Shaping the little minds and broadening their horizons with a futuristic approach since 2004: BACHPAN…a play school

Shaping the little minds and broadening their horizons with a futuristic approach since 2004: BACHPAN…a play school

From the moment a baby opens his/her eyes, the imperative process of learning begins. Parental upbringing and educational institutions’ inputs in carving out these little juveniles’ roots are colossal. Early education provides a careful molding environment for kids to nurture their foundation and promote optimal early childhood development for further education. With this ideology, Ajay Gupta laid the foundation of a solitary brand in 2004 to foster early development of a child and introducing him to structured learning through a systematic and innovative way. Today with 1100+ schools under the hat, BACHPAN…a play school has carved out a niche among the preschool domain in a very short span of time with its impeccable pedagogy, updated curriculum, state-of-the-art infrastructure, scientific and advanced study material as well as play and learning equipment. In words of Mr. Ajay Gupta, “Our country’s preschool spectrum is underdeveloped.To address these bottlenecks, the concept of BACHPAN…a play school was created with a unique philosophy, reach-ability and wonderful association with parents. And today we proudly wear the tag of being ‘India ka favorite play school’.”

Giving kids a home away home

BACHPAN…a play school caters to the needs of toddlers whose childhood is precious and deserves to be full of joy, play, love, happy learning and lovely memories all of which could make their childhood or BACHPAN. The flagship brand of S.K.Educations Pvt. Ltd., and counted among the best 3 preschools in India, BACHPAN aims to reach every nook and corner of the country while striving on its mission to make preschool accessible and affordable to all the sections of the society.

Infrastructure and Environment

“We have vision to foster an inspiring environment of the play school that forms the basis of a child’s ability to function in a social environment beyond the familiarity of his home and the process of being socially adept gradually gains momentum.”

Being self-sustaining for various teaching/learning tools including books and manuals, the brand has developed its own Library or the Information Resource Section as called by the management which nestles a collection of books developed by BACHPAN’S own educational experts while some of the titles have been co-authored by collaborating with other Preschool specialists. “We lay emphasis when it comes to a student’s attitude that is exhibited towards learning something new or when dealing with difficult situations and adapting to diverse situations in general”  asserted Mr. Ajay Gupta (Founder).

BACHPAN… a play school is fully equipped with State-of-Art-Infrastructure for world-class pre-primary education. Every room of the schools is built with a theme and a concept that enables the child to associate with, appreciate and learn from the environment. The fresh and attractive ambience of the schools is a treat for the eyes of the little ones. The other accessories of the school include,

  • Pre-primary activity room
  • Art and craft room
  • Audio-Visual room
  • AR, VR& Robotics Lab
  • Doll room
  • Gym arena
  • Ball Pool
  • Dining room
  • Splash pool
  • Smart Classes

Infusing Uniqueness with its innovations

By mastering innovation with the hands of technology, BACHPAN stands out amongst an ever-growing crowd of number-crunching organizations that rate themselves as the best in the business.

Speak-o-kit:BACHPAN organization has introduced Speak-o-pen- The talking books. Speak-o-pen is not only outstanding tech- toy but also is an educational tool par excellence. It’s a unique teaching/learning tool that covers an entire curriculum of BACHPAN at all levels.

Prismart, a venture branched out from BACHPANis a fast-growing, technology-driven company excelling in all spheres of multimedia. A leader in digital education, Prismart also enjoys a top-notch reputation in 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Toon Series, AR/VR, Explainer Videos and Short Movies production.

Building Global Citizens

“We have never compromised upon the quality of education, inclusive of infrastructure, curriculum, and facilities, ensuring that the level of excellence established by our pain-staking efforts is maintained across the branches, no matter how far away they are from our headquarters in Delhi.”

Ajay further adds, “Parents of our present students are often amazed at the comfort with which their wards have been able to soak up this blend of established Indian value system and the very liberal Western-way of thinking.”. BACHPAN preschools’ PAN India presence is catering to the Early Education requirements of urban, the semi-urban and the semi-rural centers in every state of the country and the process of the expansion still carries on, unchallenged. This in itself exemplifies the mass acceptance and the kind of respect and recognition earned in less than a decade.

Future Ahead

“The feedback has been overwhelming from the parents who have often been heard saying that how few hours spent daily in our campuses have resulted in their child undergoing a metamorphosis and developing into an all-rounder.”

Within a span of 10 years, BACHPAN’S network of branches has grown to more than 1100+ schools across the nation and is still growing to pave way for excellence in formal school education, the organization has also launched another brand AHPS (Academic Heights Public School), a chain of Senior Secondary Schools across India which are at various stages. The management also envisions incorporating a University with the name of RISHIHOOD University and fine-tuning its technology prowess to nourish its pupils for a better tomorrow.

Director’s Periscope

A determined soul who never gave up

Ajay Gupta

His childhood didn’t encircle aroundtoys, but caliper, crutches and helpers. Despite having Polio from nine months after birth, Mr. Gupta is successfully marching ahead as one of the most Enterprising Businessmen of India, a forward looking seed investor and prominent edupreneur in media for raising well-established & prosperous brands in the K-12 education segment. Mr. Ajay Gupta had explored his interests in diverse fields including finance, export & food segment. He failed finite times to finally taste the infinite sense of achievement. He never looked back just after the first milestone in education starting with Bachpan..a play school  and Academic Heights Public School (formal school segment). Followed by stepping in Wellness segment where he pooled in Delhi’s largest diagnostic centre-Must and more. Mr. Gupta added another feather to his cap with developing his own technical arm- Prismart and an endearing project-Rishihood University.

Always open to start new venture, Ajay’s mind is stocked up with stimulating ideas. “The doors are always open. You have to push them and walk your journeys”, believes Mr. Gupta.

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