How Factoreal Is Enabling Every Marketer to Be a Pro with an All-In-One Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform?

Marketing has evolved at an unprecedented pace in the last decade. Competition is fiercer than ever, more brands are getting global, and consumer behaviour is changing faster than most businesses could have imagined. In response, there has been an explosion in martech tools to manage virtually every aspect of the marketing practice. Powerful MarTech innovations are allowing marketers to run on more data-driven access and insights to the numerous touchpoints of consumers. Marketers turn to MarTech tools to cut through the noise, to understand consumer behaviour and eventually, help drive business growth and better customer engagement.

Less Is More

With a plethora of tools, marketers are now realizing that the ability to curate a consistent and relevant customer experience across all touchpoints relies heavily on the ability to manage all the tools, platforms, and data sets that deliver those experiences in an integrated whole. Customers expect to be recognized and presented with highly relevant experiences across multiple different channels. The issue of inconsistent and disjointed messaging across channels cannot be undermined. With more efforts being put into getting the different tools integrated and having a single customer view, the martech landscape has been moving away from the marketer ever so slightly. Simply stated, most martech tools are costly, complicated and cumbersome.

“At Factoreal, we want to answer one of the most important questions businesses face today – ‘How can we simplify omni-channel customer engagement for marketers?’ We want to help EVERY organisation, be it big or small, define, execute and automate their customer engagement journeys with ease,” aims the Factoreal team. Driven by the mission, ‘Every Marketer Can Be A Pro’, Factoreal was incubated in 2019 by founder and CEO Aditya Dhruva, funded by Comviva Technologies, which is a global leader in mobility solutions.

Factoreal is an all-in-one platform designed for marketers from the ground up to help them automate their customer journeys across multiple channels like email, SMS Text, Social and even run ad campaigns. Factoreal is a scalable, extensible, and highly configurable cloud-based engagement platform that enables you to make real-time, data-driven business decisions to maximize ROI and heighten the overall customer experience.

“Questions like – are we doing our best to help our customers succeed; are we innovating fast enough; did we delight the customer with our support; are we responsive enough – these are questions that keep us awake at night” – Aditya Dhruva

Omnichannel Customer Journey Automation for Enhanced Customer Experience

Factoreal enhances customer engagement by stitching together Omni channel campaigns seamlessly. Its journey builder lets marketers design remarkable personalized customer journeys and reach out to their customers with a consistent message across various channels, and different points in their engagement cycle. Factoreal simplifies the life of a marketer even further by providing pre-curated journey templates for a lot of use-cases, that enable the marketers to get going with their end to end customer journeys in just a few minutes.

One-Click Ecommerce Integrations

With Factoreal one can easily integrate their ecommerce store without any coding. From tracking checkouts, purchases and abandoned carts, to sending in-app notifications; email offers or re-targeting on social media, customers can do it all with Factoreal.

Grab User Attention with Personalization and Segmentation

Factoreal lets the client organize a group of contacts by behaviour, traits, personas and other key defining factors. Brands can then use these segments to send hyper-personalized content, which improves customer service and experience.

Ml Driven Business Insights

The ability to see and analyze how campaigns, segments and journeys perform; is one of the most important drivers for marketers. With that in mind, Factoreal offers FactCube, an ML driven Business Intelligence Engine. That helps every marketer measure and optimize their marketing plans, reduce their spend and drive higher ROI.

Staying True to The Core Values

One of the key challenges in the crazy world of startup is staying true to the core values. And for Aditya, that is a critical aspect of the leadership in the team. The Factoreal core values of authenticity, simplicity, mindfulness, adventure and drive are upheld always.

“We as a team accept the fact that building a business from scratch has challenges and things; will not always be bright and sunny. But we can never forget why we are doing what we are doing. We want Factoreal be known as a company and a team; that made life damn easy for the marketer,” emphasised Aditya.

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