While the definition of entertainment and platforms has shifted a lot from what it was a few decades. Today, millennials, their parents and possibly their children, all seek the internet and the platforms it supports to seek entertainment and infotainment and when it comes to comedy, and stand-up comedians

In this era where stand-up comedians on Instagram, stand-up comedians on Netflix, stand-up comedians on Amazon Prime are witnessing a steady rise. At depressing times of Covid-19, their videos and social media posts can be real stress busters.

We have compiled a list of top Indian comedians who are a help in beating the blues.

Kenny Sebastian

The ‘Chai Time with Kenny Sebastian’ fame Kenny started his journey on YouTube by making special effects films at age of 15 and eventually, he landed up being one of the top Indian stand-up comedians.

The full-package comedian based in Bangalore has seen a fair share of tough times throughout his stint as a stand-up comedian while his YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers which features his monthly video blog where he discusses everyday topics over a cup of Chai along with some of his best sketches, stand-up and also some music as Kenny is also a musician. The stand-up comedian is also on Amazon Prime as he has his own special called ‘Don’t Be That Guy’.

Zakir Khan

One of the most popular stand-up comedian artist known for his unique style of speaking and perspective at things, people and situations around him, Zakir Khan after winning Comedy Central’s India’s Best Stand-Up Comedian competition rose to instant fame. Zakir’s comic perspective is focused on people’s daily life struggles in matters of love, relationships, and survival of the small fish in a big pond which is interesting for the audience as they are always left wondering if they are laughing at him or themselves.

His great story-telling and comic timing have got his sold-out shows, performances in hundreds of venues. Zakir Khan has swiftly become the most sought-after comic in the country and is also a stand-up comedian on Amazon Prime with special of his own called ‘Haq Se Single’. His YouTube channel has more than 1.3 million subscribers.

Abish Mathew

The artist who has fulfilled his dream of having his show, ‘Son of Abish’, Abish Mathew is one of the most popular Indian stand-up comedians known for his funny enactments, song lyrics, sketches as well as online shows on YouTube.

His talk show called “Son Of Abish” is a platform where he calls other stand-up comedians for an interview and fun games. Currently, the third season of “Son Of Abish” is live on his YouTube channel.

Kanan Gill

One of the pioneers in the current ‘comedy scene of India’, Kanan with his unbeatable sense of humour has got a hit youtube channel and it is unlikely that while browsing through YouTube, one has not stumbled across the hit concept “Pretentious Movie Reviews”, where Kanan along with his friend Biswa reviewed some of the box-office flop movies. He mainly gained popularity through this gig itself. Kanan has an Amazon Prime special of his own called ‘Keep It Real’.

Biswa Kalyan Rath

Having mentioned Kanan, we cannot miss Biswa, Kanan Gill’s partner-in-crime for “Pretentious Movie Reviews”, a stand-up comedian and YouTuber. Being a former scale employee, the comedian has spent a lot of time in the IT industry, quit his job there to pursue stand-up comedy along with his partner Kanan.

While over the years, he went past the shadow of Kanan and emerged as a solo stand-up comedian gaining success in his field, he has his own YouTube channel and an Amazon Prime Special called ‘Biswa Mast Aadmi’.

Vir Das

 The comedian in Bollywood, Vir Das has been breaking records in the scene and was a successful stand-up comedian before he made a debut in the film industry. Well known for his wit and humour, Vir Das has performed hundreds of stand-up comedy shows and showed India what being a ‘funny bone’ meant.

Vir Das has a Netflix special called “Abroad Understanding”, one of the best Indian stand up comedy on Netflixand a YouTube channel that showcases snippets of his stand-up shows, #Potcasts and much more.

Atul Khatri

Well, Atul Khatri is a Mumbai based businessman who is the winner of ‘CEOs got Talent’ trophy competing against 11 other CEOs. His journey started in the industry when he decided to join English Standup comedy so that he could tick it off his bucket list and today.

CNN-IBN rated him as one of the top 20 comedians in India to watch out for.

A writer, known for EIC Outrage Standup Special (2017), EIC vs. the World (2016) and Outrage by EIC (2015).

Khatri has his own YouTube channel which isn’t very huge in terms of subscribers but it definitely amongst the rising stars of Indian stand-up comedy.  

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