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Mobisoft Infotech:   A trusted mobility partner for enterprises and startups


Mobisoft Infotech:   A trusted mobility partner for enterprises and startups

In recent years, mobile software has ushered a whole new world of convenience for people. More and more people are embracing mobile technologies.  Business leaders and young entrepreneurs have taken due cognizance of the opportunities presented by mobility and are partnering with top mobile technology services providers.. . Mobisoft Infotech is one such company which has traversed a long way since its inception in the year 2010. It was still a growing phase for the mobile software industry in India when the Pune-based company was established, lead by its visionary founder Mr. Shailendra Sinhasane. The flood of assorted mobile software that we get to see nowadays was not in vogue then. Foreseeing the future needs, the company set focus on Logistics & Transportation, Digital Healthcare and On-Demand domains. Since then, the company has witnessed pathbreaking transformation. It has evolved into a global digital product development company. It has been successful to follow a track record of partnering with businesses of each and every size to frame, ameliorate and scale products across platforms. Since the establishment of the company, it has been quite successful in combining design, engineering and innovation to make clients successful.

Mobisoft started as a bootstrapped company with a mobile-first development approach and went on to become an end-to-end digital product engineering company. The company is working with a mission to get placed on top of the list of trusted technology partners for startups and enterprises. It aims to empower companies with its metamorphic technology solutions. Over the years, it has worked with a plethora of startups and entrepreneurs to build the technology for their products and services.

Variety of clientele

The company has a rich client base which ranges from Enterprises such as TATA, NTT Data, Samsung, Deloitte, QNAP, Actavis to Small and Medium Enterprises such as People Power, Golden Artist Colors and more. Moreover, it has been a technology partner for several startups as well. Some of the startups include award-winning Khushi Baby, PhotoGurus, Digipare and many more.Canvera

Mobisoft’s Technology Expertise

The company holds expertise in on-demand app development such as food delivery apps, grocery delivery apps and many others for the on-demand economy with the help of its in-house technology platform, Demand Pulse. For the healthcare industry, Mobisoft’s offers several technology solutions and services. . These  include HIPAA compliant app development, patient engagement solutions, EHR integration services, health and fitness app development powered by Apple’s (HealthKit, ResearchKit, CareKit) and much more. The company maintains its forte in transportation and logistics mobility solutions. With its Taxi Pulse product, it has successfully shipped 20+ white-label taxi app booking solutions for taxi companies and startups globally. This has led to rapid increase  in its clientele. Differentiating Factors

The company was born in a mobile-first world and carries that in its genes. It has adopted pre-built approach to provide solutions for popular verticals. This helps the company to save valuable time and money for clients. The company has created niche by providing end-to-end product engineering which ranges from product discovery to product maintenance. The company works on established client engagement models to offer maximum ROI. . It has partnered with global technology solution providers following latest technology and tools with no compromise on theuser-centric approach for the development of products.  Mobisoft has successfully overcome different set of challenges by doing proper talent acquisition and retention. The company grabbed projects from large enterprises by virtue of its adoption of new technology.

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Awards & Recognitions

  • Johnson & Johnson GenH Challenge Winner, 2018, San Francisco
  • NBC Forum Innovation Award, 2017, Las Vegas
  • 8th fastest growing company as per Houston Business Journal 2014
  • NASA’s Space Health Challenge Winner, 2014, Houston

Future plans

The company is aiming to transfer benefits of technologies like AI/ ML, Blockchain, AR/ VR to its clients. It is working on making these advantages an inseparable component of its  solutions and services offerings The company is targeting to launch a line of SaaS products for transportation & logistics industry, office automation tools like visitor management software and more. It is working to become an ideal partner to startups and organizations in digital health.

Learnings for budding entrepreneurs

Mr. Shailendra Sinhasane, in a candid chat, shares his experience which can come handy for the budding entrepreneurs. He says, “Entrepreneurs should invest in a solid team and empower them”. Mobisoft stayed fervent all these years on its commitment to deliver only the best at every stage of the product development process. This process ranges from planning to delivery which helped it unlock maximum value. Honesty, transparency and consistency are the underlying values in its relationship with the clients to inject trust and be trusted. Its relentless efforts to stay on top of the latest technology trends have been given shape by its Innovation and Creativity. It consistently thinks out of the box for each project it works on.

Key executive profile

Shailendra Sinhasane (CEO) is leading Mobisoft Infotech and has grown the organization into a global software development company. In the Healthcare segment, he has been a mentor and technology advisor to numerous startups and organizations. One good example is his leadership skills in the joint partnership with KhushiBaby towards building a novel digital healthcare solution that has won several accolades.

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