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Laundry Café – the leading brand and the foundational building block of organized laundry Industry in India


Laundry Café – the leading brand and the foundational building block of organized laundry Industry in India

Doing laundry has always been more backbreaking, time consuming and a toilsome task among other household chores. We usually see people keeping a whole day for doing laundry and escape their other engagements. Since time immemorial, dhobis have been the saviors and ultimate assistance for Indian masses; and gradually their services gave shape to an unorganized laundry market in India. However, this service segment has always been devoid of professionalism, quality and accountability – the pillars which hold customers’ trust. Ergo, people primarily preferred to seek a dhobi’s service only when there was a pressing need as a majority of women being home makers were designated this task too. The last decade observed headlong urbanization in the country which entails topsy-turvy lifestyle and most significantly this progressive modern culture has reshaped the role of women in Indian society. They are now career oriented and participate equally with men. This has given rise to the working class which typically has to work for long hours throughout the week. Such a scenario paves way for a significant rise in the need for on-demand laundry service. According to Euromonitor International – the world’s leading independent provider of strategic market research, nearly three million households will need laundry services on a weekly basis by the end of 2020.

The profound insight into the emerging need fueled the entrepreneurial desire in Dharmendra Kumar, who was then a corporate employee and always aspired to do something innovative. “It was always in my mind to start a business with some innovative sustainable idea to generate the employment while working with IT Company”, adds Dharmendra. Wasting no time, he stepped into the journey and spearheaded professional laundromat services in Bangalore at affordable and convenient pricing models with Laundry Café in 2013. The best part about the place is that it is more of an entertainment hub where people can indulge in gaming and enjoy exclusive café services while their clothes are being washed. For individual ticket, clothes are washed, dried and folded within two hours.

The service became a hit in the area soon with more and more working professionals, students and families availing it. Not only because of the uniqueness of the concept, but also for the transparent processes and the high standards of the quality of the work done. The usefulness and growing popularity of this innovative service led to its expansion across different parts of the city and over the course of years laundry café became a brand operational as a chain of laundromat stores in Bangalore. Laundry Café, today, is perceived as the pioneering leader brand known for its stronghold in superior client service through efficient processes; and for delivering what it promises. The brand has been acknowledged on various platforms consistently for its focus on excellence.


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  • Emerging SME of the Year in Customer Satisfaction by Karnataka Small and Medium Business Owner’s Association in 2015
  • Emerging Company by Indian Achievers Forum, Delhi in 2016
  • Emerging Company by Indian Achievers Forum on the 10th International Seminar at Bangkok in 2016
  • Certificate of Gratitude from Centre for Global Leadership Development (CGLD), 2016

Laundry Café’s journey to success has not always been very smooth; however, Dharmendra’s passion has nurtured it all the way taking to a position, he envisioned when he started it. The challenge, in the initial phase was to come off dealing with government regulations and procedures; and since the founder hailed from a non-business background, things were much more difficult. Howbeit, the launch of an innovative, desiderated and above all a trusted service took no time to get the attention of people and obtain a firm footing in the market. Remarkably, the significant marketing strategy that has fetched success for the business and consolidated its positioning as a leading provider has been the word of mouth referrals. During a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Dharmendra shares, “Our customers have enabled us to thrive as a brand. Their trust is the key which keeps us going and achieve new heights; and, their trust is something that we treasure the most.” Reflecting on his views about the significance of clients’ trust in such a competitive business atmosphere, he adds, “The changes in the consumer’s behavior and preferences are easily noticeable as they have lots of options to choose from; yet, they first try available services or products nearby or seek for references. The success of a service or product entirely depends upon the extent to which it can fulfill customer’s expectations. If they get what they want, they start trusting that service and become source of marketing through their word of mouth.”

Being a part of an ecosystem that thrives as one of the fastest developing economies globally inspires the company to shoulder the responsibility of the country’s development. Laundry Café collaborates with NGOs for several purposes that chiefly include promoting donation for underprivileged people and advocating knowledge through sharing of novels. As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, the company forays into uncharted territories with its unique drive for generating employment through building a green India. The team works with NGOs on Green on Top movement which aims to empower people to earn through setting up kitchen garden at the rooftop or home by using the wet-waste. The project endeavors to encourage the recycling of resources as well as their use leveraging latest technologies like solar, wind etc. As far as the future plans are concerned, expansion of portfolio with Mobile laundry vehicle; in addition to mixed reality and Virtual reality based gaming for entertainment are on plate.

Words of Wisdom

“Start small; keep learning and add value to your business.” – Dharmendra Kumar – Founder, Laundry Café

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