Reshaping credos of travel industry with innovation and excellent service delivery

Jaal Shah – Founder at RezLive Reshaping credos of travel industry with innovation and excellent service delivery

Travelling industry secures spot among those few which have undergone radical transformation driven by accelerated pace of technological innovation. Leveraging the best of technology, the brilliant concepts and ideas stemming from zealous entrepreneurship entirely redefined the tenets of the industry metamorphosing the way it worked; significantly impacting consumer behavior. has been among the trailblazers that kindled a paradigm shift when the industry was setting in a transition phase. The pioneering leader holds up as an award winning B2B globalreservation system offeringinventoryof Hotels, Sightseeing and transfers all over the globe. Professionals from diverse verticals of tourism sector such as travel partners, tour operators and wholesale travel entities find itthe most preferred B2B systemwhich provides access to over 250,000+ hotel and apartment rooms worldwide, more than 45,000+ sightseeing attractions and private transfer in over 900 cities. So eventually has brought the world at the doorsteps of travel agents.

The company is positioned as a frontrunner standing at the forefront of modernization and excellence introducing futuristic services as well as products and trailblazing industry best practices. During a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Jaal Shah – Founder at RezLive(A Product of Travel Designer Group) expounds about the same, “We offer best net rates with mapped inventory and 24*7 support services, to our travel industry partners from all across the world without any sign-up or usage costs. Our direct contracting with leading hotel chains enable us to give the travel industry partners, products of excellent quality, large allocations in a variety of room types contracted on very short releases to enable last minute sales. We envisage bringing the whole world at the doorstep of our travel partners. Digging our way to achieve that, we have already established footprints across 24 countriesempowering more than 11000 active travel partners. Such a large-scale association with regional partners vests us with the power to thrive as the global gateway to the world of travel.”

The foundation of the company was laid in 2007 in Ahmedabad by Jaal Shah, a renowned and successful serial entrepreneur, and a visionary and a thought leader who now has nearly two decades of experience across varied segments in travel industry. The seeds of entrepreneurship were sown deep inside his heart as he hails from a place where entrepreneurship is a religion. They received fuel for growth when his passion for technology landed him in Bangalore to explore options for career. Being the silicon valley of India, Bangalore was the best place to maneuver his career towards the right track.  After a brief stint with an IT company, Jaal confronted an innate desire to do something on his own. Sharing his thoughts upon how the entrepreneur in him keeps driving him to do things, he shares, “I always believed in one thing – Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. So, once the idea to start up something on my own hit my mind, I was ready for it and was also prepared to face all the challenges related to it. Success is something that doesn’t come easily; you need to sweat hard to earn that.”

Influenced by his father who has been an expert veteran in this sector, he began his entrepreneurial journey with his first venture Travel Designer Inc in 1999. It was a B2B company selling outbound packages to travel partners. Nurtured by the creator’s passion, an entrepreneurial journey becomes evolutionary and opens avenues for self-learning for the founder besides bringing dynamic growth for the venture. In this case too, Jaal’s entrepreneurial passion always made him explore effective solutions to make things more convenient and profitable for his audience. He says, “One thing that motivated me to come up with a product like, was to make the life of our travel partners easy. As the traditional way of making booking was lengthy and required lot of man hours, came as a solution and provided the travel agents, the much required access to make bookings on their own by getting regular support from our in-house sales and operation team.” brings to the clients’ table some unique features with the offerings that serve as the key to more and more travel partners knocking the company’s door for service. The booking process is designed specifically to ensure a great user experience; equipped with simplicity, efficiency and transparency. A travel partner gets onboard to book any offered service bylogging in through his account and he is just a click away from the vast mapped global inventory. This forms a part of the company’s great value proposition. Beyond that, also has a dedicated team to assist travel partners 24*7 with any query they come across post purchase. What allows the firm to stand out and reach the top of the ladder is the levels of excellence it has achieved product development and service standards. With the founder’s profound insights, the company spearheaded certain features that have set new benchmarks in the industry. The company’s groundbreaking efforts towards contributing significantly in the development of the industry has brought laurels and fetched the recognition of one among ‘the top 100 Innovative Companies’ by an esteemed business magazine. A great achievement like this accounts for’s sustainable leadership in the years to come.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • Mapped Inventory
  • XML connectivity
  • Quotation option
  • Responsive site
  • VIP Desk and 24*7 service support
  • No registration fees
  • Trip Advisor Reviews
  • Store Last 5 Bookings
  • Search and Quotation Details
  • Option of booking Last 5 Searched Bookings
  • Option to Compare Hotels
  • Option to Search Apartment Only
  • Map View
  • Multi-Currency Rate Display
  • Local Support and Local Currency Offering

Brand Trust’s nonpareil image as a trustworthy brand is rooted in the team’s uncompromised adherence to deliver maximum value to the clients it has been serving. In a decade long journey, the company has proven time and again the unparalleled expertise it has in catering to their critical needs. As a part of its robust customer support system, the company policy provides assistance to help clients in case of any issue or emergency situation. Moreover, it also takes regular feedbacks for persistent improvement in the system to ensure best experience to the clients throughout their journey.

Embellished with several accolades,’s vast experience coupled with the widest network of suppliers and hotel chains bespeaks of the infallible reliability that adorns the brand’s image and its extensive understanding of the local market. The company has been acknowledged as one of the greatest brands all over the globe for its significant contribution towards the development of this industry and rigorous attempts towards its futuristic growth. In 2017, the World Leadership Federation crowned with Middle East Asia Leadership Award which reinforces the trust and the confidence travel partners place in the company. “ as a brand is known for its service standards and the support we provide to our travel partners.The growth we are posting every year in terms of bookings itself projects the trust the travel partners have in our brand and how inclined they are towards us for their travel related needs. To me, trust is the key to buildinglong lasting relationshipswith clients and retain them”, adds Jaal voicing his thoughts on brand trust.