Nimbus Solar: The Hallmark of imbuing quality with its expertise in Indian Solar space

Mudit Jhunjhunwala, MD, NIMBUS SOLAR

Nimbus Solar: The Hallmark of imbuing quality with its expertise in Indian Solar space

Sometimes you can’t seem to get enough of them; while interviewing entrepreneurs and learning their stories about how they experienced success and failures along their entrepreneurial journey. Different in its own way, I caught up with Mudit Jhunjhunwala, a young entrepreneur who currently chairs as the Managing Director of India’s pioneering brand committed to channelizing the solar power towards every rooftop of the commercial, residential as well as industrial space. Nimbus Solar’s provenance bifurcated from a 50-year-old legacy, Nimbus Group, an undisputed leader acknowledged for its mettle in manufacturing HDPE & MDPE Pipes, and Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation Systems in India. Nimbus Solar’s inception in 2013 affixed a new chapter in Nimbus’ legacy of ushering its commitment to quality in delivering state of the art services and solutions and the core values of the group has anchored Nimbus Solar’s proficiency in emerging out as an avant-garde brand in surveying, designing, supplying, installing and commissioning the entire system at the customer’s site based on their diversified solar needs.

Infusing its expertise in harnessing the power of solar

“Our vast expertise in the field, skilled technicians, young innovative minds, and years of experience set us apart from the multitude of solar companies that have emerged in recent years. And our highly decorated client list is a testimony to our claims.”

In a stint of 5 years, Nimbus Solar has expanded its prowess over horizons. Sponsored by fresh technology advancements and brilliant brains of seasoned Engineers and Technicians, the organization has developed a basket of tailor-made solutions for Solar Pumping & Power Generating Systems. Nimbus Solar feeds the solar industry with a wide range of solar products. With its roots in Kolkata, Nimbus Solar has amplified its presence over the states of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and few others. The organization’s proficiency can be vouched for by numerous industry leaders including, Aditya Birla Hindalco, TATA Trusts, TATA Power, Maithon Power Limited,  Bandhan Bank, The World Bank, along with various NGOs and has positioned its name among Corporate giants’ CSR portfolio.

The Secret Ingredients

  • High-quality products
  • Excellent after-sales services
  • Experienced staff
  • Competitive pricing
  • Insurance on their products

When I asked Mudit about what scores for Nimbus Solar’s Uniqueness, his words were, “You see, everyone is selling the same product and services, but how you are drafting a client’s requirements and contributing to the whole delivery process matters the most and this has provided us an edge over our competitors. Our focused approach of infusing quality and to be the backbone of our clients long after the completion of projects has earned us some proud achievements and long-term relationships with our clients, resulting in high customer retention rate.”

Nimbus Solar untangles the difficulty and ambiguity lying in the process of reaching to the power of the sun for its customers by ensuring the best transition possible, from start to finish. The steps include:

Nimbus Solar

Areas of Expertise

  • Solar Pumping Solutions: Solar Drip Irrigation Systems & Solar Drinking Water Systems
  • Solar Rooftop Solutions: Solar Capex Model & Solar PPA Model
  • Products: HDPE & PVC Pipes, Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation Systems, Domestic Solar Products
  • CSR Consultancy

Embracing Solar Power: NIMBUS’ PROJECTS


Nimbus has installed solar power systems in personal homes or bungalows and even in residential complexes. These systems help in reducing electricity bills by adopting green energy.


Nimbus has successfully installed rooftop solar systems on various industrial and manufacturing plants, office buildings, petrol pumps etc. It has helped these businesses and industries reduce their power costs substantially and also fight frequent load shedding, while also adding assets to their company and utilizing the various tax benefits provided by the government as an incentive to going green.


Nimbus has installed rooftop solar power systems in multiple schools and colleges in both rural and urban regions in India. Schools and colleges gain maximum benefit from solar power as they require electricity only during the day, and hence do not need to invest in batteries. At their current site in Jharkhand, 90% of the school’s consumed energy is being produced by the solar power system. In one of the schools in Kolkata, Nimbus has also provided net-metering as well as a mobile app that can track the daily solar generation.


These projects have helped overcome issues of water shortage and water quality in many villages in rural India. In some projects Nimbus has installed water tanks that either feed community taps or are distributed into individual households. This project has received an overwhelming response and is counted among Nimbus Solar’s most popular projects.


In association with TATA Trusts and their subsidiaries, Nimbus has executed various community-farming projects in Jharkhand and adjoining states. These projects make use of Nimbus’ solar powered irrigation systems and encourage communities to pool resources. This has helped farmers who used to grow only 1 crop a year to now grow cash crops through the remainder of the year, thus increasing their annual income.


This project constitutes a solar-run water treatment plant along with hygienic sanitation units. An RO filtration system is used to purify the water, and the run-off water of the filtration process is used in the sanitation units. The beneficiaries are given an automated water RFID card, which they can swipe at these water ATMs to obtain 10 liters of pure drinking water per day. In association with its NGO partners, Nimbus has installed these units in various locations in West Bengal, providing clean drinking water to over 1000 urban poor families.


Nimbus Solar Pumps coupled with Sprinkler and Drip irrigation systems manufactured by the organization has helped farmers across India to increase product yield. From Onion farmers in Rajasthan to Horticulture farmers in Jharkhand and Odisha, Nimbus’ turnkey irrigation solutions are highly sought after by a wide range of farmers. Their systems help reduce the usage of water while also discouraging the farmers from using diesel generators in areas where electricity is scarce.


In association with Hindalco, Nimbus has installed numerous solar street lights on the streets of Palamou with many more such installations in the pipeline. This product has been helpful in lighting up dark villages in and around Jharkhand.


Nimbus joined hands with corporates like Hindalco to help fulfill their CSR initiative of promoting education in rural India, by distributing domestic solar home lighting products to 600 households in a village in Jharkhand.

Road Ahead

Focused on accelerating the process of driving India towards becoming a global leader in solar energy, Nimbus Solar is setting the pace for commercial solar growth. With a couple of Mega Watt projects in the pipeline and uncounted plans for its future voyage, Nimbus Solar is looking out to expand its wings across geographies. With a blend of unparalleled technology, innovative solutions, and Mudit’s leadership, Nimbus Solar is spearheading its chariots successfully towards a brighter future ahead.

Managing Director’s Periscope

Mudit Jhunjhunwala

“Entrepreneurship is a learning process for me. It has been an intriguing journey.  Nothing can be more rewarding than being the reason behind positively affecting the lives of 1000s of people with our services.”

An engineer degree holder from Manipal Institute of Technology, Mudit has been spearheading Nimbus Solar’s Fruitful journey since 2013. Prior serving the Managerial Director’s position at Nimbus Solar, Mudit has catered his proficiency and dexterity to leading organizations across the globe including Biocon, Tata Consultancy Services and Moody’s, London. Mudit has also concluded his masters in management from Cass Business School London.

Piece of Advice

“In my experience, having the right attitude towards your business and your customers is very important.  With the right attitude comes respect for your clients and employees, sincerity in your services towards your customers, and fulfillment of your promises of delivering quality products. And this, in my opinion, is a sure shot recipe to success.”

Mudit Jhunjhunwala, MD, NIMBUS SOLAR