Satyam Venture Engineering Services (Satven): Engineered for the automotive industry

Rao S Vadlamudi, CEO, Satyam Venture Engineering Services

Designed to Deliver Innovation

Satyam Venture Engineering Services (Satven):

Engineered for the automotive industry

Global automobile sales have gained momentum in 2018 and so do the new and pressing challenges which have vexed the automotive industry invincibly. The automotive industry’s spotlight has shifted its focus towards developing economies, like India, where consumer demands are ready to restructure the future of the industry in readiness for the changing paradigm. Automakers and OEMs are now focusing on the key issues across the horizons of safety, usage patterns, infotainment, advanced driver assistance systems, environmental conditions, supplier ecosystems, price andother features to address the unmet requirements of the consumers hailing from the emerging economies. Mechanical peripherals, the nerve center of the automotive industry today stands overshadowed due to the growing demands of the consumers in line with innovation and advanced connectivity features. Regulatory compliance for emission and safety has only added fuel to the transformation. Strongly influenced by the convergence of internet, mobile technology, machine learning and ever changing customer demands, the auto industry is changing faster than it was imagined. Many facets of this traditional industry are fast changing which in turn have created a huge challenge for OEMs to keep their game at pace with trending technologies and innovation before it becomes obsolete in a pinch of time! Though the road ahead looks quite challenging for the automotive industry players, where what’s round the corner is not known, yet a player is making the journey of OEMs a smooth journey and allowing the automakers to lead the disruption rather than fearing of the same.

Accelerating the proficiency of automakers in changing the way customers interact with their cars, Satyam Venture Engineering Services’ (Satven) bedrock was laid down as a joint venture between Satyam Computers Services Ltd, India (now Tech Mahindra), and Venture Global Engineering LLC, USA. Since the inceptionin the year 2000, Satven’s focus was clear; to cater engineering solutions exclusively for the automotive industry worldwide. Assisting the automakers in developing futuristic technologies, Satven has established its niche as one of the leading global players servicing automotive customers. With its wings spread across the boundaries of US, Germany, China & Japan, in addition to domestic market.    The company has gained a quantum leap as one of India’s leading automotive engineering bureaus nurtured by skilled human resources, consistent quality, broad knowledge base, strategic partner alliances, domain & subject matter expertise and strong customer relationships that have been continuously propelling Satven’s growth into higher orbits. 

Emergence as a World Enterprise

Creating “Intelligent Mechanical Systems” together with automotive customers is what Satven is striving for! With cherishing strong penetration across the globe and a treasure trove of experience in ESO space across myriad domains, it appears like the pioneer has been there for centuries. What has been the secret formula behind this Automotive catalyst’s endeavor? The answer lies in the agile minds and enthusiasm of the dynamic leadership that fostered a vision, refined it, and now are reaping the rewards.

Commitment, Innovation, Integrity, Respect for people and Trust have been the proverbial North Star for Satven’s in evolving its work culture and fruitful journey. Home to high-quality standards &efforts towards continual improvement, Satven has proved its mettle in delivering tailor-made solutions, nurtured by consistent refinement in parallel them with customer product development and product lifecycle needs. Coupling automotive engineering proficiency with customer-centric engineering support services, Satven has established a leading-edge Mechatronics Lab (with SIL/HIL/MIL Testing, MBD Development, ECU & PCB Design), adorned by upgraded technology and provides Digital Manufacturing Solutions covering Plant Layouts, Process & Plant Simulation for processes like moldings, stamping, welding, painting & assembly and ergonomic studies.

Factors strengthening Satven’s Finesse

  • Complete customer-centric approach
  • Rich automotive engineering experience
  • Flexible business models
  • Neutral identity
  • Global presence
  • Currently serving top automotive OEMs and many top tier-1s
  • One-stop-shop for all engineering service requirements

Deploying its ‘Engineered’ Dexterity: Products and Solutions

Products and Solutions

Satven provides all-exclusive solutions to the automotive industry that cover a wide range of engineering activities- without exception, including but not limited to Product Design & Development, Full Vehicle Crash, NVH, Durability, Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VA/VE), Dimensional Management, Sourcing, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechatronics, myriad non-linear and linear FEA, Competitive Benchmarking, Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD). Satven quintuples its Product Engineering Solutions with Product Development, Manufacturing Engineering, Computer Aided Engineering, Engineering Support Services and Mechatronics. The company drastically reduces development time using beam-shell analysis & adaptive solutions (designing declaratively with abstract higher order elements), bridging CAD-to-CAE gaps within high levels of automation and by following a hybrid test-CAE approach to minimize physical tests. It renders complete Design Engineering Solutions covering Concept Design, Full Vehicle & Sub-system Teardown, Competitive Benchmarking, Product Design, Application Engineering, Value Analysis/Value Engineering, Dimensional Management, Should Costing, Knowledge Based Engineering, Tool & Die Design, and Quality Engineering/PPAP Support.

Accredited with notable National as well as International awards and accolades ‘International Quality Leadership Award’2012 & ‘ECGC – D&B Indian Exporters’ Excellence Award’ 2012 & 2015, Satven prides itself in being the best-in-class partner for marquee global OEMs and their Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers spanning North America, Europe and the APAC region (Japan, China & India), cherishing long-term association. Satven’s clientele currently enlists 75 active customers worldwide; this prestigious list includes 9 of the top 10 global OEMs and 9 of top 20 automotive Tier-1 suppliers.

The man steering Satven to reach new heights

Rao S Vadlamudi


Wearing the suit of the organization’s CEO, Rao is the engine that has been successfully driving the growth of Satven. Driven by a single-minded focus to succeed in adding value to his clients, he belongs to an elite league of business leaders who have achieved what many others would just be left dreaming about. With over 26 years of experience in the automotive industry, Rao brings his vast knowledge and wisdom of the market to the operations of the organization. He holds strong experience in technical management of CAD/CAM companies, automotive tooling industry and information technology. In his previous stint, he was the Vice President at Venture, playing a key role in corporate business planning and development.  He was also instrumental in developing the joint venture between Venture LLC, USA and Satyam Computers, Hyderabad (now Tech Mahindra).

Satven’s Chronoscope: Awards & Accreditation

Awards & Accreditation

Satven has also been certified for ISO 9001:2015 (QMS- Quality Management Systems), ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISMS- Information Security Management Systems), and ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007

Excelling towards a bright future

With a futuristic strategy to expand its operations and expertise, Satven is on a rigorous innovative mode. The company has been standing debt-free and profitable since its inception and even during the times of volatility in the industry globally. Satven’s growth plan is to achieve at least 15 % organic growth per year, and it wants to de-risk its business by spreading to all three regions of automotive presence – North America, Europe and APAC. Satven is eyeing on increasing its share of business from China and Japan. Additionally, as part of de-risking the business, Satven wants to increase its services and technologies in the areas like mechatronics and digital manufacturing, to generate higher revenues. Satven aims to have 25 % of revenues coming from these new services and technologies in the next three year.