Why the inspiring leader, Sushma Swaraj manifested in Skilled Indian Youth?

Sushma Swaraj

Why the inspiring leader, Sushma Swaraj manifested in Skilled Indian Youth?

Holding one of the most influential positions in the Indian Government, Sushma Swaraj was a woman with the highest respect among her fellow politicians. Serving the nation at every step of her life, from being a Supreme Court lawyer to Indian politician, Sushma has always been a concerned supporter for India. The external affairs minister committed to serving Indians from all over the world. Whether its medical emergencies or rescue mission “Rahat” performed in Yemen, the visionary leader supported not only her country at every point of time possible but also proved to be an inspiration for every aspiring politician in India.

With the recent demise of the leader who championed India’s interest on every platform, India has lost a great visionary. Sushma Swaraj passed away on 6th August 2019 at AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), New Delhi. But her inspiring actions have left India with a lot to learn from and practice. From her absolute commitment to serving her nation through different roles to using technology to help Indians around the world, the leader also mentioned how Indian Youth holds the future of shaping

Different Roles, One Goal: To Serve

A leader who held her head high showcased her sincerity towards the nation every point of time in history. Building a reputation of a great nation globally is only possible with its citizens. Sushma Swaraj not only believed in revolutionizing India into a super nation but also envisaged that Indians need to be supported by the government in any possible way.

  • Chief Minister of Delhi: In 1988, Sushma Swaraj took the position of capital state of India, Delhi’s Chief Minister for a short duration of time.
  • Union Minister I&B & Telecommunications:
  • Minister of Information and Broadcasting:
  • Union Health Minister:
  • Minister of External Affairs:

Channeling Technology towards Helping Indians

The power to connect millions is what technology and the internet have empowered the world. Everyone is offering solutions to queries with technology so how come; the women who want to serve Indians would ignore it. The leader not only used the social media platform, “Twitter”, to post scripted content but she turned the platform into a Helpline. Indians from all over all the world connected with her and shared their problems and queries that Sushma replied to immediately after contacting the team at Indian Embassy

Talented Indian Youth Changing the World’s Perception of India: Sushma Swaraj

Sushma Swaraj manifested in the Indian Youth’s potential to revolutionize the global perspective towards India. She shared her views in her inaugural address at the Youth Pravasi Bhartiya Divas in Varanasi, while the Indian Diasporas started migrating centuries ago; it is the migration of the educated, highly skilled and dynamic young Indians that has brought laurels to India”. “They encourage us to create a business, investment and economic climate, which is as conducive to success as anywhere else in the world”.

The leader highlighted India’s power with its increasing number of youth by stating, “While countries like the US (and those in) Western Europe, Japan, and even China are aging rapidly, India is getting younger and younger. By 2022, these ageing countries will become super-aged with over one-third of their population over 65 years of age, while India will have the world’s largest working population. This demographic prospective offers India an unprecedented edge, which could further contribute to building a New Young India by 2022. It is projected that India will be the source of skilled manpower to the world by 2022.”

The power of Indian Youth will not only restrict to India but also will serve as a global “Our aim is to not just export ‘manpower’ to the world, but to export ‘skills’,” former external affair minister said, adding “exporting ‘skilled’ manpower will not only garner a better image for India on the global space but will also lead to better salaries and better remittances, thus raising India’s GDP further.”