The Event Konsultants: Perfect Event Partner for Fabulous Servicing

The Event Konsultants: Perfect Event Partner for Fabulous Servicing

The Event Konsultants is one-stop Event & Exhibition solution partner for Advertising & Event Agencies.

The roles of exhibition and event managers vary, but the tasks are the same as identifying potential business, researching, planning, arranging, and running all aspects of events on behalf of a client. According to the report of Event and Entertainment Management Association, the events and activations industry in India is expected to reach Rs 10,000 crore marks by 2020-21. In the 2016-17, the industry was at Rs 5,631 crore.  These days, these companies are in great demand and growing at a higher rate. This progress has given a golden opportunity to event partners to develop and create their market. The Event Konsultants is the cream of the crop and is known as a creative event partner. It was initiated by Jaeraj Surve as a one-stop event and exhibition solution partner for advertising and event agencies. It is a fully integrated event production house equipped with complete creative support for agencies. The company is a growth-oriented professional organization with highly Innovative Concepts, Positive Approach, Integrity, and good Work Ethics.

Jaeraj has been a part of the event industry for more than 14 years. During this period, he worked in numerous organizations in various capacities from junior to management level; while working, he observed that a vendor/supplier is not able to deliver the professionalism that an agency expects. Due to a rapid change in the events market, many events and advertising agencies are looking for external expertise to manage prestigious events and exhibitions. That’s when he decided to establish an event production house with all in-house facilities required by an agency. In 2017, Jaeraj founded The Event Konsultants – a complete event production house for the event and advertising agencies to fill in the gap between agencies & vendors. The Event Konsultants delivers services from the initial site recce to complete event execution with the most experienced event production and operations team. The USP of The Event Konsultants is that it has in-house fabrication facilities, aluminum trussing and event technical services that can breathe life into any event stage design or exhibition booth.  The Event Konsultants is the team of 30+ employees, who makes collective efforts and work as a committed and creative group of energetic professionals. The team collaborates to make clients’ dreams into reality. It addresses every detail and uses the proven quality-control process to deliver an unsurpassed level of excellence and accuracy from concept to completion. In the end, the expertise, consistency, talent, and mastery of the team that ensures clients look their best.

Resolving Business’s Problems

The Event Konsultants is parallel to the future outlook of the industry where most agencies would prefer outsourcing their event operations work to an event production house that takes care of everything, from planning to execution. The Event Konsultants is a cost-effective option for agencies as they get the expedient vendor rates without embodying their in-house operation team. The end-to-end event production management makes it the perfect partner people can count on.

Differentiating Factors

The Event Konsultants is targeting completely a new segment and introducing a different level of events. Here, there are some more factors that make it stand out in the industry:

  • The Event Konsultants is one of the few event production houses that has everything in-house, with a separate event operation and creative team to support all needs of the agencies.
  • The Event Konsultants neither operates like Vendors nor like an Agency, who directly deals with the client.
  • As a company, it feels that there is a big gap between Agencies and Vendors. And, The Event Konsultants is trying to fill that gap with professionalism and quality.
  • It undertakes turnkey projects from the event and advertising agencies only.

Revenue Model- Turnkey Events/exhibition

The company takes up turnkey projects from the event and advertising agencies for events and exhibitions. From planning and executing, everything is done by the in-house production team.


The Event Konsultants has clients in different business sphere including event companies, advertising agencies in the country and more. The team believes in delivering quality and excellent services for clients. With its expert professionals, it has gained a great reputation in the event industry and builds industry relations that work on a long-term basis.

Major Milestones

Some of the major events conducted by The Event Konsultants include:

  • ESL One (International LAN Gaming Event 1st time in India)
  • High Profile Celeb & Politician Wedding of 2018
  • Top Gear Awards (event partner for 2018 & 2019)
  • Kotak Mutual Funds wards (Multi-city with artist like Shaan, Sachin Jigar )

Future Plans and Road Map

The entire concept of the Event Konsultants is new to the event management industry. The event production houses will turn into a new service category for the next generation event management industry, and it will enjoy a first-mover advantage as the concept catches on.

Words of Wisdom

There is a need for complete dedication and hard work to excel in any business field. Many youngsters get into the event industry only mesmerized by the allure of the glamour, glitter, and celebrities. And, while doing so, they don’t see the grit and perseverance that goes behind the creation of all that glitz. One has to be prepared to work for long hours and work hard; that’s the only way to succeed in the event management industry.

Dynamic Leadership

Jaeraj Surve

Founder & CEO

Jaeraj Surve is the brains behind the brand. He is the founder and CEO at The Event Konsultants.  Jaeraj holds 14 years of experience in event planning and management.  Out of 14 years, he has 9 years’ experience of running an Event Management agency and 5 years working for an event agency. After graduating as a Civil Engineer, Jaeraj did post-graduation diploma in Advertising Media and Events from National Institute of Event Management. Jaeraj was intrigued and interested in the event management space. So after working his way up the ladder and learning the nitty-gritty of event management, in 2017, he eventually started his own Event Production House, a comparatively new concept in India.

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