Agency for Clinical Excellence (ACE) spearheads excellence in Clinical Governance in Indian healthcare scenario

Agency for Clinical Excellence (ACE) spearheads excellence in Clinical Governance in Indian healthcare scenario

The need for inculcating best practices in the treatment of patients who are suffering from specific conditions and need extra care gave rise to the concept of Care pathways. Globally referred to as clinical or critical pathways, care paths or integrated care pathways, these processes are set out for an organized and efficient planning of a patient centered healthcare programme. In the current health scenario, this revolutionary concept is expected to play a critical role as a tool to enhance clinical governance all around the globe.  Sheenu Jhawar, who served as care pathways liaison officer for one of the reputed NHS hospitals in UK realized that deploying the same concept in Indian healthcare landscape could bridge the prevailing gaps in effective patient care to a great extent. Ms. Jhawar’s profound insight and her deep inclination towards welfare of this industry paved the way for foundation of an esteemed healthcare consulting agency, Agency for Clinical Excellence (ACE) in 2004 after her arrival in India.

ACE was established with the mission of generating awareness and working on all aspects of Clinical Governance. ACE’s team holds excellence in ensuring enhanced growth for healthcare service providers by benefiting them with proven success in healthy patient outcomes. It seeks to work with the client, at his convenience; his pace and customized to his needs while empowering him to achieve excellence in clinical care. The company was enlisted as one of the ‘Top ten consulting firms in India’ by E &Y report commissioned by India Brand Equity Foundation in 2009. It has recently been invited to be Knowledge Partner for clinical audit for one of the most progressive states of the country; and that is a huge achievement for the concept of Clinical Governance in India.

Having instilled a new wave of transformation, ACE thrives as the one and only entity in this space that acts as a pillar of support to organizations in handling Clinical Audits, Management and Governance issues. Some of the renowned brands in this industry have entrusted the agency with their crucial needs for its exclusive approach.. It has also been serving small and medium sized entities in this landscape with the prime vision of inducing a positive change in the panorama of healthcare services. Speaking of the recent projects dealt by the company, Ms. Jhawar informs us, “We are working, in Africa on planning and quality consultation for large hospitals, within the state, there is a tie up with a technology start up on a remote mobile virtual patient care platform, and the agency has also worked with the state governments of Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh thereby creating a well rounded public- private experience for an integrated approach to healthcare. The agency knuckles down its focus on holistic management of patient care aiding it with risk avoidance. In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Ms. Jhawar shares about how the team achieves this, “We lend a helping hand to physicians/clinicians- in primary, secondary and tertiary care, incorporating both government and private set-ups, including General Practitioners, hospital consultants, nursing staff, other paramedical staff and administrators to achieve credible and effective evidence based clinical care management programs driven by the consciousness of cost and quality, working around research, physician expertise and patient values.”

ACE’s exclusive portfolio encompasses a broad range of services for a variety of subjects encompassing Clinical excellence, Hospital planning & Design, Accreditation preparation, General or Conventional management, Medical tourism, Health insurance and research, survey & epidemiological studies. Here’s a glimpse of services offered in each domain:

  • Clinical excellence – assistance for clinical audit, clinical risk management, care pathways, patient & staff satisfaction, system re-design, root cause analysis, balanced scorecard, infection control system and prescription audits
  • Hospital planning & design – hospital architecture (expertise also includes the green concept for hospital); market research; project and financial feasibility studies
  • Support services in preparation for Quality accreditations including JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation
  • General Management services involve human resource planning, inventory management, waste management, medical records management, cost accounting, marketing, IT enablement and training
  • Health Insurance – conducting surveys for generating awareness towards health insurance; consultation for launching health insurance schemes
  • Assistance to researchers and epidemiologists for clinical & non clinical research; researches are conducted on cost study, epidemiological study, market survey etc.

Success Mantra

Ms. Jhawar laid the foundation of ACE after she gained a very clear insight of what actually the industry demands. Towards framing a vision, she kept an unswerving focus; read widely and travelled a lot to do her research. In her words, “The idea was never to jump on the wagon and become a ‘me too’ service provider.” After the incorporation of the company, she benefacted a number of businesses by application of these concepts while offering the services free of charge to help people realize and identify those changes that can transform the overall face of this industry. Certainly, her initiatives fetched success.

ACE has successfully carved out a niche for itself having spearheaded these services and leading as the only service provider in this domain; which is unique in itself. However, there are a number of factors that augment the company’s exclusivity. Apprising us of what adds more to its uniqueness, Ms. Jhawar says, “To run a consultancy while you are also behind the team that runs hospitals, creates an amazing bandwidth. It builds your solution finding approach for clients while consulting; which is much more real and tested. The team of people, who are part of the consulting process, are also working in real time, and not just advising at a policy level- this approach is totally different, and works faster leaner and better. Besides, Clinical Governance involves doctors, and that’s an experience you can get only if you are working and interacting with them in their domain – which cannot happen from an office based consulting approach. In fact, I found this same model exist in a couple of very large hospitals in Germany.”

Throwing light on the future plans of the company, she adds, “We are now looking at the digital space and have some app based service provision models that the team is working on. We hope to create a stir in the way things happen when they are ready.”

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