Biography of the Legend and Great Hindi Author, Munshi Premchand

Biography of the Legend and Great Hindi Author, Munshi Premchand

Today is the birth anniversary of a great legend and one of the foremost Hindi writers Munshi Prechand. On this special day, let’s remember him for all his beautiful works.

Munshi Premchand was pioneered in Hindi as well as Urdu social fiction. He was one of the first authors in India, who devoted his writing for caste hierarchies and the plights of women and labourers prevalent in the society. He always focused on writing on the issues that hold importance that date, like caste discrimination and prevalence of dowry. Being a novel writer, story writer, and dramatist, he has been said as the “Upanyas Samrat” by the writers.

Munshi Premchand was a celebrated Indian writer; he had born on 31 July 1880 in UP. His father name’s was Ajaib Lal; he was a post office clerk. His mother’s name was Anandi Devi, she was a homemaker. Prechand’s early education was done at a local Madrasa under a Maulvi. Here he studied Urdu. The real name of Premchand is Dhanpad Rai Srivastav. He took a pen name Nawab Rai that time. Prefix Munshi was given by readers as an honorary title to him.

He started writing at the age of 13. His first book was mockery that he wrote on a bachelor who falls in love with a low caste woman, was never published. His first short novel was Asrar-e-Ma’abid’. The first time, the British Government came to know about his writing through his novel Soz-e-Watan in 1909 and banned it as a rebellious work. Even, Premchand’s house was raided and around 500 copies of this novel were burnt. After this incident, Premchand decided to a writer under the name of Premchand. His first Hindi story was “Saut”; it was published in the magazine Saraswati in 1915. And, Godaan was his last and most recent work. Some of his famous novels include Gaban, Kafan, Ldgah, Seva Sadan, and Pratigya. Premchand took part in the fight of independence of India in 1920 and joined the non-cooperation moment.

He died on October 8, 1936, to recurring illness. Towards the end of his life, he was also the President of the Progressive Writer’s Association that consisted of writer who aimed at influencing people through his writing on social injustice and other social issues. In his whole life, Premchand wrote 300 short stories, 14 novels and different types of essays, letters, and translations.

Premchand was unique in his writing; he opted for imagery, used realism in his works. His writings always highlighted social issues of the contemporary world and tried to find a solution for them.

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