One Stop Solution provider Reignsys aspires to emerge as a leader in Consulting, Development & Outsourcing

One Stop Solution provider Reignsys aspires to emerge as a leader in Consulting, Development & Outsourcing

The economic reform in India that started in early 1990s aimed at making the Indian economy as fastest growing and globally competitive. The scenario of overall economic development of our country in the last decade makes it clearly evident that almost all major sectors are tremendously influenced by it. Looking forward to a global integration, India has been making remarkable efforts to attract foreign capital and encourage privatization. In such a scenario, when India is in the process of revamping her economy, it has become imperative for organizations to increase their competence. To catch up with the fast pace of economic growth and ensure their survival, organizations leave no stone unturned to enhance the efficiency of their business and improve its performance. They hire multiple consulting firms in order to get help with their business problems. For effective recruitment, performance management, training solutions and finding talented people, organizations approach recruitment agencies. Looking forward to enter into the global market, organizations require innovation, efficiency, & competitive advantage in their business; so they approach business process outsourcing firms. For customized software solutions as well as development services and maintenance of those softwares, organizations hire software consultants. Focusing on the wide range of needs of organizations, Reignsys SofTech Private Limited was incepted in 2015 as a one stop Solution provider to assist and aid organizations as well as individual professionals with their full range of CDO-Consulting, Development and Outsourcing services. The firm is founded by Faiyaz Ali, who possesses a wide-ranging experience in consulting services that empowers him with the expertise to supervise and manage functions of the business while increasing its efficiency. His elder brother, Nasim Ali, who has cofounded the company, has always extended his hands of support in times of need. He has been the pillar of sustainable growth for the company.

With a firm belief in its tag line- ‘Because Talent Reigns’, the team at Reignsys, a pool of experts who are experienced in consulting, developing strategies, software development, quality assurance, management consulting and more are making efforts constantly to bring out customer focused and innovative solutions for their clients. The firm aims to maintain a long-term relationship with its clients so that they can benefit from its quality, culture, knowledge and consistent drive for innovation.

The key areas where Reignsys offers its services involve Business Consulting (Strategy & Planning, Learning & Development, Resourcing Services, Corporate Communication & Social Marketing, e Branding & Promotions, Web Content Management), Information Technology & ITeS Consulting, HR & Recruitment Consulting, Software Development & Maintenance, and Outsourcing.

The firm’s consulting services target clients’ most critical business problems and give an appropriate cost saving solution. The team’s in- depth domain knowledge and expertise empowers its clients to excel in the dynamic business environment while saving their time and costs. Reignsys offers a broad spectrum of affordable Software solutions to its clients that are not only cost effective but also easy to implement. The team at Reignsys comprises of expert IT consultants who stand firm to ensure that applications are developed in accordance with clients’ specifications and all above within committed budgets. Also, Reignsys has established itself as one of the leading Testing Service providers in the Information Technology market. Furthermore, promoting the ideology of ‘be productive anywhere’ the firm develops Mobile applications that allow employees of an organization to work anywhere using any device. We build applications that increase business efficiency and expand revenue opportunities through mobilization. The rich service portfolio of Reignsys comprises of valuable solutions such as Quality Assurance & Testing, Web Apps Development, Mobile Apps Development, ecommerce, mLearning & eLearning, Content Management, Multi Level Marketing, Hosting & Maintenance, SEO & SEM, Website Maintenance, vBulletin & Forum Management and more.

The company has been serving established businesses such as Park Clinic (a super specialty hospital and city’s 3rd largest NICU), AS International (an international leather products brand), Helpur Projects (a Dubai and India based Management Consultants firm), Incubex (a Bangalore based startup services provider), Screen-O-Art (A city based printing media house operating at national level), Impact SofTTech Pvt Ltd (a Delhi based IT & Consulting firm) and many more. It is noteworthy that the firm has established itself in the market by building a valuable customer base in such a short period. Speaking about the marketing initiatives used by Reignsys to promote its business, Faiyaz Ali, Director of Reignsys, says, “We wanted to excel rather to survive, therefore we decided to approach prospects for a face to face meeting instead of offering packages. Sometimes we met our clients over coffee, and sometimes just like that while walking or engaged in other activities. We developed customized solutions for them and created prototype for the same. As soon as the prototype was approved, we used to take up the project and started working. To firm the roots of our business, we also did some projects absolutely free of cost for some influential people of the society who recommended us to other customers.”

Success Mantra for Reignsys

The unique aspect of Reignsys’ work methodology is that the firm involves its client in each stage of development in the project and keeps them continuously updated. Its services are tailored to suit the customer’s continuously changing requirements.

Reignsys works on FFS model i.e. Fee for service model. The firm takes 40% of the payment as soon as the project is approved by the client while the remaining 60% is charged after completion of the project. In addition to that, the company offers service on credit to some of its trusted clients while working on their long term projects. Such a flexible scheme of payment provides a competitive advantage as well. 

The CEO Magazine in conversation with Faiyaz Ali, Director at Reignsys SofTech Private Limited

TCM: What are the major milestones for Reignsys since founding?

Faiyaz Ali: When Reignsys was incepted, it had a handful of clients and a portfolio of limited services. Now, we have offices in Kolkata and Bangalore offering more than two dozens of services covering nearly every business problem to a huge clientele across major cities in India and Dubai. I feel what we have achieved in a short span of two years is a big milestone for us.

TCM: Please tell us about Road Map and Future Plans of your organizations.

Faiyaz Ali: We are actively working upon our upcoming project,™. It’s a project to connect all the Hajj and Umrah tour operators to customers/pilgrims through an online platform. It will be a marketplace for travel agencies providing Hajj and Umrah packages, whereas the customers/pilgrims will be empowered with easy booking and comprehensive choice of packages across the country. It’s a vast project with long term goals targeting the Muslim community of the country.

Our mission is to provide commercially feasible, flexible, robust and affordable solutions to our clients. In future we would like to expand our services all over India. We aspire to emerge as a leader in our domain.

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