SAMSKAR – THE LIFE SCHOOL: Ushering students to knowledge-oriented education imbued with character building.

SAMSKAR – THE LIFE SCHOOL: Ushering students to knowledge-oriented education imbued with character building.

India is witnessing a paradigm shift in its education sector for last couple of decades. The erstwhile focus has shifted from rote learning to a knowledge-oriented education system which works for the holistic development of students. This system is more focused on creating knowledge-oriented children. The practice has been quite fruitful in increasing the level of education at par with our international counterparts. Some schools have struck chord beautifully with the modern needs of education without compromising the traditional values of age-old Indian education. Samskar– The life school is one among those few schools which impart education that is a medley of character building and modern learning techniques.

It has been spot on with the transformative needs of education system which is more focused on co-curricular activities and assorted sports activities. It believes in a method which is engaging opposed to the clichéd rote learning methodology. Since its inception, it has been fervent to never compromise with its core principles of inculcation of value-based education to give civilized and educated citizens to the society.  It was never destined to become a manufacturer of toppers. This is exactly what sets it apart from its peers. Corroborating his point Mr. Mohana Vamsi, CEO, says, “A nation is built with sophisticated and educated citizens. If someone lacks the basic decorum then it hardly matters if that person is a topper or from which organization that person topped”.

Samskar School provides an environment where talents and innate abilities of kids are polished which lets them excel in their genre. The school is aimed at empowering every student to access plethora of opportunities which would somehow remain unavailable to them in other schools. The school strives to provide scope by which they could develop their strengths and overcome barriers. It always looks to enhance facilities so that it doesn’t lag behind in this era of knowledge and technology.

The school knows the value of discipline in every sphere of life. This is why it gives huge impetus to quality education imbued with restraint. It mandates every student to be in line with the code of conduct set by the school. To get know-how of the proper functioning, the management takes help of a third party audit team which gives an unbiased picture about the work culture. It helps the organization and parents to evaluate students’ performance as the third party audit delivers a fair report. To bring efficiency and betterment, the school has a special forum which is called Samskar Parent Forum. This forum allows parents to share their views for any kind of improvement required in the organization.

Moreover, it gives priority for the all-round development of students. In contrast to the nationwide decrease in levels of extra-curricular activity and school trips, the staff here lays emphasis upon learning experiences provided by sports teams, musical ensembles, dramatic & dance productions, clubs of every sort and educational visits. The school’s extra-curricular programme is exceptional and represents a vast amount of voluntary effort on the part of staff. The students are expected to avail themselves of appropriate opportunities and to learn the virtues of loyalty and faithfulness.

Differentiating Factors

The people and the organization culture set it apart from other schools. It believes in the principle that everything else can be replicated with money but the people and organization culture cannot be replicated so easily. Samskar-The Life School blends ancient wisdom with modern technologies.

Striking a chord between traditional and modern

The school is well aware of its priorities and it knows that contrary to the ancient scholars who believed that knowledge bred humility, wisdom in the modern world breeds arrogance. Samskar (Ethics + Ethnicity) sets the balance of quality education at equilibrium with the scientifically designed curriculum of today. Restructuring morals, values, traditions and culture in the educational setup doesn’t require any law. The connection of all these aspects with technology drives the vehicle of human life.

Equalizing Ethics, Ethnicity & Education, Samskar – The Life School blends ancient wisdom with modern technologies. Mohana Vamsi, CEO, Samskar, proclaims, “At the end of the day, the holistic development of the child is what makes him/her successful. Life skills are imperative as they make the person a social & practical scholar, thus leading them to achieve success in life”.

Without good teachers, the human life is nothing less of an animal’s life. Teacher’s constant update is very important and a must for teachers. Subjects may remain same but there is a high speed transformation happening in terms of teaching methodologies. It has many advantages such as it keeps us up-to-date with what’s needed to excel in this profession. It provides scope to make teaching and learning more engaging and collaborative. The organization stays up to date through various education forums, conferences, seminars, workshops, books & magazines and by visit to reputed schools. Teachers must step away from their desks and comfort zone. Madhumathi, The Founder Principal says “Teaching has undergone a major transformation to a monologue mode to just being a facilitator role now. They should reach and catch the jet speed of children when it comes to using technology in education/learning.”

Moreover, it is working on its concern regarding the over burden on children who are loaded with syllabus. The organization is concerned about heavy expectations by parents regarding unreasonable ambitions. Students are unable to pursue in-depth study of their favourite subject. It understands the fact that Education today is more of marks-oriented than knowledge-oriented. There is a strong & immediate need to bring in a paradigm shift in this thought process among parents and educators.

Awards & Accolades

  • International Quality Award 2016 for Excellence in Early Childhood Education from Brands Impact.
  • Indian Achievers Award 2016 for Education Excellence for outstanding achievement in Education & Social Service from Indian Achievers Forum.
  • Pride of Indian Education Award 2016 for Fastest Growing School for Innovation Early Childhood Education (South India) from Brands Impact.
  • Global Education Excellence Award 2017 for Best Emerging Private School in Hyderabad from Prime Time.
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