Importance of World Animal Welfare Day

Importance of World Animal Welfare Day

As the name says, world animal day refers to a day dedicated to the animal kingdom. Every year on 4th October is celebrated as world animal welfare day; it is done to celebrate the relation between humans and animals. We all know that animals are an important part of our ecosystem, they not only give support and improve our lives but they also teach human the true meaning of friendship. Therefore, this day allows us to celebrate their existence.

This day is celebrated around the world without any discrimination of religion, caste, colour, beliefs and ideology. This is a special day for those who care for and love these wonderful creations of God. There are many animal welfare organizations, groups, charity and schools that participate in the celebration of the animal welfare day.

Why World Animal Welfare Day is celebrated?

Animals are being slaughtered around the world and to improve the condition and lives of animal around the world this day is celebrated. Various communities, groups, clubs and welfares who are against the brutal behaviour on animals get encouraged. Many people organise events to spread awareness on animal issue and inspire people to protect animals around them.

How the World Animal Day Welfare is celebrated?

To spread the message of peace and love for animals various events are organised. Animal lovers, activists, organizations are invited under the banner of world animal welfare day to promote awareness. Everyone celebrates this day for the single purpose which is much bigger from any differences we humans have, the motive to share animal rights around the world.

Various events that are organised on the occasion of World Animal Day are:-

  • Events to run education and awareness campaigns
  • Workshop and sessions to talk and spread awareness of different animal-related issues
  • Concerts and shows to raise funds for animals
  • Conducting programs in schools for children to understand animals
  • Opening various animal homes
  • An event that focuses on adopting animals
  • Events and programs to target different societies or people, pets, owners and many more.
  • Vaccinations for rabies and other diseases
  • Events at veterinary clinics for free health checkups
  • Use of electronic media to reach a large number of audiences
  • Gathering and discussions for animal welfare
  • Protests and rallies to generate awareness and to fight for animal rights.

These events which are organised around the world have seen amazing growth of support in recent years. People around the world organize events under the banner of world animal welfare day. Popularity of these events is increasing every year and the website of world animal day updates every event organised around the globe in relation to this issue.

The success of these events and the amount of impact it had on the community is also reported on their website.

Success of world animal welfare day is incredible. In 2003, there were over 40 events across 23 countries but last year this number has crossed to 1000 events in over 100 countries.

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