Abloy India, Striving in India Since 2008 With A Century Old Foundation from Finland

Incepted in 1907, ABLOY has been on the journey of securing life, property and business for over 112 years worldwide. The global company with virtue to create a safe and secured environment for the world. Started ABLOY India, the Indian arm of the brand to cater to the market in 2008.

Since then, a constant solution provider for the customers, ABLOY proudly delivers as a trustworthy partner. Which is also a measurement of success for the company. This eventually translates into revenue growth, customer satisfaction and employee loyalty. The responsibility to fulfil the customer needs and to deliver the best, time and again drives the team.

With a highly skilled workforce, the ABLOY team, has been largely successful in integrating quality, sustainability and innovation. To set a new precedent in security, to the critical infrastructure business. There has been an evolution in security in every industry and Abloy is at par; with the increasing demand for high-security solutions. ABLOY is empowered by innovation and global network; hence it stands as a global leader in advanced locking and access management systems.

The most trusted brand for security and locking solutions in Critical Infrastructure businesses including electric power, transportation, petroleum, mining, telecom, aviation, banking, railways, commercial centres, healthcare, just to name a few. ABLOY believes in adding trust in the society by creating more secure & safe future.

Therefore, ABLOY’s innovations and creations focus on critical details about strength, application, ease of installation, monitoring facet, durability factor, multiple user feasibility, security assurance in extreme conditions etc. Increasing demand for sophisticated yet highly secured systems drives them towards innovations. Which can have a perfect blend of mechanical strength and digital expertise to exceed customer expectations.

Abloy, A Hallmark of Trust

Setting the global benchmark in advanced locking and access management systems. ABLOY has been focused on delivering the highest quality and sustainability from their modern factory and headquarter in Joensuu, Finland.

From technical and engineering to software development, Abloy provides a diverse opportunity for those with skill, determination and drive. To add trust into society – creating a more secure and safer future. Abloy locks are based on the unique operating principle of patented rotating disc technology. With no springs or pins to wear, jam or freeze, the mechanism provides a secure, smooth and reliable functionality, excellent resistance against physical attack and maximum resistance to hostile and severe environments.

Abloy India

Abloy India is a fully owned subsidiary of Abloy with pan India operations and in neighbouring SAARC countries. Supervising the operations, Sanket Managave, Managing Director, SAARC; says “every day has been an exciting expedition for me along with my team”. In the 10 years of being with Abloy; as we cater to a fast-moving, demanding and critical needs of the society.

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He added, “Its never been just business, or about selling our products or solutions, our daily goal is to create more trust, safety and security across every spectrum of everyday society. Leadership is not about being captious but it is about doing the right things and transmitting it within the team and we try doing so at its best.”

Continuously Innovating

Married with continuous innovations and inventions, the pioneer in security locking solutions, providing customised products and solutions based on customer needs are providing mechanical and electromechanical door cylinders and keys, digital keyless locks, access-controlled electric locks, mechanical lock cases, door handles and pulls, door closers and automatics.

The ABLOY® future-proof Digital Portfolio provides keyless, electromechanical and mechanical options for high security and high-end access control solutions for critical infrastructure businesses. ABLOY® BEAT is a new benchmark in digital locking solution. A Keyless, Super Weatherproof IP68 approved padlock, with a Bluetooth BLE 4.2 connection operated with a digital key and mobile app heralding a new era of effortless mobile connectivity with Seos® credential technology for best-in-class security and privacy protection. PROTEC² CLIQ™ by Abloy is a double secured electromechanical locking solution for access control.

How Ab Lukko Oy Transformed into Trailblazing Abloy?

Emil Henrikson’s invention of the unique operating principle of rotating detainer discs in 1907, one of the most significant Finnish inventions, was patented in 1919 under the name Henriksson’s Patent Lock. To produce the locks industrially, Ab Låsfabriken – Lukkotehdas Oy was founded in Helsinki. Later the company name was shortened to Ab Lukko Oy. The trademark Abloy, derived from the company name, was registered at the same time.

From the indelible achievements like the establishment of the lock factory in Joensuu, Finland. The base centre for excellence creation and research to the first electric lock was developed; to secure the Bank of Finland’s printing works in 1978. The name is synonymous with leading innovation and quality across mechanical, electromechanical and digital solutions; for security and access management, globally.

Building Bridges and Progressing Through the Industry Challenges

Being a market leader is a huge corporate and social responsibility. It’s our onus to maintain and deliver beyond expectations. Increasing expectations has resulted in up to the minute innovations and creations,” Sanket Managave shared with The CEO Magazine.

Striving to develop innovative concepts to solve customer problems and create customer value, based on more sustainable solutions and processes, ABLOY aims to create high-quality products that fit perfectly to their intended use have a longer service life and a smaller impact on the environment. It takes time to create ‘TRUST’ with partners, customers, and people at large, the core value which ABLOY stands for. They made sure that organisations and people who are associated with ABLOY in whichever way; developed that trust, in their products, solutions, service, people and brand.

The Imperative Takeaway, Customer’s Voice

In the security and access control market, especially dealing with Critical Infrastructure Protection, reliability and trust for the service provider are paramount. Decades of innovation, creation and execution has led to more insights into the practical situation faced by customers from varied industries. Amidst this following the imperative voice of their customers, ABLOY envisages, innovates, and delivers as per global trends and demands. Being a global leader in security solutions; they have always been in the first place to innovate and introduce advanced versions.

Forefront of Innovation and Technology Adoption 

ABLOY, the pioneer in security locking technology, has been giving customers products and solutions that remain secure with a technology change and are future proof. Given, innovation as a key driver for the brand, ABLOY makes sure that the technology of today and tomorrow is well integrated and in line with customer requirement.

The ABLOY® portfolio, ranging from mechanical to electro-mechanical to digital, is a testimony to the fact that ABLOY® has innovated and adopted the current and future technologies, to meet the market needs, before it became a standard. ABLOY® BEAT High is one such innovation. BEAT is a digital innovation within their continuously evolving digital portfolio.

Surviving The Pandemic

Looking at the year of intense and extreme challenges for organisations, 2020, from a different prism, ABLOY India’s foremost priority in 2020 was to stay connected to customers, to understand their desideratum in such times. They endeavoured in reaching out to more customers. With efforts to not lose contact with their customers and providing their services against all odds and within the permissible conditions, and taking a substantial part of the business digital & online. Reflect and introspect, allowing them to innovate and plan new products and solutions for the future.

In times of difficulty, it’s important to focus on strengths and toil to secure the future, the ABLOY India team is walking on this path for a better tomorrow.

Ethos for A Greater Future

Today’s inventions and application of new technology is the ethos of greater future. To develop and drive new technologies organisations have to invest in R&D categories. To enhance brand, product and solution capabilities, R&D is the most integral part of ABLOY, as much as Sales, marketing and customer service. R&D is the core of every modern business.

Market research and product research together leads to disruptive innovation and creation. Research and innovations lead to better sustainability, improved customer reach and enhanced brand equity. Voice of the customer plays a very important role and facilitates its R&D team to develop solutions based on market needs.

Making Society and Environment Better, A Constant Effort

Sustainability is a driver throughout the group value chain; it is an important element in innovation, in sourcing, in production, in employee development, in products and solutions. ABLOY’s work on sustainability is a natural part of what they do, from product innovation and constant development of environmentally friendly production technologies to all aspects of their business.

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