurs and Businessmen turned up in large numbers to get mentoring. Nair was the Keynote speaker at various annual conferences of companies like Mahindra & Mahindra, Hyundai Motors, Infratech, RMP, Tata AIG, Birla Sun Life, Met Life, ICICIBancassurance and Alliance and many more. A huge crowd saw Nair sharing stage with eminent personalities like Motilal Oswal, Anil Agarwal (Vedanta), Harsha Bhogle, Mind power expert Mr. Jitendra Adhia and many others like them.

smmarthas launched series of programs, where they have covered almost 150 different subjects in the Inspirational pep talks. With a range of products being developed to suit the entrepreneur needs; they have more than 260+ different titles of Inspirational pep talks in multiple languages (mainly Hindi, English & Malayalam). His blockbuster book “11 Commandments of Life Maximization” by Jaico Publications has been a Best Seller and is available in 5 languages (English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati & Malayalam).

“We induce different methodologies that inculcate progress, where people start focusing on what is important in their life and achieve the same. The benefits vary from person to person. So, we believe in 100 percent implementation and transformation. That’s our brand promise as well – says Mrs. Sindhu Nair – co-founder of smmart.

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