Mamata Machinery Pvt. Ltd., A 1989 Endeavour By Mr. Mahendra Patel To Offer Total Solutions For Flexible Packaging

Founded by Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Mahendra Patel, Mamata Machinery is a name synonymous with value for money packaging solutions (specifically for the food items) to ensure hygienic means safe and secure food packaging processes for end-customers.

The brainchild of Mr. Mahendra was created to cater to unique, ahead of its time, tech enriched solutions to the market. The brand created a unique space in the industry ahead of time taken with the appropriate technological advancements that allowed Mamata to stay ahead of the curve as compared to their peers in the same domain. The periodic up-gradation of the technology platforms hand-picked from across the globe has allowed them to stay relevant and reliable in their targeted field. This insightful approach has allowed them to emerge as a trusted player in the arena and scale the heights of success as well.

Pioneer in India to introduce Bag Making Machines with microprocessor controls, Mamata has successfully passed the test of time.  Leads today with the installed base above 5000 machines in more than 88 countries, Mamata is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Plastic bag making / Pouch making machines globally. Flexible Packaging / Converting Markets are ever-changing. Cost competitiveness while addressing change quickly without compromising the quality and versatility is the key to success for our customers.

Enjoying its status as the company of honor dedicated to serving today’s needs, Mamata Machinery offers one-stop comprehensive Flexible Packaging Solutions from Blown Film Plants to Converting Machines to Packaging Machines. The company manufactures Bag Making Machines, Pouch Making Machines, Wicketers, Packaging Machines, and Multilayer Film Plants (up to 9 Layers).

Facing the Initial Challenges

Apart from the technological advancements to make them unique in the respective domain, Mamata has a multi-talented team that altogether contributes to the success of this three-decade-old enterprise.

While most Mamata employees share a bond of twenty years with the brand, the low attrition rate in the workforce states a lot about their core values and type of work culture infused in its ecosystem. The presence of multi-disciplinary engineers in the team contributes a lot in the uniqueness of Mamata.

Some talented individuals are experts in sales, processing, designing etc. are fully aligned towards the vision of the Organisation. Bringing such diverse talent heads together and managing them while ensuring their happiness and satisfaction under able guidance of Mr. Mahendra Patel is what gives them an edge over their competitors.

At Par with the International Machinery Standards

In their journey to become the global leader, optimist and motivated Mamata team offering highly innovative and technically advanced International standard machines with the lowest cost of production, full-service back-up and becoming a partner in customer’s growth path has made Mamata as a unique brand in the industry set to achieve greater heights.

Today, the brand stands at par with its peers in Europe and Far East, owing to hard work and efforts of the Team to develop unique technology – based machines under the supervision of their CMD, a Masters in Technology degree holder himself.  Mamata Machinery enjoys a major client-base in Europe and the USA besides India.

The Covid-19 Pandemic Learning’s

Mamata machinery ensured a safe environment for the Mamata team and workforce during the challenging times of the global pandemic. Be it ensuring the absolute sanitization of the workstations/manufacturing plants or ensuring the safe commuting ways for the employees, or offering timely pay checks without any cuts on the salary, Mamata handled the outbreak sophisticatedly and sympathetically.

They ensured to offer absolute support to the infected employees in the best possible way that reveals a lot about their business philosophy. Syncing with the Government’s guidelines, they effortlessly navigated through the adversities of the Coronavirus outbreak without facing much disruption in their business operations.

Commitment to Become Top Leading Company Globally

In the supply of equipment solutions for Flexible Packaging Industry, Mamata has demonstrated great leadership and produced innovative packaging solutions for the global markets, adding highest value to their products and lowest cost of ownership to the client’s operations. The focused approach to customer’s needs and modular, flexible and versatile design of machines allowed their customers to compete globally and grow effectively in today’s competitive market.

Mamata is committed to Green Technology and always has worked on eco-friendly, energy-efficient and of course cost-efficient products. In line with this, Mamata has various machines for making recyclable packaging such as PE & BOPP Lap Seal Pouches, PE Stand up Zipper Pouches, BOPP Laminated PP woven sacks, etc. in the product range. Using state-of-the-art technology to develop and manufacture machines and offer excellent cost to value equations to market is a key moto of Mamata.

Proud Moments for Mamata

Two years ago, a leading Engineering University in the UK, Cranefield Institute of Technology recognized Mr. Mahendra Patel’s contributions to the development of technology and management and offered with ‘Distinguished Alumni Award’ in the Manufacturing segment. This award is considered the highest honour from the University’s end that was a recognition for the significant contribution ensured by this enterprise in the relevant domain. Previously, other recipients of this award have been the COO of Airbus, the COO of SL Martin, and the CEOs of many leading technology companies at the global level. Mamata is also the winner of many Export excellence awards and Best Plastics and Polymers Brands 2019 & 2020.

Covid-19 and Remaining Relevant

Mamata’s priorities lie in full customer assistance providing from lead to installing machines to providing after-sales service back up. Mamata has dedicated workforce for each parts Sales, Service, Spares etc. The highly qualified and experienced workforce is providing back up on phone from ages. This ability has helped them to handle big machines installations and service back up of the same online during COVID 19 Pandemic.

Mamata has always kept its pace in new technology development to meet the fast-changing world. Offering fastest bag and pouch making machines in the world till date, Mamata invests a lot to remain the Market leader in technologically advanced bag making, pouch making and packaging machines.

The ‘Value for Trust’ Motto

Be it a customer, stakeholder or employee, resonating with their trust is what the management feels completely committed. This signature approach has allowed them to carve a niche for themselves at the global level where they are being recognized as a ‘Proud Indian Enterprise’ that is a perfect example of the journey from the plinth to paramount.

Mr. Mahendra Patel’s Words of Wisdom

With his years of experience in the business world, Mr. Mahendra Patel shared his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, “One should incessantly chase one’s passion. Once, you delve yourself into something; perform the job with full dedication and commitment. With hard work and chasing your passion wholeheartedly, you will be successful in your entrepreneurial journey”.

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