Management Consultancy is no longer a retired man’s outreach. It shall be the synthesis out of excellent academics and multi-domain operational and evaluative exposure.

The founder and principal consultant Viswanadham Bendapudi of Turning Point, a leading organisation in the consulting industry, evolved along these streamlines wherein the journey that began with excellent academics (IIM Calcutta 1986), evolving into a corporate foundation in auto manufacturing and chemical plant engineering, journeying through the successes and tribulations of a fledgeling entrepreneurial career for over two decades in manufacturing that is punctuated with a six-year stint as adjunct professor.

A consultancy role has its foundation in strong domain knowledge. In recognition of this, he reinforced his credentials through multiple certifications from the erstwhile American Production & Inventory Control Society, Indian Statistical Institute and many luminary organisations. As an associate instructor of APICS, he is authorised to train across multiple geographies.

Intimacy with diverse sectors in cultivated through evaluation of a large number of Quality Circles, Cost Control Teams and Professional Circles. Robust opinions developed through the impeccable thirty plus assessments of large Public and Private sector organisations – on Business Excellence, Human Resources and Sustainability Excellence (sponsored by a National Industry Body). This profile is embellished with being on the Judges Panel for the National Energy Efficiency Award. Viswanadham views every consulting project as a great learning opportunity and an additional icing on the cake.

The Invaluable Solutions  

With the mission to facilitate sustainable solutions to organizational imponderables, the brand’s initiative of People-Centric Management Solutions (PCMS) focuses on employee mindsets to manage operations. Turning Point designed the -Assess, Teach, Train – Improve (AT&T-I) initiative as an engagement tool with its clients.

The engagement tool serves a dual purpose – it reveals the organisation’s practices and simultaneously exposes its employees to contemporary management practices. The scenario is then set for offering integrated solutions.

“Our core strength lies in integrating Supply Chain Management, Lean Management and Sustainability Management”

“We (Indians) perform our best in a locally defined context. Turning Point facilitates in setting this context by working through a synthesis of the western and oriental practices – organisations must understand this.”

“Excellent management practices evolve from first principles. We begin our engagement with clients through these. This plummets our clients into the right trajectory in the competitive milieu.”

Entering the Industry as Consultant  

The Turning Point Team feels that there is a large potential demand for consultants in the Indian economy. But this demand is lying latent and invisible to the common eye. The visible demand is just the tip of the iceberg. But what is inhibiting greater visibility?

Factually, the majority of Indian entrepreneurs have stunted global goals. They are more comfortable and ‘secure’ through an ancillary status for global labels. In deference to the entrepreneurs, the reasons for these entrepreneurial choices are complex and are primarily ecosystem related. In today’s world, opportunities for sustainable businesses primarily rest in the Bottomof Pyramid markets. Having one’s label in these markets ensures sustainable business prospects. The brand aspires to contribute their substantively. True demand emerges when the industry aspires for key global positions with local and private labels for their products.

Building Trustworthy Clientele  

Gaining the trust and belief of prospective clients is one of the primary challenges that any consultancy firm faces. When once the initial hurdles are overcome, the journey transforms into a smooth one in auto-forward gear. Credibility and Trust are the hallmarks of a good consultancy firm. The brand believes in the need to percolate this foundation to the business entities through a process of engagement which begins small and gradually gets built to a larger enlarging engagement.

Thus, it conducts open courses for sharing of knowledge, builds engagement and then aspires to move deeper on mutual appreciation. Turning Point Management Solutions desires to make their approach simple and direct. Most of their management solutions are inspired by the Frameworks procured by its clients including:

  • Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Framework
  • Indian Standards Organisation (ISO)
  • European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)

“Our focus on first principles – across multiple domains and through integrated processes- creates the interlinked relationships required for exemplary performance – our Operations Excellence Model (see website) summarises this intent” shares Viswanadham

He further adds “Very often we encounter responses like- Oh! We already are practising Lean Management- to convey an obvious message that we are a trifle too late. Organisations should appreciate that management science is dynamic and that a new consultant like us will bring in a fresh perspective about their activities.”

Corporate Ethos 

Companies should not perceive Supply Chain Management as impacting only the externalities of Raw Material Supply and Product Delivery. The team at Turning Point are experts at linking the inward & outward supply chain with the internal supply chain which encompasses asset management and employee engagement. Their clients who share this value with them motivate them to deliver the best.

“Manufacturing Operations deliver the best when the external and internal supply chains work robustly. Aspects like productivity, maintainability, employee engagement practices also form an integral part of our repertoire to deliver as consultants.” shared Viswanadham

A Diverse Clientele 

Today, Turning Point is associating with clients, as and when there is an opportunity. But eventually, they realise that excellent contributions are needed along the value chain. The team works with some of the major industries in the metals sector. They are looking forward to building large networks in the auto, logistics, retail, pharma, rubber, textile and engineering sectors to name a few.

The outcome of a consultancy project also rests on how a client organisation utilises the delivery mechanism. Given their versatility, the team at Turning Point are not looking for any specific geographies. They are open and are driven by client requirements rather than their preferences.

Adding Value to Society and Industry  

The principal consultant has reviewed, assessed and offered course corrections on several CSR initiatives with the geographical coverage spreading from the drylands of Rajasthan to the fertile verdant South India. Social Impact Assessment & Augmentation are the brand’s forte.

India is struggling to improve its performance on Social Progress Index (SPI) and Turning Point is a key player embarking on an initiative that identifies the bottom of the pyramid opportunities; translate them into well connected rural-urban supply chains and deployment of the same to invoke amelioration in SPI.

 “We endeavour to build integrated supply chains with parties equipped with technology. Being digital-ready is the key to ensure that the future is guided by our management rather than technology controlling the managers. We render our clients and their employees with opportunities to be digital ready” emphasised Viswanadham

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