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RV Solutions: One-stop solution for Technology Lifecycle Services

RV Solutions: One-stop solution for Technology Lifecycle Services

Customer service doesn’t only mean being benign to the respective customers. It is, in fact, a pertinent feature that shapes the image of an organization in the eyes of potential customers and the public. The life cycle of products depends on the after-sale services provided by the organization. The customer service not only brings transparency, ease of transacting but also helps in the smooth functioning of business operations by providing necessary information to complex problems. Many big companies are the talk of the town recently due to the poor customer service policies.

Implementing a good customer service plan is necessary as it helps the business remain relevant and on top. The flow of rendering good services comes from the values inculcated within the upper echelons of the organization. So, the natural flow of good service is from the top down, the attitude of the top, right partners and experts, specifically trained in the craft of providing quality and premium services. Customer service is the public face of the company when you are absent. Better the customer service, better is the image of the organization.

Today, the customer services are mainly strategy driven, such as companies optimally utilizing its core competencies. RV Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is such a leading Technology Lifecycle Service provider, established in 2008 to render Services in Telecom Domain, Mobile After Sales Service, IT Software Solutions, and IT Hardware support for organizations in India. The firm engages with its clients with the primary objective of establishing a long-term strategic relationship as a valued business partner. RV Solutions is providing services to the leading companies within the domain.

Let’s hear it from Vandana, the Director of RV solutions to know more about the organization. Here are the edited excerpts.

The solutions offered by the firm and how are they Sui generis?

The economic obligations while running a business, are causing the Service Providers to find new ways to reduce cost, improve productivity, and integrate diverse operating systems. The competitive pressures require these organizations to elevate quality, improve customer service, and create new, improved services. Software Solutions would streamline business processes and provide a focused strategy to have a competitive advantage in the technological race. Our vast country provides a lot of challenges when a product is to be launched pan India. The challenge not only includes the complex compliances but also in the way the topography changes every few hundred kilometers. A pan India service network helps to provide a one-stop solution.

RV Solutions is a leading technology lifecycle service provider company in India. Our initial focus on customer-centric solutions has yielded significant client value in terms of enhanced quality, improved efficiency, and reduced operating costs. We are increasingly parlaying our management expertise, experience, process integrity, and skilled labor resource pool towards expanding our process management scope to business process applications across various industry verticals. The firm’s unique service delivery methodology offers compelling operating options and unique value in the implementation of a successful outsourcing service strategy.

The challenges hurled

CEOs as leaders determine when to embrace change and when to stay on the course. It is not necessary that everything new is better, eschewing every change runs the risk of becoming obsolete. We live in an era when ‘rapid change’ is inevitable and a new normal for the foreseeable future. So, preparing for the change with right investments is the best way to take these challenges head-on.

The sustenance and relations

We are basically a technology Lifecycle Services company following a decidedly arrayed Service quality and the largest third-party network of service centers with an effective width of segmentation geographically so as to remain in the business. RV Solutions provide end to end and one-stop solutions to all the leading telecom operators, leading Infra project, after sales support to mobile manufacturers and Web services to Government agencies. We cover the whole gamut of work defined under Information and Communication Technology.

The Recognition

We consider becoming the largest technology lifecycle service provider with 1000+ services centers & 4 HVC with Pan India Presence as an important milestone in the hitherto journey. In the last ten years, we became preferred technology solutions and Services provider in the ICT domain by developing our skills in IT as well as in telecom.  We have pan India presence to be able to do any field work and Onsite Activities in any corner of the country. We have repair labs equipped with skilled technicians in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, and Guwahati expert at mobile handset repair, IT enterprise and complex telecom equipment. We also worked government-sponsored projects developed for various ministries under the Government of India (GOI). RV Solutions was also awarded “Best After Sales Services Provider” for three consecutive years during 2015, 2016 & 2017 by ‘Mobility Magazine’ of one of the leading mobile publishers.

The Guiding Force

Vandana Seth, an engineering professional from NIT, Kurukshetra, India heads RV Solutions as director and the promoter. Within ten years of being founded, the company has been able to serve many departments/ministries of the Government of India, and all the major entities in the telecom and Mobile domain. Under her leadership, the organization expanded its services portfolio to Mobile and Telecom and developed unique solutions for its clients. She received the “Women Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2016 for her outstanding contribution to the industry. Vandana’s skill set is grounded in ethics, honesty, and hard work. She values helping others like teaching something new to their employees which can help them to perform their work effectively. Currently, she drives the Research & Development team for innovative telecom solutions & services to enhance and smooth down the system framework.

How do you make sure of motivation among the staff?

We as a team believe in the purpose that we are working for, many among staff has been with the organization since long. We all are self-motivated, it seems.

How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream?

I learn from the experiences of industry leaders, my clients, my team and my own. My dream is to create a sustainable Organization that believes in providing equal opportunity of employment to all the various strata of society.

What was the most difficult lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

Success doesn’t come easily or quickly, it takes time and often breaks the resolve of entrepreneurs. The wheel to success moves slowly, and it takes persistence, sincerity, integrity, and determination to succeed. 

The Road Ahead

The technology is fast changing. Its definition will fundamentally change in the coming next decade. Every process and piece of technology will undergo a renewal in the next five years. We are poised to take advantage of this huge opportunity. Our growth will be on several dimensions – the scale of operations and the number of customers that we engage on a daily basis and the lives of our Customers that we benefit every day. More important will be the change in the way we work to be able to support the customers within the domain.

A piece of advice for the budding entrepreneurs

I think the major things are Perseverance, integrity, sincerity and hard work. These can really take you places. Of course, these have to be supported with the right solutions with sustenance power, calculated decisions, focus on service quality, and being agile. A good team does support you to achieve it faster. Keep upgrading yourself.

Vandana,Director , RV solutions

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Vandana,Director , RV solutions
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