Brewed with Excellence, Passion, Versatility, and Integrity, a premium alcove delivering quality in the Indian IT spectrum, Cubastion

Brewed with Excellence, Passion, Versatility, and Integrity, a premium alcove delivering quality in the Indian IT spectrum, Cubastion

Indian IT segment has always been the darling of the Indian Economy. But, when looked at the global scenario, it is disheartening to spot the Indian deliveries as offshore. The global market holds the perception of Indian companies as low-cost and low-value service providers, that’s why customers instead of not relying on high-end mission-critical works, but deal with the consulting firms to avoid uncertainty. This dejected situation and the job frustration heated the passion of Mr. Ravi Kumar to pursue his idea of creating a premium IT Consulting brand. “You cannot deliver high and low stuff from the same stop, as it will dilute the whole thing,” Ravi adds further.  Ravi is among those guys who prove that success doesn’t always mean creating something everyone wants, despite creating a value in the existing wave. In 2006, he started his entrepreneurial journey with his venture Cubastion as a premium IT Consulting brand. “It was daunting to penetrate into a market where almost 30 years reign of leading IT giants lied.  Today, Cubastion stands as a solitary synonym for quality and premium small size IT Consulting firm. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Cubastion Consulting has been highly-acknowledged as a focused, specialized and a reliable CRM consultancy amongst its customers. Cubastion has expanded its wings across India, United States, and Middle East and brought in lean team concept into Enterprise application implementation and support through blended skills. The platform has been instrumental in handholding its customers in every step of a CRM lifecycle, right from framing processes to their implementation to subsequent support.

In over a decade of serving a broad range of Industries such as Automobile, Manufacturing, Insurance, Telecom, and many others, the organization has delivered several projects with one common thread running through them – Fast turnarounds, Zero compromise on timelines and budgets, and an absolute commitment to our promised deliverables.

The CEO Magazine’s editor Pooja Kundoo talks with Mr. Ravi Kumar, Director & Co-founder, Cubastion and a seasoned entrepreneur who made an astute choice and created a niche with his exceptional brand, Cubastion that others had failed.

Was jumping into an already ‘established’ IT Consulting with Cubastion turned out your best decision?

Undoubtedly Yes!! That’s why I am here! It was, of course, challenging to root ourselves among the leading players. People would ask us, “Why should we connect with you when we have others offering the same services?” The reason was, we were exceptional in our focus and approach. Indeed the volume of leading organizations was huge, but they lacked somewhere in quality and prime services and that’s where we stood high.

How did you maintain that ‘premium’?

We have only focused on one thing, our forte-Customer Relationship Management. For me, if you perform one job day in and out, you master yourself in that, hence we initiated our offerings with CRM only. We identified the key challenges and transformed them into our prowess.

What are the services offered under the hat of Cubastion?

We offer CRM consulting, Siebel CRM (and ancillary technology) services, and rollouts. We bring in a specialized and focused team. Right from the framing of CRM processes to choosing the right module set (from the Oracle Siebel application stack) and its implementation/operationalization / subsequent support, committed to delivery within strict budgets and timelines.

How well are the clients connected with Cubastion?

They are not our clients; they are our valued partners. We build trust by being transparent and add value to their business propositions with the innovative approach and out of the box solutions and that is why some of our first clients still cherish healthy relations with us.

How did you retain these long term relationships?

We focus on being honest and providing a consistent level of service. This adds to our integrity, which is seen as being trustworthy.We engage with our clients and respond to them in as short a time as possible. Also, we let them know what we are doing for them on a regular basis.

You said, “Your raw material should be perfect!” Please throw some light on Cubastion team.

Employees in bigger organizations seldom think beyond their expertise or function. But here at Cubastion, we nurture our resources in a way that they apply themselves rather than being spoon-fed.

and the plans ahead…

Cubastion is venturing out its own product range to give customers a smooth, simple experience similar to the “consumerization” in the e-commerce sector. The company recently launched a product, X Showroom, based on the same concept. “X Showroom is a companion” that will assist salespersons with its simplified user-experience, designed with specific needs of that user group under consideration.

Another of Cubastion’s product recently launched is xConnect which is an advance CVS framework. A white-labeled, off-the-shelf full-featured framework, which transforms a TCU fitted connected car into machine offering safety, security, and convenience services to its customer with strings controlled by automotive OEM. Developed using some of best-of-breed industry software products and transforming them into CVS specific components for automotive OEM to launch their Connected Vehicles Services program, It brings various pre-built components of CVS landscape ranging from essential to advance like predictive modeling of customer behavior.

As an entrepreneur, what piece of advice you would like to share with the budding entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is hard work and requires preparation, planning and business acumen. An entrepreneur, running a successful business requires a catalog of communication, sales, marketing and talent management skills. So, identify market gaps, build a strong team and gain the business skills!

Director’s Periscope

Ravi Kumar

Director & Co-founder

Ravi’s professional journey has sailed while serving Global brands like Sabre, Nissan, Mercedes, Reckitt Benckiser for their CRM needs before the inception of Cubastion. He has spearheaded Cubastion as a Global CRM service provider by Generating values for clients and continuously working to offer a challenging workplace for exceptional talent.

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