Devoted to women, committed to excellence, Doc N Me secures Authenticity, Security, and Confidentiality to shape its uniqueness

Markus Moding CEO and Co-founder, doconline

Devoted to women, committed to excellence,

Doc N Me secures Authenticity, Security, and Confidentiality to shape its uniqueness

Good health is a key criterion, which contributes to human well-being and economic growth. Adequate care for women would help them to serve as productive members of the society to develop the consequent health generations. Though the government of India has been taking several efforts to improve the overall status of the women, health disparity continues to remain a major problem associated with the implementation of appropriate interventions. Doc N Me, to bring efficiency in women health care, was created to enhance the healthcare experiences of female patients. A brainchild of Mr. Bhupendra Chopra, the startup focuses on management of health at all stages of women’s lives, from planning healthy pregnancies to maximizing health during the golden years.

A visionary entrepreneur, Mr. Chopra has hands-on experience of working with reputed brands. Besides being a proficient software engineer for the past 21 years and working with leading companies like TCS and Oracle, Mr. Chopra’s dynamic personality made him come up with such a wonderful move in January 2015. Prior to the foundation of this healthcare startup, he was also a co-founding member of Applimation India, a private incorporation. The organization stands unique in its ability to provide the most compassionate healthcare driven by the passion for innovation, grounded in the best medical and scientific knowledge.

Doc N Me centers around women’s healthcare needs (OBGYN, Period Tracking, Pregnancy Management, PCOS Management, Cervical Cancer Management, Nutrition Needs, Mental Health, Physiotherapy, doula services etc.) It aims to empower every woman with easy access to healthcare pros. Not only they provide secure and authentic healthcare support to women but also try hard to improve the entire gamut of healthcare experience by allowing them quick access to doctors’ advice in moments of anxiety. A social health program organized to promote adoption of effective health indicators among women and children in small villages of Andhra Pradesh has a huge influence on the creation of Doc N Me. The program brought into limelight multitude of disparities existing in women’s healthcare and improved technical IMR/MMR figures. Without making any further delay, Mr. Chopra made his first move by taking a baby step towards solving the dire medical need of women.

Doc N Me, undoubtedly, paves a convenient way to connect with doctors and get authentic advice in need. Period tracker & PCOS Management are the two brilliant examples in regard to this.  The company offers an integrated practice management to the doctors with preloaded templates by recognized leaders in Gynecology and Obstetrics, which enables them to plan, automate, retain patients and improve referrals with an improved experience.

In an age of mistrust, the only need is to acknowledge users the idea of limitation and therefore, it suggests patients to consult nearby specialists in cases of emergency. The right kind of digital marketing aims at solving problems women originally have. Doing it organically and getting uniform traction is what Doc N Me generally does. Based on this traction, it launched a solution on the web and also caters to international audiences. Transparency has been a benchmark for its users.

Brand building is an automated outsource of trust. People trust brands more when the concern is highly pivotal like that of health and leaves traces of their existence on consumers’ conscience. An impeccable execution of Doc N Me and its absolute commitment towards women’s healthcare has been successful in leaving a mark in the industry as well as in the heart of customers. People are fascinated by its realistic approach which has set a high standard and an excellent operation in terms of service. Failure in the traditional sales approach could not set a limit to its success. Quick realization in the previously made error allowed setting the right approach having pivoted most odds. On being asked about his journey, Mr. Bhupendra Chopra describes how strength acted as the core element in shaping everyday struggle. He says, “Building a brand is never a tranquil and an unchallenging task. Having one’s share of ecstasy and agony plays a vital role in shaping a company. Such experiences make life-enriching and worthwhile”.

Initially, Doc N Me faced few challenges but soon it started concentrating on actual users with new marketing strategy. Ever since, authenticity, security, and confidentiality continued to shape its uniqueness and remained the reason behind audience attraction. Till the date, it has managed to reach one million women worldwide with around 8000 daily impressions on social media and there exists 1% conversion rate.

With the company’s origin in India, it has attracted numerous audiences globally. Recently, it has launched a website tool to cater to international payments which were previously restricted to Indian currency alone. Keeping Indians as the primary audience at 62%, it is spreading roots across Sri Lanka, Philippines and Uganda with a remarkable hold on the USA and Europe. The brand has set its future target of 50% revenue internationally. Besides, it aims to develop specialized plans for PCOS management encompassing medical, nutrition and mental well-being as a holistic solution. This has been designed keeping in mind both Indian and International audience. But when it comes to Gynecologists in India, it tends to have already set its goal quite brilliantly.

In March 2017, the abstract of Doc N Me was presented at the annual RCOG conference in Cape Town resulting in international visibility. It was later published in BGOJ international medical journal widely read by the medical fraternity. Ranked as 4th in the ObGyn segment worldwide, it is the most viewed website on issues relating to Menstruation, Pregnancy and Women’s Health segments and follows up to 8000+ daily viewership. No doubt, its blogs are spreading tremendous awareness.

Mr. Bhupendra Chopra aspires with the belief that, “One should always follow one’s conviction and embrace a never give up attitude. If a person has entrepreneurship dreams he/she should definitely invest some time shaping the self because no educational institute can prepare one for what is supposed to come. At the end, one’s triumph or failure is not what matters but the journey definitely does. Entrepreneurs should consider failure as rewarding as a success”. I believe this is a life mantra every individual aspiring to reach heights should definitely follow.

Markus Moding CEO and Co-founder, doconline