Immigration and education consulting industry, despite being a diverse and fast-paced industry, has only a few qualified players, Career Abroad has been a trusted guidance provider for years. Having laid the foundation of Career Abroad, the visionary and director of the brand, Dharmendra Ramrakhiani coined the idea to initiate the successful endeavour 18 years ago while he struggled to locate a qualified consultant to migrate to Canada and concluded that none of the consultants was competent enough to offer legal guidance in the immigration matter.

The Toronto based consultancy brings its deep insight of the industry, its laws and regulations along with procedures and immigration manuals into action while crafting solutions for thousands of individuals as well as families. The legal matters of visa and immigration are neither the ones to be ignored nor to be taken lightly the brand being a qualified immigration consultant who is a member of the council in good standing puts one who interested in making a visa or immigration application in a secure place.


“Being the “Consultant Of The Year”, I make a huge difference in lives of so many individuals as well as families as I help many people fulfil their dreams by offering the right and genuine guidance. We change the lives of those wishing to settle in Canada. Today, in the industry while every other person is an immigration consultant, they have no clue on how to interpret immigration law, Career Abroad is a key solution provider. Having studied Canadian immigration law, successfully passed the council’s exam and acquired a designation of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), I ensure that no stone is left unturned to provide the best services to our clients,” emphasised the director, Dharmendra


Career Abroad has had pleasure of offering services to a clientele inclusive of newly born, seniors, students, housewives, entrepreneurs, professionals, employed, self-employed, farmers and various others from more than 18 countries mostly from India, Canada, USA, UAE, Vietnam, Philippines, Kenya, Iran, Sir Lanka, Pakistan, and others. Being a qualified, certified immigration consultant approved by the Canadian government, the visionary leader guides the experienced team to deliver customised services to every client based on their unique requirements.


Knowledge is the key to growth, this generation has an opportunity to study in the field of their choice not just in their county, but even abroad and have international exposure. As an educational consultant, the Career Abroad team and educational counsellors work hard to help thousands of students to choose the right pathway that will lead them to their future goals and achieve them.

“In every field we have to gain the in-depth knowledge before we part the knowledge, evolving from learner to experts and advisors, we still learn and update us every day, so that we can provide genuine and most updated advice to our clients and students.” shared the key leader in the organisation Dharmendra


On one side the world is shrinking and boundaries are just the word in a dictionary; there are thousands of people out there who are completely ignorant and have no clue on how to choose the right immigration consultant. While availing services, the people tend to have a certain mindset that influences their choice, the price being one of the prime ones.

“While people tend to ignore quality by focusing on prices of services they will be availing, they also tend to focus on taking decisions according to a friends’ advice. The market today is saturated when one compares the number of immigration companies present in the industry while there are only a few qualified players. We believe awareness is the key to ensure that the applicants are presented with best services,” shared Dharmendra


Having witnessed the evolution of industry for years, the industry leader Dharmendra shares, “The industry in itself does not present any major challenges but the people present in the industry do.”

He further adds, “Every other week you will read about some immigration-related scams. There was and still is, a huge need to create awareness in this industry as to who are the authorized immigration consultants and who are legally allowed to offer such services. Not every consultancy that opens up is an authorized immigration consultancy. Rather, probably less than 1% consultancies throughout India are only actually authorized to offer immigration services. And the consultants who fall under this 1% are those who face most challenges in this industry as they are being compared with any other consultant out there who is not even authorized.”


Technology has amplified its role in the immigration and visa industry over the years. The availability of the information and access to huge online resources has opened unlimited windows to the outside world. Being a leading brand, Career Abroad has leveraged the latest technology to cater to its clientele. Today, 90% of the clients do not come face to face with any of the team members being backed with technology.


“Clients who have retained our services have thoroughly done their homework and research. They have carefully chosen their consultant, understand what they could expect and are satisfied that they are in right hands. I make sure they understand the qualifications I hold have details about my membership at the council and are also aware of my other credentials which are equally important,” highlighted the prominent leader Dharmendra

The brand has a strong approach to ensure results, the key executive spearheading the brand emphasised “I accept clients who are eligible to apply. Every client interested in retaining our immigration services has to go through a detailed assessment process. Only those who successfully meet the eligibility criteria are allowed to retain my services, others are turned down and simply asked not to apply.”


  • Member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC – R506942)
  • Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)
  • ICEF – Recognized Agency. Screened and vetted, providing quality assurance for educators
  • Commissioner of Oaths, Ontario, Canada
  • Member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC – R12094)
  • CSIC Trained and Certified Immigration Consultant


Having expertise in handling different cases of students and professionals applying to foreign countries and their prescribed procedures, rules and regulations for every category of application, Career Abroad assists many clients with practical pieces of advice yielding positive results even for most complicated cases and for cases that have been refused several times.

“Career Abroad has been and will continue to successfully deliver quality education, visa and immigration services, genuine legal advice and change the lives of thousands, making their dreams come true,” emphasised Dharmendra

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