Blackpepper Technologies: An innovative technology leader making an impact with design solutions for global semiconductor companies 

Hari krishnan Puravankara, Founder & CEO of BlackPepper Technologies

Blackpepper Technologies: An innovative technology leader making an impact with design solutions for global semiconductor companies 

Blackpepper Technologies is a leading global end to end system design and product engineering company. It is a full-fledged silicon and system player providing differentiated product engineering capabilities for global semiconductor and system companies. BlackPepper offers comprehensive turnkey solutions across Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Industrial Automation, Defense, Wireless and the Internet of Things.

The company’s distinct functional units include Logic Design & Verification, Design for Test, Physical Design, Board Design, Analog & Mixed Signal Design, Post Silicon Validation, Yield Optimisation, Supply Chain Management, Industrial Design and Embedded Software. BlackPepper’s AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and DL (Deep Learning) driven solutions cater to applications like ADAS, Predictive Machine Monitoring, Autonomous Platforms, etc. BlackPepper is actively transforming itself into a company that is squarely at the heart of the product end user experience.

Since its inception, Blackpepper’s work culture is built over years of experience in providing innovative solutions to their clients and their indomitable spirit to excel in all aspects of their engagement. With multiple products and services in India and Singapore, Blackpepper continues to fuel technological innovations in multiple verticals. The company is today a trusted design partner for global top 15 semiconductor companies. They are now continuing to expand globally aggressively, including Israel, Malaysia, USA and Europe leveraging their two core assets – Lean Tall Engineering (LTE) and EYWA.

Spearheading the company’s rapid growth at the current stage is Founder & CEO of BlackPepper Technologies, Hari krishnan Puravankara. With extensive global experience across domains, he is a successful versatile leader in this field. In the lounge with Abhishek Dubey – Senior Editor, The CEO Magazine, he shares his vision of creating a transformational global hardware company that will be listed on the Indian browses in 2021 with a valuation of atleast USD 1Bn. .

What do you enjoy most about working in the business of semiconductor? 

The evolution of technology will become core to our ecosystem and IoT (Internet of Things),  AL (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning),  will be at the core of industry 4.0 and BlackPepper will be at the middle of this evolution, designing  products that will transform the end user experiences. One of the core purposes of the company is to create an enduring impact on society by building an innovative hardware-specific organization in emerging technology sectors like the Internet of Things. Black Pepper aims to democratize innovation by transforming ideas into tangible products and inculcate the spirit of innovation among all.

Which aspects have not changed in the last few years?

The overall ecosystem is going through rapid transformation and the technology is changing at a rapid pace. But with all this dynamic changes, the belief system within BlackPepper is still intact and is the driving force to create unique value for all in the company and the society at large

What are the biggest opportunities and challenges for a semiconductor company in 2018?

Globally the semiconductor market is witnessing massive growth and will become the core of the technological transformation. Gartner predicts there will be 20Bn connected devices and IDC is projecting the overall IoT market share to be USD1.7 Trillion by 2020. We can look at every segment of the ecosystem, its undergoing different level of changes. Mobile phones are becoming far smarter than any other computing device, IoT is driving changes across consumer electronics to industry automation, and automobile industry is building next level transportation products and relies heavily on semiconductor at the core of it. Locally in India as well is catching up on innovation instead of being a vanilla manufacturing ecosystem; government policies are also incorporating these transformations.

How have the challenges of bringing your two core assets – LTE & EYWA to market changed from when BlackPepper started its journey to today?

LTE or Lean Tall Engineering is a focused return to first principle engineering tenets of yesteryears where a single engineer was massively multi-skilled rather than skills and capabilities being sliced and diced across a slew of less experienced engineers. EYWA is our home grown, unique technology framework that allows optimization of human and compute resources enabling complex designs to predictably converge to closure. These two assets are the driving factors for our significant technological advances and winning over tier 1 to tier 3 customers globally. We continue to invest and harness it for the future growth.

What is it like working with BlackPepper?

BlackPepper is built on human values rather than conventional corporate priorities. Each one of our employee (alias Pepperite) – has strong engineering capabilities, passion for excellence, and above all, is a fine human being. For BlackPepper, every Pepperite comes first, and for every Pepperite, the customer comes first. We believe in the philosophy of collective entrepreneurship and encourage every single Pepperite to think freely, innovate tirelessly, question fearlessly and be deeply involved in every facet of the BlackPepper success story. The company has also created an unique employee ownership model, wherein each employee will own undiluted percentage equity of the company.

Kindly name few corporate associated with you.

BlackPepper is today the trusted design partner to the global top 15 semiconductor companies. The company continues to engage with the global companies to develop end to end silicon/system design, including the tier 3 companies who could have just an idea that could create huge opportunity.

Talking about the future, what route map has been laid out for the company’s journey ahead?

BlackPepper will be a global semiconductor design company and already established its 100% subsidiary in Singapore and we are continuing to expand globally, including Israel, Malaysia, USA and Europe.

Kindly share your final thoughts for our readers from BlackPepper?

BlackPepper’s vision is to design products that would be technologically superior and will have transformational end user experience. BlackPepper is the company that everyone should watch out for in the coming years. ELCINA-EFY 2017 (a fifty two years old industry association supporting electronics hardware in India) awards BlackPepper Technologies 1st prize for “Entrepreneurial Excellence”.

The Leadership behind Blackpepper Technologies

Harikrishnan Puravankara, Founder & CEO

Hari comes with about 16yrs of career spanning Silicon design, Supply Chain Management, Foundry relations and technical support. Hari started his career at Wipro Technologies as a cell library and physical design specialist and then moved on to Magma Design Automation, he led the Applications Support team across Asia Pacific. He quit Magma to start building the vision for BlackPepper in 2010 and raised angel funding to commence the operations in 2012.

Jei Narayanan – COO

Jei has a vast professional experience of over 25 years in semiconductor and electronics industry.

Prior to joining BlackPepper as COO, he was the Practice Head of the IC Design team at TATA Consultancy Services since 2011.

Manoj Sundareswaran – Exec. VP: Delivery

Manoj is an industry veteran in the area of Chip Design and has been a SoC Product Specialist with more than 16 years of experience.

Basavaraj Nagaraju – Executive Vice President: Strategy & Marketing

Basavaraj has diversified experience; he has been an entrepreneur, Investment adviser, technocrat, teacher and a mentor. He comes with about 21 yrs of corporate experience, worked Subex, VeriSign & Syniverse at different levels and held the post of General Manager (GM) in his last organization.

Salesh Kumar N V–Vice President: Strategic Initiatives – R&D

Salesh brings in 17+ years of industry experience in the ASIC, Microprocessor and EDA fields in both technical and management roles.

Prior to BlackPepper, he was working in the capacity of Advisory R&D in IBM where he was responsible for mainframe microprocessor timing architecture for multiple generations of the P and Z series of processors.