Delivering clean energy through green telecommunications, Coslight India creates a brighter tomorrow for future Generation 

Delivering clean energy through green telecommunications,

Coslight India creates a brighter tomorrow for future Generation 

With the world’s population projected to surpass 9 billion by 2050, it is now becoming a necessity to plan & prepare for a secure energy future & the right move seems to be the change towards technology-driven sustainable energy solutions. Coslight India Telecom Pvt. Limited, with commitment to bring efficiency, has already positioned itself strongly among the market leaders, apart from being a Pioneer in Lithium Ion Battery in India and hasintroduced many innovative solutions to the world. The enormous potential of renewable energy generation is that it is distributed, diverse and global in nature. With their advanced technology and expertise in providing tailored solutions for their clients, Coslight India creates sustainable and profitable Energy Storage Solutions catering to the needs of diverse segments like Telecom, Solar, UPS, EV etc.

A 100% subsidiary of COSLIGHT International Group, Coslight India Telecom Pvt. Limited started operation in 2007 with a mission to deliver Reliable and Affordable energy solution for a better tomorrow. Having multiple established manufacturing facilities in Una, Himachal Pradesh and IMT Manesar, Gurgaon (Haryana), Coslight offers a wide range of Energy Storage Solutions. Coslight’sproducts have set a new benchmark in energy Storage market &to name a few are:

VRLA Batteries,

Polymer/Prismatic Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium Ion based solution,

Telecom Integrated Power Unit etc.

From Renewable Energy Storage Solutions to the application of Advanced Technology, Coslight’s products and solutions help to provide better performance, reliability, lower cost, improved safety and a reduced environmental effect/carbon footprint.

Coslight India is focused on developing innovative and economically viable solutions for the world’s energy storage needs across multiple technologies. To go in depth, The CEO Magazine interviews Mr. Shan Hui, Managing Director and Mr. Rajesh Srivastava, Regional Director – Coslight India 

In the lounge with Abhishek Dubey – Editor

How did your company’s journey as a preeminent brand begin? What was the underlying bedrock idea behind incorporating the company?

Shan: “Global warming” and “Climate Change” has always been recognized as the key challenges facing humanity. Coslight India’s journey started 10 years back, by understanding these challenges &that Telecommunications Industry have a vital role to play in environmental protection. Therefore to enable a Green future for the Telecom Industry,Technological Innovations and solution/Integration approach, COSLIGHT India started by supporting “Distributed Telecom Network Operation” via dedicated R&D facilityto meet Indian Operational & Environmental Conditions at Telecom Site. The key objective and mission been defined as to build up Telecom network sites absolutely DG Free for addressing unpredictable grid scenarios…

What are the key aspects that demonstrate uniqueness of the company?

Shan:Energy Optimization and managing the pilferage challenges has become the top priority for Towercos/Opcos to remain competitive. Coslight India is targeting to address & fill these gaps for betterimproved network coverage & directly impacting the Opex. Coslight India is the only Manufacturer in India having both -Li-ion and VRLA battery  Technologies & while promoting Government’s “Make in India” Initiative, we have done large investments includes more than USD 100mn+ in India on Localized R&D facility and manufacturing plants/processes for producing Li-ion Batteries and advance VRLA batteries. In India more than 500MWh+ distributed energy storage asset are been managed by Coslight’s 400+ team on ground, which is one of  the largest not only in India but globally for Telecom industry.

Please throw some light on the services offered bythe company.

Rajesh: Coslight India is the answer For Distributed Energy-demand fulfillment at Telecom Sites with an objective of reducing dependency on fossil fuel and minimizing the impact on environment by reducing carbon foot print. Coslight major Solution &services includes:-Energy Storage Solutions at different levels like:

Technology: Lithium, Advanced VRLA AGM, GEL

Scalability: 2.2Ah to 3000Ah

Customization: Outdoor Solution, Pole Mounted, RMS/EMS etc

All these products are backed by a strong R&D, production and Service Engineering Team

How did you plan to make your mark in theindustry?

Shan: In Sep 2017, Coslight Group launches Li-Ion Pack manufacturing facility in India, which is also the very first Make in India initiative of such size and investment on Li-Ion Energy storage technology to support the evolving green industries including Electric vehicle, Smart city, Integration with Solar,MWh-Storage and enterprise domain.

What is the revenue model of the company?

Rajesh: We are a manufacturing company with dedicated profession R&D division .Coslight India is already pioneer in Lithium Ion batteries for Telecom and Solar Application.  Most of our revenues arederivedthroughsales and service of such innovative products and solution via different models… The company revenue model is Direct -B2B engagement for large industry vertical including Telecom and Electric vehicle/OEMs ; However for Enterprise and solar Integration the revenue model follow through engagement of  Business associates channel to enhance reach across the Market/Applications and geography. And finally there is absolutely large Gov. Business that is being participated in consortiums or by having strategic partnership /association.

How well is the company with its reach?

Rajesh: Coslight India has implemented and follows global std. ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, OHSAS IS018001-2007 for ensuring excellence in quality benchmark.  Coslight India has expanded its footprint in India, Africa, GCC region and South East Asia. We are addressing various market segment including Telecom, Electric Vehicle, Solar, Smart City and Enterprise Application and

Kindly name few corporate associated with you.

Rajesh: As on date Major Telecom operators and Tower companies in India and global market have trusted Coslight India for fulfilling their “Energy Storage” demand besides having active association with Auto-OEMs for the evolving Electric vehicle segment in India. We are also the proud members of CII, FICCI, ICC & Make in India initiative.

Brief us on the milestones and accolades earned by the company till date.


  • Coslight India is the only Manufacturer in India having both the Technology -Li-ion and VRLA battery. And promoting Government’s “Make in India” Initiative, we have done large investments in India that is more than USD 100mn+ on Localized R&D facility and manufacturing plants/processes for producing Li-ion Batteries and Advance VRLA batteries.
  • Coslight have deployed more than 500MWh distributed energy storage portfolio in India thus saving over 400,000 tonnes of CO2Carbon emission.
  • Over 40,000+ sites have been deployed and managed by 400+ Team of Coslight in India.
  • Coslight India won – ET TELECOM AWARD 2017 for “Make in India” efforts to support Green telecom evolution;

Talking about the future, what route map has been laid out for the company’s journey ahead?


Coslight India has already made valued success in Telecom sector with there energy storage products/solutions & have already established itself as a Pioneer in Lithium Ion batteries for Telecom and Solar application.

For the evolving market segments including Electric Vehicle, Solar, Smart City and Enterprise Application,Coslight India has developed sufficient Engineering and R&D capability to meet India requirements.

Moreover to address large demand fulfillment of Li-ion Cell across multiple sectors;Coslight is stepping ahead to make feasibility study for establishing Li-Ion Cell manufacturing facility in India.

What are some of the learning of being a pioneer platform to you would like to share with other entrepreneurs?

Rajesh:“Energy storage demand fulfillment” is very much a local subject and needs 100% commitments, field understanding and resourcefulness to ensure adaptation of any new technology initiatives in India especially when the same is needed for a network that is distributed in nature and needs to further deployed and managed across India.

Moreover “Local Customization support and approach” is the only way to success especially for the Infrastructure projects. Itcannot be positioned just like that as standardproduct positioning in the network.

What was the basis of founding Coslight in India?

Shan:Coslight India was formed with an innovative idea to bring forward the expertise and value addition which Coslight group has been implementing successfully in other part of the world.

Our motive was to create products to suit rough terrain and weather conditions as it’s there in India, Africa, Middle East and South east Asia.

Is there any initiative based on ‘Make in India’.

Shan:To not just promote the incredible government initiative of Make in India but also create the man – machine experience, Coslight India has been successful so far.

Having good financial strength and backing from various financial institute and Coslight group, we target to fill the gaps of technology, new ideas,creativity,and cost optimization in various segments like Telecom, Electric Vehicle etc.

What is the vision and mission Coslight India tries to carry forward?

Shan:Being a Customer- centric Organization, Coslight India’s motto has always been to bring the best of technology experience to our customers. We aim to bridge the gap between demand and supply in Energy storage sector by not just meeting customer expectation but also giving shape to those incredible ideas which leads to making Innovative Energy storage products and solutions.

Key notes on Coslight by Shan Hui

  • About Coslight Group :
  • Coslight Technology International Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, and listed at Hong Kong United Stock Exchange in 1999. As one of the “Top 100 Electronic Enterprises in China”, the Group now has 21 subsidiaries.
  • As one of the largest battery manufactures in China with the largest scale, the most advanced technologies and equipment’s, the company own over 30% Chinese market shares in the same field.
  • After China , India manufacturing plant operation and investment is the second largest operation that has been setup outside china to support both India and Global Market
  • Only Company in India and China, having both VRLA and Li-ion technology to support growing demand of Storage product with full scale.
  • Key advantage of the Coslight Group is having continuous investment on the “TECHNOLOGY” to remain relevant in dynamic market place
  • Coslight Group’s Strong Financials and Hong Kong stock Exchange Listing re-assure Business continuity and fulfillment of required investments to sustain market growth and opportunity
  • Coslight Group is continuously making its investment in India. After commercialization of VRLA –UNA in 2016, now big investment is there to expand Manesar plant for Li-ion manufacturing. Currently cumulative production capacity of Coslight factories are over 120,000 batteries per month.
  • About Global Market Trend and opportunities for Battery Mfg.

Storage technologies demonstrated to be safe, reliable, and cost-effective; and utilities can see clear advantages of energy storage,” Now it’s about application of solutions.

“2018-19 will emerge as the ‘Year of Value’ for Energy Storage. Currently there’s not a value ascribed to many of the services provided through energy storage — this represents a significant challenge.

Coslight group is fast emerging as major supplier among top10 globally for “Energy storage” packs to large OEMs and Govt. projects.

As part of our growth initiative in India, we have already stepped up into the EV market as well with our Energy storage products to support Govt. drive in reducing dependency on the fossil fuel and adopting fast introduction of Electric Vehicle in the Indian market based on Li-ion technology. We are also Integrating Coslight Energy Storage packs for Smart city projects and Solar Applications

  • Way Forward…At Coslight India – Growth prospect 
  • We’re only seeing just the very beginnings of what Coslight India is going to look like in the future
  • We at Coslight India is carrying forward the legacy of Coslight Group to evolve ourselves here in India on which last 10 year journey has been Build up in making –Coslight India. That means Great Future ahead for all at Coslight.
  • As an Industry Ecosystem, we’re close to an inflection point — with everything required for major shift in energy systems through introduction of energy storage.”

Mr Shan Hui (MD)

Mr Shan Hui is Managing Director of the company having more than 25+ years of worldwide marketing and management experience. As a chief promoter Mr Shan is leading the company to next level of success with his clear Management vision and understanding of the Indian business environment and people mgmt…Mr Shan is truly transforming the way in up-bringing synergy between Indo-China resources to its best possible way and optimised level.

Mr. Rajesh Srivastava (Regional Director) 

Mr. Rajesh Srivastava is Regional Director Of Coslight India Telecom Pvt. Limited, Gurgaon, having more than 28 years of marketing & technical experience in the field of Electrical, Control & Instrumentation and Energy Storage Solutions for Industrial and Telecom sectors.

Mr. Srivastava is currently leading the Business operations & marketing activities of the company at domestic and International level, apart from the organisational growth and operational excellence.

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