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Champion of the legal world Paurush Kumar: a diligent advocate, delivering unparalleled legal solutions globally with Trinaya


Champion of the legal world

Paurush Kumar: a diligent advocate, delivering unparalleled legal solutions globally with Trinaya

People who make an effective influence in the world, who have the “real goods” to motivate others, do things uniquely. It is a very common quote, we hear somewhere down the line. But do you know what encouraged them who are inspiring us? These inspirational spirits have got something distinct in them that many of the other people don’t have.

Paurush Kumar is an inspirational lawyer; he possesses great ability to remain “very motivated to find solutions and be creative when things get bumpy,” Besides, he has been lighting a spark inside the people and bringing revolutionary innovations in the legal world.   Paurush is an expert lawyer, and he has beaten the odds to prove himself as one of the most prominent and successful legal professionals.

Once Charles Dickens famously said, “If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers”. Very true, there are multifarious proficient and renowned lawyers in India. But Paurush Kumar is the cream of the crop. His unparalleled ability to spot potential antitrust concerns within the legal issues is what differentiates him from other lawyers.

 Paurush is a champion in finding ethical solutions for legal issues and specializes in dispute avoidance and resolution. He is the head of the Asia-Pacific Desk at Trinaya Legal. He specialises in arbitration, litigation and inbound-outbound investments. He actively participates and speaks in various international conferences and seminars of the leading organization such as Law Asia, International Bar Association, UIA, BRICS Legal Forum, China-ASEAN Legal Forum, China-South Asia Legal Forum, One Belt One Road Legal Forum, etc. Because of his outstanding works and dedication, Paurush was the first and till date only Indian in the YES China Programme, the highest government Scholarship programme for LL.M in China.

Paurush is armed with numerous degrees of international legal training programmes, few of them are given below:-

  • BRICS Legal training programme at ECUPL Shanghai, 2015
  • China-South Asia Legal training programme at Yunnan University, 2017
  • BRICS Legal training programme at MGIMO University Moscow, 2018

Apart from his position in Trinaya, he is also designated as the Governing Council in the Indian Law Foundation. He is also Convenor at BRICS Young Lawyers forum (India Chapter) and Researcher at BRICS Institute of Legal Studies at ECUPL Shanghai.

A Glimpse at theTrinaya

Trinaya Legal is one of the fastest emerging law firms in India. It was established as KPA Legal in the year 2003 and was rebranded as Trinaya Legal in January 2017. It is a dynamic and future-oriented full-service partnership firm and offers an extensive range of dispute resolution, transactional and advisory services. There is a reliable and ethical value system that inspires Trinaya’s dynamic partner-level engagement policy to provide pro-active, pragmatic, innovative and commercially viable legal services to all sectors of the economy.

Trinaya has established one of the most well resourced, insightful and networked Asia Pacific desks, in this part of the world to help take forward the economic trajectory of this Asian Century. The company headquarters in New Delhi and has offices in Gurugram, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, and Chennai.

Paurush Kumar is one of the major guiding forces behind Trinaya and taking the firm on the next level with his experience and knowledge. To get a deeper insight into Paurush’s professional life, Trinaya and his future plan, Puja Bhardwaj-Editor, The CEO Magazine spoke to him. 

Here are the edited excerpts.

Hi, Paurush thanks for your time; we are glad to have you featured in The CEO Magazine.  Kindly start the conversation by enlightening us on the ‘concept of successes’ that your firm functions on.

Legal advice with the integrity of solutions and strategy to achieve the most efficient possible results in terms of value for money and time is Trinaya’s service benchmark. A strong and ethical value system drives Trinaya’s dynamic partner-level engagement policy to provide pro-active, pragmatic, innovative and commercially viable legal services to all sectors of the economy. Trinaya has established one of the well-resourced, insightful and networked Asia Pacific desks, in this part of the world to help take forward the economic trajectory of this Asian Century.

How have you adapted yourself to the latest needs of the market?

Our focus is in international practice in emerging economies and has the highest visibility in terms of Indian lawyers in China, Russia, South America, and ASEAN. In result, the leading team of Trinaya Legal is invited to speak on investment and legal issues in India by bodies of the legal profession, business, and government organizations across these countries.

What gives you an edge over your peers?

Reputation for integrity, excellence, and a hands-on, friendly, responsive, and responsible approach gives us an edge over peers.

What kind of clientele do you serve? What nature of relationship do you bid for in the long term?

Because of our ethical approach to the profession, all relationships are long term and based on credibility and goodwill, with almost 100% client retention. Our firm never makes a direct marketing approach; the clients are drawn by its impeccable credentials and reputation.

Over the years, do you feel the legal scenario has transformed into the country?

The legal scenario in the country is rapidly changing in terms of quantity, but not in quality. Domain excellence built on an ethical core has placed the firm in a unique position.

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How much do you feel the government is involved in your sector; do you pitch for any change?

The sector requires several reforms before foreign lawyers are permitted to practice in India, apart from that the longer the distance the government keeps, is better for the health of an independent profession like law.

How do you ensure a smooth infusion of technology in your nature of work?

The firm is a leader both nationally and internationally in integrating tools of lawtech in its practice and has contributed to the development of such technology. The senior partner made a special presentation to the EU Council of Lawyers in Paris in 2017 on the role of technology in the development of legal professions and where Asia stands in this regard.

Share the experience of your failure and what learning do you carry from it?

If the firm has foregone revenue due to its insistence on sticking to ethical standards, the firm considers it as a benchmark of its long term success rather than a failure, keeping the norms, dignity, and ethics of the profession at the highest pedestal, the firm has never solicited work or marketed its services.

Do you feel R&D is important for the growth of the firm?

The firm is a pioneer in R&D by integrating ICT and Lawtech in its practice, which has given it a distinct edge.

Is your firm involved in providing pro bono services?

Yes, almost 15% of the time resources of the firm are devoted to pro bono services.

How difficult is it to remain relevant and motivated in this competitive world?

The belief and faith in the work which the firm is doing to serve its clients in a problem solving, result-oriented, yet ethical manner, carries a high level of job satisfaction, which by itself serves as a motivation to remain at the cutting edge.

What part of your success do you credit to your acquaintances?

The firm does not believe in networking and marketing and leveraging relationships for commercial gain. The reputation for integrity and the excellence of the services provided by the firm is a core mantra of success of the firm.

What advice would you like to share with other entrepreneurs, still in a foetal stage?

Be ethical, give the highest value to integrity and always check and cross-check every single precept of law, even if you have dealt with it earlier.

What does the future hold for the law firm, are there any expansion plans?

The Law firm with its close international alliances is on a growth trajectory that is fuelled by its brand of innovative, ethical, result-oriented, fairly priced legal services, and advice.

Kindly enlighten our readers with your experiences that could prove fruitful for them.

As a lawyer, your job starts not merely from knowing the law but trying to understand your clients and their legal needs. I have been heavily on the talk circuit to address business and legal communities across the world on legal aspects of investment in India. In the past 18 months, I have made over 50 presentations in over three dozen cities across the world and have also delivered lectures in over ten leading Universities in the world.

What milestones and achievements are you most proud of today?

I am proud to be the part and support in developing the BRICS Young Lawyers Forum and Kunming International Arbitration Legal Service Centre in Kunming China. I have coordinated the BRICS Legal talent development program. Furthermore, I am actively working on developing the BRICS ADR network.

Key Officials

  • Prashant Kumar– Co-founder and Senior Partner
  • Priya Khanna– Senior Partner
  • Arush Khanna– Co-founder, Partner
  • Uday Prakash Warunjikar– Head in Mumbai
  • Sriranga– Head in Bangalore
  • Bibhu PrasadTripathy– Head in Bhubaneshwar

It’s not what you describe yourself that is a key to your success, but the ability to understand your clients. –  Paurush Kumar

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