Dynamic Staffing Services: Building the lives of people.

Dynamic Staffing Services: Building the lives of people.

Over the last four decades, Dynamic Staffing Services has earned a reputation in international recruitment, built domain expertise, and acted as a preferred talent acquisition partner to multinationals and leading global businesses. When countries face skill shortages, DSS is a part of the solution.

Dynamic Staffing Services was started in 1977 as a trusted agency to provide clients with specialised recruiting solutions. With our 14 offices across 8 countries, placed strategically in locations where talent can be identified, DSS is truly backwards integrated, powered by a team of over 250 people.

With a focus on Engineering, Healthcare, Hospitality, IT and Manufacturing; DSS supplies candidates to over 24 countries, including the Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar) Canada, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Croatia and Belgium, among many others.

Dynamic Staffing Services received the “Best Recruitment Services” award because of  its ability to continuously service customers to a point where customer retention % was the highest among all others within this industry.

Recently, the managing director of Dynamic Staffing Services, Varun Khosla, was on the hot seat of The CEO Magazine, where he discussed the company, future plans and more.

Here are edited excerpts.

Take us through the journey from the initial phase to a renowned brand.

My father started this business in 1977 with the aim to build the lives of people. The situation back then was simple – everyone wanted a job and my father found satisfaction in being able to help. We believed then, and we believe now, that lives of many are positively impacted with one family member working abroad. Over the last 43 years, we’ve given jobs to over 350000 people by placing them in over 24 countries. We became a brand by serving each talent properly and guiding them to a job that would then change their life. We’re most proud to have become a household name in the overseas industry trusted for our value system and transparency.

What’s the secret of your success?

We do one thing and we do it very well – International recruitment. When a country faces skill shortages, that’s an opportunity for us.  For example, I can’t help you hire a British citizen for an opening in London, but I can find you the right talent from another country if you can’t find one in your own. Whether it’s a UAE construction company that requires engineers from India, a Canadian hospital that requires doctors and nurses from Philippines, a Belgian company that requires trailer Drivers from UAE, or a German company that requires software developers, we’re a part of the solution!

What satisfies you most about this business?

There is a great feeling of satisfaction when a needy person is given a good job based on which his or her future can change for the better. Most candidates we place get 2.5 times of their in-country income as their net savings. When our candidates say thank you to us with a smile, it’s an amazing feeling.

Give us insights on the major offerings of the company.

We’re a niche player whose offering are constantly evolving based on skill shortages. Our services revolve around permanent recruitment, temp recruitment, offshore staffing, RPO and BPO.  We’re able to get deep within our clients roots and add value through various methods.  Our client engagement strategy is focused on making International Recruitment a headache free experience after which we enhance our engagement by adding additional services.

How important is your brand to your business?

Our brand value is a reflection of what our candidates feel about us, so it’s probably the most important thing. We deal with the best employers globally and going through DSS means all commitments will be fulfilled. This is the reason why we are able to interview over 30k candidates each year and employ 16500 into some of the best employers.

What makes your company stand out in the market?

No one understand the intricacies of International Recruitment better than us. It’s so very complicated because we’re dealing with human beings who are about to relocate to a different country and most times, permanently with their families. On the other hand, we’re dealing with clients who have the requirements but not the knowledge of managing candidates from different countries. In many cases, they may be unaware of visa formalities. We’re good at hand holding our clients and our candidates.

What are the CSR initiatives that the company has undertaken?

We’ve set up skilling institutions where aspiring candidates can visit and get trained on their choice of skill, at no cost.

How do you advise the aspirants, who wish to start in the same domain?

Firstly, the demands of clients are increasing daily. Unless you are willing to truly go beyond the call of duty for your clients and candidates, this is not the industry for you. Secondly, keep a suitcase packed in your office, you’ll never know when you will need to travel.

What are your future agendas? 

  • We launched Dynamic Health Staff mid last year, as we feel healthcare globally is in a terrible situation due to acute shortages in most countries. We’re placing doctors and nurses from India, Philippines and Malaysia to UK, Ireland, Australia and the Middle East. We expect to help Japanese and German hospitals by end of this year with their healthcare shortages. Our UK office will be operational by November.
  • Dynamic Academy will be operational by July 5th 2019, and will be giving training on ITELTS, OET and HAAD / DHA, among other disciplines, empowering nurses to get placed internationally.

Excellent Guidance


Pioneer in the overseas industry, he was among the first movers. He started placing Indians overseas over 40 years ago. His passions and commitment to serving people has earned him an inspiring reputation.

Maj S. P. Khosla

Managing Director

Varun Khosla is leading Dynamic Staffing Services, and is responsibe for strategic partnerships, JV’s and business expansion in new countries and verticals.

Vice Chairman

Samir Khosla is an individual with a multidisciplinary and multinational background. Over the last two decades, he has been in the entrepreneurial sphere across four continents. Beyond the technology space, he has built and led companies in diverse verticals including human resources, consulting, oil and gas, defence contracting and construction.

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