For online content creators especially Youtubers or Vloggers, Christmas 2020 celebrations can be a great way to boost engagement at the ends of the year. But, in this list, we have shared YouTube video ideas that can be posted by you anytime in 2021 if you are smart.

While worldwide the celebrations have gone online as strict lockdown has been executed in countries where Christmas is synonymous to family get together, a thing which is most desired and most safe ironically at the same time.

Well, it is not the first time for many to isolated and far from family, but this festive season, with all the decorations and festivities going around, it is likely people will consider Youtube as they will prefer watching more online content to surround themselves with good vibes.

And same goes for other Indian festivities that will be coming in the entire year be it Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Eid, etc. Most YouTubers are like a virtual partner in people’s lives today, and that’s why reaction channels are a hit like most YouTube trends, muk-bang and beauty creators who continuously engage people who might feel alone otherwise.

It is often noticed that doing a different video from niche allows you to get more engagement. Like a reaction, the channel does a vlog or vice-versa where a vlogger reacts to a video. Hence, these Christmas video ideas can be adapted by anyone and customised to be posted the entire year for different occasions especially in a festive packed country like India which I am sure creative pro Youtubers are a fan of already.

  1. Family Vlogs: As I mentioned these festive times call for a get together of family, but everyone doesn’t need to be lucky to have their family around. In these cases, a family vlog allows the viewers to connect and become a part of the celebrations of a family virtually. This is a tested technique. For Indians, well you must be aware of Youtubers like Travelling Desi aka Mohit Manocha who owns a solo travelling channel and while travelling was a locked option due to Covid-19 stuck in Canada, he opened the door to new subscribers and turned his channel into a profitable source with the key of family vlogs.
  2. Step By Step Videos: Be it Step by Step makeup videos, DIY Christmas Decoration videos, Step by Step Christmas chocolate videos. Step by Step Christmas Instagram Marketing Videos, options are unlimited. You can capitalise on this niche, given that each segment of YouTubers can create a video tutorial especially when people have learnt the lesson of creating something good with the resources and people inside the home.
  3. Christmas Decorate With Me: Cleaning and decoration based keywords have been trending around the festive season and even though one is sitting at home alone, well, organised space will help lift spirits. So, you can post the Christmas Decorate with me 2020 bedroom videos as a self-help method to help others as well, it has to be one of the top Christmas Video Ideas in 2020.
  4. Christmas Get Ready With Me: Well, we understand some may think that it’s too late to create a video in a short period. But, we want to tell you that if you are Youtuber who has created Vlogmas videos this year but is not aware what to post on YouTube, Christmas Get Ready With Me video is your go-to. Especially if you want to create two videos on the same day and then take a break for a day before you post your new year Youtube video and start working on your 2021 content calendar videos. Get Ready With me or GRWM is an already trending video niche that can be used by both male and female social media influencers.

Again, all these YouTube video ideas are holiday specific, so use your creativity and create a YouTube video with your take on the festivals.

A pro Tip: Create short Instagram teaser reels or IFGTV video of this Christmas GRWM to increase engagement there.

5. Holiday Gift Guides: Well, Christmas in India, is not as big of an event as it is in western countries due to obvious reasons. It is usually celebrated in sync with New Year and yes, it dies calls for a celebration. Gift Guides has to be my personal favourite when it comes to Youtube Video Ideas because I, for one, am not the best gift decider and can lose track of time very easily. If you don’t want to gift the holiday’s gift next year, well, these videos are go-to for you. You can use keywords like “What I an getting my parents for Christmas 2020”, “Christmas Gift options For Kids 2020”, “Christmas Gift Ideas For Him”, “Christmas Gift Ideas For Her”, “Christmas Gift Ideas 2020 For Mom”, “Christmas Gift Ideas Amazon”, “DIY Christmas Gift Ideas 2020”, and “Holiday Gifts For Business Clients.”

Have you tried vlogmas on your YouTube channel ever? Let us know your opinions about Vlogmas in comments!

We Wish You Safe & Happy Holidays!

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