Bharat Panchal, Chairman & MD, Brinda Pharma Technologies

Stimulating an essential component of the Pharma Industry with its technology knack:  Brinda Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

‘A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.’  Every entrepreneurial journey starts somewhere and every successful entrepreneur had a parent who supported and believed in him, and that parent is usually a father. Whether it is his athletic attitude, values, his belief in your dreams or his astute advice, a father always inspires his child and nurtures his future. He definitely knows the best.  At least that is what Mr. Bharat Panchal’s entrepreneurial endeavor demonstrates. An inspiration to start his own business, Mr. Panchal would spend relentless hours in his father’s small-scale workshop where he meticulously observed him whilst he toiled laboriously to enhance his own machinery business. Bestowed with a highly curious and research-based mind, he often assisted his father in miscellaneous jobs which involved assembling, repairing or developing machinery parts. Watching his father from close quarters and gaining knowledge under his aegis cultivated the opportunity to explore the field of machines, where he developed a deep understanding of the subject. This insight sparked in him a keen desire and business acumen to establish his organization. Mr Panchal’s entrepreneurial footprint was followed by his decision to acquire formal education in the field of mechanics. This equipped him fully to set up his own organization and the pluck got metamorphosed into Brinda Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 1996.

Emerging as a Global differentiator

“Our endeavor is to establish not just a contractual relationship with our clients, but to build relationships which are lasting.”

Mr. Panchal embarked upon this venture in a simple pursuit; to provide convenient and user-friendly Pharma Packaging Machineries, Clean Room Equipments, Process Equipment and Lab Furniture. Spearheading as a leader, Brinda Pharma has positioned itself as a niche in the field of manufacturing and supplying laboratory furniture for pharmaceuticals. Brinda Pharma’s 22-year-old endeavor echoes the ethos of innovation that the organization has infused in its product range to exceed the customer satisfaction rate. During its conceptual stages, the organization housed minimal working hands and catered limited products. Further observing the burgeoning demand for laboratory furniture and growing repute, the organization sensed the need to spread its wings far and wide. Nestled at Ahmadabad, Gujarat, Brinda Pharma prides itself on having developed a strong matrix of associations and satisfied clientele not only in Gujarat but countrywide. The highly experienced and robust team of 50+ employees at Brinda Pharma focuses on one goal-to provide convenient and user-friendly fume hoods, laboratory furniture for pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food & beverages and clean room equipment, Process equipment and Liquid packaging machinery.

Area of Expertise

Brinda Pharma’s nonpareil product range had been a silent supporter in fostering the organization’s growth. The range encompasses:

Laboratory Furniture    

The organization manufactures high-quality laboratory equipment(s) designed and built to be practical, elegant and user-friendly. With a wide range of fume hoods, workstation, chemical storage systems, anti-vibration workstation, etc. the organization envisions providing a comfortable and secure physical environment to work in.

Clean Room Equipment   

  • Dynamic/Static Pass boxes
  • Laminar Air Flow System
  • Sterile Garment Cabinet
  • Bio Safety cabinet
  • De dusting Tunnels
  • Enclosures
  • Air Showers

The specialist knowledge of cleanroom equipment(s) and many years of experience have assisted Brinda Pharma in providing dynamic, standard and tailor-made solutions without putting any burden on the pockets and complying with strict statutory/regulatory regulations of health and safety, cleanliness and hygiene of the target market sectors.

Process Equipment    

  • Manufacturing Vessels
  • Mixing vessels
  • Storage Tanks
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Holding Tanks
  • Magnetic Stirrers

Liquid Filling Machinery

  • Vial/Bottle filling Lines
  • Pre-filled Syringe filling Lines
  • All type of unscramblers And Conveyors

Expansion Binge

What does it take to start up? More than a great idea, skilled team and money, all it takes is the belief and passion and this confluence has driven Brinda Pharma from a plain conviction to new heights. Since its foundation in 1996, Brinda Pharma Technologies had been working with Local Pharma companies by manufacturing Pharma Packaging Machineries, Clean Room Equipments, Process Equipment and Lab Furniture. The organization has developed a strong matrix of associations and satisfied clientele worldwide. The clientele includes leading Pharma companies like Zydus, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Torrent, Cipla, INTAS, Panacea Biotec, Amneal, Lupin, Concord, Serum Institute, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Lincoln, Globalpharmatech, Wockhardt, Shiva Pharmachem, Makcur, Hind Pharma, Raks Pharma, Lambda, Apotex Pharmachem, Baroque, Glenmark, Finar, Endoc Pharma, Pharmanza India Pvt. Ltd., Bilfinger, Teva, LYKA, SNJ Labs Pvt. Ltd. NIRA Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. etc. Spread over an area of 16000 sq. ft, the organization’s manufacturing unit is embedded with modern technology which is deployed in the process of generating Fume hoods, Modular Laboratory Furniture from S.S. / M.S. / Aluminum powder coated steel, clean room equipment, Process equipment and Liquid Filling Machinery. Added more, Brinda Pharma’s premises also homes robust R & D facility, analytical lab, inspection rooms for quality control and testing of products, isolation and containment rooms for laboratory procedures, clean rooms, etc.

The Chronoscope

  • 2002-Started serving clients all over Gujarat
  • 2010-Established its footprints worldwide
  • 2015-Started working with MNCs and started exporting

          Got rechristened as a Private Limited Company

  • 2016-Accredited with the ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • 2019-Envisions opening new manufacturing unit

Future Ahead

India has positioned itself as one of the major manufacturers of cost-effective pharmaceutical machinery. With this visible growth of the market, Brinda Pharma is looking to address evolving demands across all counties in the World. Going forward and utilizing state-of-art technologies, Brinda Pharma would be installing a new manufacturing facility, six times the current one by April 2019 which would definitely accelerate the growth of the organization.