AAA Technologies: Make your business stand out by offering independent Auditing and Consulting

AAA Technologies: Make your business stand out by offering independent Auditing and Consulting

AAA Technologies, a leading firm that optimizes independent Auditing and Consulting for over thousand clients, is a brainchild of an eminent Information Security maverick, Mr. Anjay Agarwal. As trusted advisors to their clients, AAA Technologies provides IS Audit, Information Security, IT Assurance & compliance, IT Governance since the year 2000. The collaborative culture at AAA Technologies enables the firm to continually review and enhance best practices and technological capabilities.

At AAA Technologies, they put themselves at the heart of your business where they can be most effective. As your long-term adviser, they gain a deep understanding of every aspect of your business so they can respond with the right expertise and insights at the right time. They are passionate about your success and about empowering you so you can face the future with confidence.

At the core of AAA Technologies’ success story lies their ability to hire, develop and retain smart, motivated and zealous individuals possessing an entrepreneurial spirit that mirrors that of the sophisticated business and financial services communities that they serve. Consistent and consequential communication with their clients has been a hallmark of their firm since inception. Their firm has been consistently recognized as one of the good places to work as per The CEO Magazine’s research.

There are many companies working in the same field but what differentiates AAA from many others is that the leadership behind AAA Technologies. The leadership behind AAA Technologies has honed expertise over a period of time who has contributed to the security standards, best practices, standard security operating procedures and many more help in being appropriate IT infra doctors for the business. The team is involved in the new technologies yet to come and so understand how the business will be using the same and associated risk and probable newer threats. Thus, the learning curve is too small which is a cutting edge over other players in the market space. The company has rendered such services for 17+ years and 100% clients are satisfied and have got the value from their services. The spirit ‘Mr. Anjay Agarwal’ has been associated with ISACA, USA almost for a decade and serving various committees/Board of ISACA, USA including Chairman of Government and Regulatory Agencies Board. He has been always past president of ISACA, Mumbai.

While asking to The CEO Magazine, Mr. Agarwal says, “The Company was formed in October 2000. In those days computerization was picking up. Besides the benefits the computerization has, there are risks associated with it. At that time, we felt that there would be a need for checking computer controls instead of the traditional audit as organizations start relying on computers. Hence, we ventured into this area and are one of the pioneer / early starters in this field.” 

Key Factors

  • Premier Independent Auditing and Consulting Company in the area of IS Audit, Information Security, IT Assurance & compliance, IT Governance, cyber security for 16+ Years
  • Focuses totally on their core business strength i.e. IS Audit, Information Security and IT Governance, cyber security  (Not into any Products)
  • Empanelled by multiple regulatory bodies including CERT-In, CCA, RBI etc
  • Awarded and Recognized by Government and Prominent Bodies
  • Clients are rest assured sharing their confidential data with them
  • Work closely with clients and provide solutions which are most cost efficient thereby making security affordable
  • Recommendations meet Business Objectives and are practicable of being implemented
  • Rendered services across almost all the sectors
  • Experience to execute the project in the most effective manner.
  • Skills developed over a period of more than a decade
  • Knowledge through continual education
  • Knowledge base is an accumulation of global contribution, auditing, assessment and consultancy services
  • 100%  valued addition and client satisfaction in all projects
  • Provide services which are Accurate, Reliable and Innovative in nature

Mr. Anjay Agarwal, in a conversation with Abhishek Dubey – Editor Associate at The CEO Magazine

If possible please mention the followings: Favorite aspect of being a CEO and what three pieces of advice would you give to youth in the business environment?

Being a CEO you interact with the employees and outside World which helps me to learn a lot from the younger generation.

I always advice the youth to be Ethical, look for Long Term Goal / Benefits (and not Short Term), learn to be truthful and admit their mistakes but learn from the mistakes so that it should not be repeated again

What was your first (code/product) ship like — and what was the same or different compared to your most recent?

When I ventured into this field it was called as EDP Auditing. Subsequently it was changed to Information Security Audit and now the naming is Cyber Security

How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream? Who are your peers?

Ethics, honesty and transparency and, I am following the same. I dream a lot but am also practically in getting the same implemented. All into this industry of cyber security are my peers

What do you hope to accomplish within the next year from personal as well as professional point of view?

Secure more and more cyber assets of the Country

What was your journey like to get where you are?

Journey was not as easy as it looks like. It’s like after and exam, we feel that the exam was very easy but before the exam we have to work very hard. We have been working very hard over the years to be here today

What is the hardest thing about being a CEO?

To ensure salary and taxes in time and regulatory compliances

What is the best thing about being a CEO?

Getting an opportunity to learn new things especially from the younger generation

Give me one word that describes you the best.


Awards & Recognition

  • Company of the Year 2017 – IS Audit and Cyber Security by CEO Magazine
  • 20 Most Promising Cyber Security Solution Providers 2017 by CIO Review
  • 50 Best Indian founded companies by Silicon Review in 2017
  • 20 Most Valuable Networking and Security Solution Providers in 2017 by Insights Success
  • Top 20 Promising GRC Solution Providers 2016 India by CIO Review
  • Companies Top 20 IT Service Companies 2014 by Silicon Review (the only company is the field of IS Audit / Information Security)
  • Received Maharashtra IT Awards from Maharashtra State Government in the field of Security
  • Judged “Best Cyber Security Organization” by Newsmaker Broadcasting Corporation
  • Received “Indian Achievers Award for Industrial Excellence” by Indian Economic Development & Research Association
  • Received “Indian Leadership Award for Information Technology” by All India Achievers Foundation
  • RashtriyaUdyogRatna Award by National Education & Human Resource Development Organisation
  • International Award for Business Excellence (in Bangkok)
  • Holder of Certificate of Appreciation from ISACA, USA since 2005-2006 till date
  • Appreciated by major newspapers for our contribution
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