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Act of Bravery by a Brave Indian Girl – Neerja Bhanot.


Act of Bravery by a Brave Indian Girl – Neerja Bhanot.

We all know the story of the  brave Indian girl, Neerja Bhanout was a 22 year self-made women who was full of life, courage, and determination. She was a model and was pursuing a happy career as a chief flight attendant in Pan Am airlines.

Saving life of 340 people from hijackers was not the only brave thing she had done in her small but beautiful life. Her sign of bravery was shown from an early age of 19 when she left her husband because of a toxic relationship and came back to her parents house to pursue her interest.

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When Neerja and her mother was discussing a hypthetical hijack, her mother told her to save herself in the situation like this but, Neerja said to her “Main Mar Jaungi pr Bhagungi Nahin” (I rather die instead of running). She really lived up to her words and saved 340 live.

Many people came to know about this brave Indian girl through the movie Neerja(2016). Its good to see bollywood making quality cinema. She died on September 5 1986 just 23 hours before her 23rd birthday, as the whole word celebrates teachers day on September 5th  we are going to remember the brave Indian girl who thought us what no school has ever tought us.

Neerja is the youngest and first ever woman who had been awarded with Ashok Chakra. She was also awarded by United States and Pakistan for her bravery. Indian postal service released a stamp in her memory in the year 2004. She had shown all of us what true humanity is, her loyality to protect every passenger on board will be remembered forever.

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