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“The best way to ensure the development of a society is by empowering its citizens through quality education. Our attempt at Awdhesh Academy is to serve our country by providing the best quality education to every citizen at the most affordable price,”

Awdhesh Singh

One of the greatest issues that our country faces is the lack of the quality education to our masses. The education industry has experienced a rollercoaster ride in terms of resources and age-old conventional ways of teaching. 

Stepping off this comfort bubble to unshackle from the culture of brick and mortar classroom studies is AWDHESH CLASSES PRIVATE LIMITED (AWDHESH ACADEMY), which under the wise leadership of the Founding Director; Awdhesh Singh has helped in amplifying the reach of education to cities that do not have a pocket-size for expensive teachers or educational institutes. Using the power of information technology, they provide quality education to every person, even in the remotest parts of India, at the most affordable cost. 

Awdhesh Academy (Awdhesh Classes Private Limited) provides online courses for school education, competitive examinations like Civil Services for IAS, IPS, etc, to empower everyone to realise their full potential. The Academy’s focus is on making the students understand the key concepts easily and solve complex problems. All their video lessons are of HD qualities edited by their experts. The rating and feedback from the leaders is used to continuously improve the contents. The CEO Magazine grabbed a chance to have a conversation with the founder and get to know more about the industry scenario, services, developments, plans for the academy, entrepreneurs, and more; 

Kindly describe in detail about your distinct services and products.

Awdhesh Academy (Awdhesh Classes Private Limited) is an online learning platform with many unique features. Some of the key features are:-

  • All video lessons available in English as well as in Hindi. 
  • Unlimited viewings of the lessons till you understand the concepts well. 
  • Provision for online test after each lesson to assess your understanding of the topic
  • Notes for the lesson provided after each lesson.
  • ‘Doubt clearing’ feature to clear your doubt directly from the educator
  • ‘Practice Question’ feature to practice answer writing with feedback from the educator. This feature is particularly useful for Civil Services (IAS) aspirants.
  • Subscription available from 3 months to 2 years duration
  • Free demo lessons for all courses.
  • Most affordable price for each course. 
  • No-question-asked full refund policy

What are some of the challenges your company faced before, during and after bringing in this solution?

When you set upa traditional brick and mortar school or coaching center, your competition is only with those who are within a close vicinity of your institution. However, in the case of EdTech companies, competition is global in nature. Since our company is a start-up, the greatest challenge is to attract quality educators on our platform due to limited resources available with us. The best teachers in our country have paid huge salaries from the coaching institutes and the large EdTech companies who have huge funds at their disposal.

I, therefore, took the lead in teaching myself as I have done my education from IIT and I had been an officer of the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) after qualifying the Civil Services (IAS) Examination. Right now, our focus is to create quality content on our platform. Once we have proven our credibility, we may also go for funding from outside sources. 

Enlighten us about any latest advancements and innovations that have had a huge impact on the Ed-Tech of India.

The greatest technological development that has impacted online education in India is the cheap availability of internet data after the advent of 4G in India. Today, even in the remote villages of India, students have access to smartphones and through it they can easily watch live videos at the most affordable cost. The cheaper availability of mobile phones and the massive expenditure incurred by the Government of India under the Digital India program is helping the Ed-Tech companies to reach to every nook and corner of our country to provide quality education to every citizen. 

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What has been your game plan to tackle the challenges in terms of changing trends, market players and innovations happening in the Ed-Tech industry?

There are many big Ed-Tech companies in the market who have huge funds at their disposal. They often provide free content to the students and then follow them up for their premium paid courses. However, due to their focus on marketing, they often promise more and deliver less. We are more focused on the quality of content and fail to give personal attention to the students.

Awdhesh Academy stand apart from our competitors as our focus is on quality rather than quantity. We have already got a good number of paid enrolments due to the quality of our product. We are continuously improving our content and creating products that suit the requirement of each student. 

What are the factors that make your company stand out in the market? Share a bit about your strategies to market your brand. 

Our attempt is to emulate the classroom environment in our e-learning platform. Awdhesh Academy get our learners mainly by word of mouth publicity. We are keeping our costs at the minimum so that we can provide our content at the most affordable price. Awdhesh Academy are getting a fairly good amount through subscription which is used to improve the quality further. We also use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to reach our prospective learners. I am also quite well known on Quora and we get good traction from my followers on Quora. 

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Is education technology poised for a new wave of innovation and how? 

Ed-Tech is poised to be the future of learning. I foresee tremendous growth of e-learningcompanies in the future while the role of brick and mortar learning centres is likely to decline. EdTech companies are likely to used top Artificial Intelligence tools and machine learning to identify the need of every student and tailor-made their courses that exactly suits the requirement of the learner. We can also make virtual classes, high-quality animation videos; tailor-made quizzes to make the learning more interesting, faster and deeper. 

How do you portray the future of your company? Tell us about your future goals. 

E-learning has tremendous potential in India. We intend to become one of the best e-learning platforms in India. Our vision is to attract the best educators and use the latest technology to provide the best quality education to every child in our country. We are presently working on the creation of quality content at the most affordable fee to make it available to every student. We also plan to collaborate with schools and collages that can use our platform to help the students clear their concepts and score top marks in the examinations. 


Dr. Awdhesh K. Singh is the Founding Director of ‘Awdhesh Classes Private Limited’, popularly known as ‘Awdhesh Academy’. He has done his B. Tech. from IIT (BHU) Varanasi, M. Tech. from IIT Delhi and Ph.D. from ABV-Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management (IIITM) Gwalior. He joined the Indian Revenue Service (Customs &Indirect Taxes) in 1991.

He was awarded the ‘Certificate of Merit’ by the World Customs Organization (WCO); in 2011 and the ‘Presidential Award’ by the Government of India in 2015. He is a prolific writer who has authored five books and has written over 500 articles. He is presently the ‘Fifth Most Followed Writers in the World’ on Quora. With over 2.8 lakh followers and over 140 Million views on his answers. 

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