“Life is a race that never ends, the day you stop and decide to take a break would be the day when the turtle is going to pass by, pick up the trophy and be victorious”

Nikhil Jhunjhunwala

Meticulously fine-tuning your marketing campaigns, Webi7 Digital Media and group will not just hoverboard your digital marketing strategies to success but also fine-tune your results to precision.

The creative branding minds will come together and embrace the vision of your brand with full-scale Digital marketing strategy, planned execution and reporting. For three years in a row, Nikhil Jhunjhunwala, Co-Founder, under his able supervision has helped more than 50 start-ups and existing businesses to create a notable online presence. His best in class consulting services impart innovative ideas to assist his clients in comprehending how online marketing can help them reach to a global audience and increase the market share in the Industry.


Nikhil Jhunjhunwala, an effective marketer comes with more than 5 years of experience in the Marketing Industry. He never stops learning and believes it’s a continuous process while exploring ideas on the other hand. His expertise stands cemented in ensuring that all his clients are satisfied and have gained what they are looking for from Webi7 Digital Media.


Nikhil has been a curious bug for marketing and being from a business family, his interest has been naturally inclined to studying the market scenario and different Industries. The idea of starting his venture came to him with the introduction of digital marketing into the Indian market, he realised the businesses need to be aware of the Internet world, and how all the target audience is switching to online platforms. If not, the foreign competitive giants would penetrate their market and acquire their market share.

“Today, as a Digital Consultant we develop results-oriented growth strategies and continuously fine-tune your marketing campaigns for best results. Based on the company objectives, our team assists your brand to finalize their digital roadmap with respect to a successful digital marketing campaign. From day one our objective as a digital marketing agency has always been to deliver a great return on Investment” further added Nikhil.


Over the years, as the Indian Industry started maturing, the Indian Consulting Industry also started expanding, not only in terms of size but also in terms of service offerings. Over the period, consulting bits of advice by specialists were being sought by clients in India and this opened the opportunity for a number of specialist knowledge base and resource to meet the demand for specialist consulting services. With digital marketing’s advent in the picture, it has gotten easier to target the right mass and segregate them appropriately in sets of age group, gender, location, designation, hobbies and interest.

Nikhil states, “We market through the Digital platform, using Social Media, Search Engine Ads, Email Marketing but a maximum of our marketing happens through our existing clients.”


Digital Platform at present is the only platform understandably that is the most up to date and has defied the traditional methods of marketing that have majorly become ineffective for both clients and the end-user. Newspaper, Radio, TV, Banner, Pamphlets aren’t able to spread awareness about the brands anymore. Now people are spending more time on social media platforms, technological advancement has completely advanced into our daily lives.

Nikhil asserts, “Internet has provided the industry a huge boost, now people from any location can reach to a global audience, and increase their business turnover easily. The online platform is slowly and steadily taking over the market and even the smallest of business have shifted their base to digital.”


The Internet Industry is continuously evolving; the trends that are introduced in the market today take no time in turning age-old and ineffective within a span of a week.  One of the most crucial things in the industry is to make sure that one is up-to-date with the changing trends have implemented them in your business model efficiently.

For a business model to be successful and known, the most important task is to reach their target audience and make them aware of the product and services. Further for a business to be successful, sharing the experience of previous clients/customers creates a huge impact on the new interested customers.

“Our Clientele list consists of Businesses from Different Industries, i.e. Education, Interiors, Medical, Real Estate, Investors, Manufacturers, Advertising Firms, NGO, Co-Working Space, Consultancy, Tourism and many more” asserts Nikhil.


At a personal level, the Co-Founder strongly feels that it is possible to achieve anything you put your mind into if you have paired hard work with a smart mind.  It’s best if you chalk out an effective business strategy and work on the plan accordingly.

Nikhil emphasizes, “If an entrepreneur is looking to start a venture in this industry today, this would be the best time to do so. The technological growth in the market has opened numerous doors to opportunities that haven’t been tapped yet and still need exploration. It’s considerable ease with innumerable amenities to be a success in the market with good quality services and products.”

The Corporate ethos what Webi7 digital Media follows for their clients is majorly based on four pillars. They strive to build an atmosphere of trust among them and the clients, they stringently aspire to be excellent in their fields, they try to stay as authentic as they possibly can and last but not the least they believe in leading the market by serving the finest. The company believes that their clients are their biggest assets and achievements, both.


The company has managed to reach the best set of clients by following their strong compliance and core values to serve their customers with the finest quality of products and services; this is what gives the company an edge over the competitors in the market. In all the processes that are orchestrated in the company, what is of primary focus is to deliver above-market standards, keeping our services upgraded in the evolving Internet Industry and maintaining a long term relation.

“We are among the fastest-growing Digital Marketing Company, in a period of 3 Years we have gained more than 50 Clients throughout India and our numbers are rapidly growing. This industry is continuously upgrading and changing for good” wraps Nikhil.

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