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It’s been 18 years! And it all feels like the memory is still as fresh as it happened yesterday. The attacks on the World Trade Complex and The Pentagon happened 18 years ago on September 11th, 2001.

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A series of coordinated terrorist attacks, a horror of 100 days and more than $700 million lost, September 11th that the USA today celebrates as the Patriot Day witnessed a series of unfortunate events killing thousands of people bringing Americans to the ‘Ground Zero’. Let’s highlight a few facts that may have receded from your memory but still haunt those who lost their dear ones in this terrible day of atrocity;

  • The commission that was assigned to investigate the attacks came up with the report that it was hard to tell how the hijackers invaded the cockpits in 2004 of 4 commercial airlines. There were many speculations made and several conclusions drawn based on vague guesses but n confirmed report was released. A large unknown number of people in the building, 9 crew members, 5 hijackers, and 67 passengers were killed in this crash guided to the World Trade Centre early morning.
  • The crew member and the passengers on the flight provided very important information of use. The passengers who were aboard the flights that were hijacked tried to reach their families and friends and some also used the radio communication systems to report what was happening. The information received was that the hijackers were carrying pocket knives and box cutters with them. Later all the information was gathered from multiple calls made that morning and it helped the investigators to figure out how the hijacks took place.
  • It got easier for the hijackers to manoeuvre the plane around the plane because of the lightweight due to fewer passengers. The number of passengers that boarded the flights that were hijacked was far less than the usual weight considerable decreasing the load factor making it easier to take them down.
  • There was an only flight that had 4 hijackers instead of five, United 93. This somehow gave the passengers a way to make it to the cockpit. This was the only flight that did not reach its intended target, a few seconds before the passengers could reach the hijackers, the one the controls crashed the plane in the plain fields just after 20 minutes of flying from Washington.
  • This was not the first time the World Trade Centre was attacked. This iconic building had been the centre of attraction for terrorists even earlier. A blast took place in 1993 in the parking lot of the building where several people were killed and wounded. Later in a statement, the terrorist responsible for the activity stated that he hoped to kill approximately more than 200,000 people.
  • United 93 was allegedly ordered to be brought down by the then Vice President Cheney. Sources say that he had passed the approval for the shot down before the plane hit the area of Washington. Fighter aircraft were permitted to engage the aircraft although it also stated that it would not have been possible for the aircraft to reach United 93 in time.
  • Commercial aircraft were also the targets of the original plan. The man who planned the bombings at the World Trade Centre planned to take down 12 airliners over the pacific region in 1995. The mastermind was later arrested after he was turned in by one of his accomplices from Islamabad in 1995 and the Manila plan never came into being.
  • Osama Bin Laden was on the target of the US several times before the 9/11 attacks happened. Agencies and CIA were working meticulously on capturing Osama in the early 1998 year but the plan was hampered due to the hindrances from the tribal Afghani Leaders turning into a military concern. Sandy Berger, the then security advisor also raised concerns over the arrest of Osama and the evidence against him enough to convict him in the US court.
  • The CIA knew had a lead on the hijackings and gave President Clinton a heads up about the event in 1998. In the daily brief that the President used to receive, the CIA on Dec 4th had updated him about the attacks and hijacks being planned by Osama and the hijacks were planned to orchestrate the release of Yousef and the other terrorists held captive, as stated in the 9/11 reports. But since there weren’t any confirmations with the agency for the attack information at hand and the hijacking also did not take place, the officials from the US spent the entire time trying to tack Osama down and attack him with cruise missiles.
  • When the reports were released in concern to the 9/11 incidence, a lot was kept classified and turned into a matter of heavy speculation. The information that was released had a lot of alleged connections of the Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar, the former ambassador to the US. No further information was made available on the internet because the connections were not confirmed or even related to the 9/11 attacks.
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