Helping Brands evolve and discover their potential: Pracharnama Media

 Helping Brands evolve and discover their potential: Pracharnama Media

In the last few years, the headlong digital revolution has significantly transformed the landscape of Advertising & Marketing in India taking it to new heights. Whether they’re SMEs or Fortune 500, businesses, today, are keen to adopt these metamorphic trends in digitization towards enabling assured growth for them. However, those pioneers, who had put their belief in immense capabilities of this unexplored but cardinal change, are celebrating it. Pracharnama Media Pvt. Ltd. has been one of such trailblazers, who traversed uncharted territories towards taking the digital revolution into the mainstream.

Incorporated in July, 2012, Pracharnama began its journey with the prime vision of introducing innovative and robust solutions that would leverage advanced digital technology   and are aimed at empowering businesses with maximum value and guaranteed profitability. In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Bhupesh Singh – Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ Pracharnama speaks about what inspired foundation of the company, “Pracharnama was established to facilitate small and midsized businesses with media planning and execution. My corporate experience rooted across diverse industry verticals had helped me identify that a huge void existed in media planning of companies with revenue exceeding 1000 cr and the companies generating a revenue more than 50 cr. It was quite evident that this void took shape as a result of disparity in financial resources. Not to mention, SMEs were fretfully searching for ways that could ensure effective brand positioning. We, as Pracharnama stepped into this wave of digitalization with the mission of enabling such businesses to strategize an effective digital media plan and achieve their goals with minimal investment and assured ROI (Return on Investment).”

Today, Pracharnama thrives as a one stop destination that empowers client businesses with an absolute and wholesome blend of unique and feasible marketing strategies under one umbrella. The company initially started as bootstrapped company with its in-house developed Real Time Bidding Platform (DSP), which now covers more than 200,000 websites and apps network across Android, Windows, iOS, tab and many more, and assists its clients with email, SMS and app marketing. The firm’s unique portfolio accommodates innovative products that are designed leveraging best in class digital methods. “The broad spectrum of services that we offer enables us to thrive as experts in commitment based advertisement, back calculations, ROI, in any format. We serve in Mobile Space across android as well as iOS both; in web space, we have more than one thousand publishers; and we dominate the email space with 5Cr with added profiled base. Also, we have a huge video pre-roll inventory. Besides, SMS & Voice services are offered on client base and our affiliate base both. Our strengths make us capable enough to fetch the desired audience for our clients”, – says Saurabh Dhall – Cofounder & Chief Operating Officer @ Pracharnama Media Pvt. Ltd.

Since its inception, Pracharnama’s unparalleled approach has been acting as pillar of support to clients in maximizing their visibility through apps PRACHAR, email PRACHAR, mobi PRACHAR and voice PRACHAR. The company has effectively handled marketing campaigns for a multitude of renowned corporates, Fortune 500s and Political parties including Honda, Audi, ICICI, HDFC, SCB, Iffco Tokio, Club Mahindra, SMU, Kotak, Myntra, Pizza hut, Paytm, MRF, Star Sports, Max Bupa, Big Bazaar, Snap deal, BJP, Congress and many more. Leveraging various advertising campaigns such as CPM, CPC, CPV, and CPL across smart phones, Pracharnama has enabled client brands to reach all corners of the country over Android and iOS platforms in just few days. The company leads the mobile marketing segment and through the mobile PRACHAR (transactional SMS & bulk SMS). The service is also utilized by varied verticals such as enterprises, banks as well as media companies for establishing efficient communication between employees and end consumers; apart from marketing purposes.

Success Mantra

The world of digital advertising has been long known or opacity in its processes. Establishment of Pracharnama spearheaded a new wave of transformation across the panorama of digital marketing services offering complete transparency to the clients on the campaigns. The clients get to penetrate deep into their strategies; they get the liberty to steer the campaigns. Such a visibility contributes to make the implementation user friendly and cost effective; while it eludes false reporting. Adding more to the key differentiators, Bhupesh Singh adds, “Our main USP is genuinity in our work; strict adherence to high quality standards and timely delivery of projects that we bag. We will keep doing the good work and our dedication towards what we do will help us stay ahead of others in the market.” An uncompromised focus towards delivering maximum value and satisfaction to clients has led to successful customer acquisition. The company’s rich clientele envelops more than fifty of the Fortune 500s. There is no doubt in the fact that Pracharnama’s strengths have positioned the brand among topnotch leaders in this space In Indian and Asian markets. The firm has been recently recognized as one of the ‘top ten digital media companies in India’ by a reputed business magazine.

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