Kundan Spaces LLP: A Company With A Strong Foundation And Experience Of Decades In Creating Landmark Spaces

“Innovation in our offerings coupled with an emphasis on upholding age-old values, contemporary architecture, strong project execution, and quality construction have helped us transform into a trusted brand,” shared  Kundan Spaces LLP.

Building dream spaces in Pune since 1986, Kundan Spaces is a name resonating with values, quality, comfort, efficiency culminating in perfection. Definitely in for a long haul since its inception, this brand initiated with humble beginnings and has evolved to creating landmark architectural structures across Pune’s landscape.

The company has been working consistently towards achieving their goal of designing and providing work and home spaces that benefit the consumer through better planning and practical and state of the amenities and this clearly shows in their projects. Every project is built keeping in mind their centuries-old values, culture, perfection, standards, uniqueness and timely delivery.

Ever since its beginning Kundan Spaces LLP has been working on the principles that have only now been laid down by RERA and has “DELIVERED WHAT IS PROMISED”. This is being under the able guidance and leadership of its Directors Mr. Ashish Jain, a Cardiff Business School Alumnus and the driving force behind the brand, Mr. Dhanesh Mehta, an Electrical Engineer, from College of Engineering, Pune provides years of experience and insight into the growth strategies, and Mr. Rakshit Oswal, a Commerce Graduate contributing his experience and knowledge in business for the expansion of the business and brand building.

Decades of experience of the Management in the business and real-estate world coupled with its strong force of 75+ dedicated employees who believe that they are contributing to society through their passion and dedication is propelling the company to aim for higher targets for the future.

To understand exactly how Kundan Spaces achieved its unique position in the market, we had a talk with the MD of Kundan Spaces LLP, Ashish Jain who shared his insights on the company’s journey from its fetal stage to the recent pandemic situation and everything in between and beyond.

TCM: How has the brand aligned with the fast-paced industry?

Ashish Jain: Since the beginning we have been focused on realising our dream of designing and building properties that are more than mere spaces. To achieve this mission we have used the collective strength of a young, dynamic and forward-thinking team coupled with decades of hard earned experience. We don’t believe in just designing contemporary assets but also touching the lives and comprehending the hopes and dreams of our valued owners.

TCM: Who is your target audience? Why do you think they would choose you over competitors?

Ashish Jain: Our target audience is the Upper Middle Class, Self Employed individuals, CEO’s, Businessmen and anybody who wishes to take upgrade their lifestyle. We are a well-known name synonymous with great quality and after-sales service. We deliver comprehensive solutions and assistance to our valued owners. These are the factors that separate us from the rest.

TCM: What are the key learnings you have derived from handling the COVID-19 pandemic scenario?

Ashish Jain: COVID-19 global pandemic has been a turning point and will have a lasting impact on the design and use of the real estate space. We have learnt that there is no place safer than our homes. Work from home is a reality and so your home cannot be just a set of walls. It has to be well designed and practical.  

We are seeing a level of transformation and rebuilding that has not been seen since the end of 2nd world war. COVID-19 has stressed on the use, location, mechanical infrastructure, and interior configuration of residential buildings.  

Amidst the pandemic, there is an urgent call for technology to monitor, manage, and mitigate risks. The combination of migration back to the office, the need for reconfiguration and change in operating methods, and the general desire for working remotely are accelerating the adoption of technology in the built environment.

TCM: Which achievements are you most proud of today?

Ashish Jain:  We have been recognised by many platforms with our projects getting many awards such as “Best Architecture Of The Year 2020 for Emirus at Baner” and “Best Residential Project of the Year for Divine at Wanowrie”. Our company has been recognised and placed amongst the Top 10 Prominent Builders and Developers in Maharashtra. But it is truly the look of satisfaction and the happy faces of our customers that is our biggest achievement. That is what we truly endeavour to achieve every day.

TCM: What are the key strategies you are adopting to maintain the connection with the target audience today?

Ashish Jain: We have always been the ones to connect with our target audience on a personal basis. We have not been ones to advertise extensively and have relied mostly on word of mouth to get us clients. Having said that we cannot rule out the fact that in the present times, Digital media is a big influencer and has a great and lasting impact. We have therefore adopted the strategy of social media presence and are using the digital media to connect with our clientele.

TCM: Whom do you credit to the success of your company?

Ashish Jain: An efficacious journey of decades towards our current successful position included remaining relevant and motivated in this competitive world. The credit of our growth as a company has to be owed to our team. Our employees play a vital role in achieving the success of our company. Their hard work, dedication, exceptional loyalty and belief in our decision has made us achieve everything we wanted till date.

TCM: How does Kundan Spaces give back to society?

Ashish Jain: As we continue to build buildings that become an important part of society and are more than mere spaces, we as a brand always ensure that we actively participate in the social causes that positively influence society. The Kundan Spaces LLP team has been a part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and took the initiative to clean areas in locations at Mumbai, Karve Nagar, and Pune.

Along with these social education measures, as a young brand, we cannot emphasize enough the role of education in the growth and development of young minds. Hence, we have education initiatives in place to provide a fair chance to children and teenagers to direct them towards the right path.

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