Designing his own success roadmap with BIONEEDS; Scientist turned entrepreneur Dr. S. N. VinayaBabu’s story

Dr. S. N.VinayaBabu, MD, Bioneeds-India

Designing his own success roadmap with BIONEEDS; Scientist turned entrepreneur Dr. S. N. VinayaBabu’s story

A business can cherish happy days only if it enjoys having a positive influence on other people’s lives and if it posses that ‘zest’ of passion to help others, keeping at par with latest advancements and innovations. ‘Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’ This line perfectly sums up Dr. S. N.VinayaBabu’s entrepreneurial journey of incorporating BIONEEDS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, a pioneered Contract Research Organization with prowess in catering Integrated Discovery, Development and Regulatory Services to the global giants of Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Industrial chemical, Herbal/Nutraceutical and Medical device industries.

“If we are not able to achieve something in life, it will not be the dead end. Other opportunities always exist. We just have to explore it with the right attitude.”

Industry leaders have a vision, and they eye beyond the current situation. The ultimate destination came little late on the track for Dr. Vinaya. With a dream to become an IAS, his journey dropped him to Delhi for civil service exam preparation in 1998. The man would spend his day in the labs of private firms as a scientist and join his world of books for civil service preparation during the nights. Unfortunately, the IAS dream shattered and his career took another turn of serving as a veterinary professional at a private industry with diminutive salary and no hopes of growth. Worries and negativities were misusing his capabilities until the reader within him reached out to the pages of books like, ‘Stop Worrying Start Living’ authored by Dale Carnegie and a few books written by Shiv Khera. A new morning awaited a determined and motivated person. As Dr. Vinaya started exploring other options, he initiated the journey of BIONEEDS from a 100sq. ft. place and has accelerated its growth since then. “I still read books on personality development, management techniques and spirituality, which guides me through day-to-day activities and keeps me motivated to achieve more,” avows Dr.Vinaya.

Scripting his own destiny

Being a first generation entrepreneur with zero business background, it was particularly daunting for Dr. Vinaya to source his finance. Fortunately, he had earned a loving family, friends and relatives, who provided him with economical and moral support in the initial stage. Despite being a remote person with no formal management education background, this scientistrepreneur built it on practical applications. While his veterinary graduation strengthened his technical background for this entrepreneurial journey, working for five years gave him hands-on technical, operational and management skills, which still helps him in taking right decisions with confidence for the growth of the company. Dr. Vinaya has been instrumental in terms of both strategic leadership and operational management in underpinning BIONEEDS’ growth and evolution over past several years. After a successful endeavor of a decade catering to almost all major Pharma, biopharma, agrochemical and medical device companies with his 220 employees, BIONEEDS stands tall as a Rs.200 crore company spread over 2,50,000 sq. ft. place in Karnataka (one in Bangalore rural district and another in Peenya industrial area). He knows how to keep personal life and the professional life balanced, which adds to his credibility of becoming successful. “I do give them as much as I can, not theoretically, but from my own experience,” says humble Dr.Vinaya. In fact, he encourages entrepreneurs with good business ideas with financial, management and infrastructure support, leaving them to focus on technical & business aspects. The seasoned management team of BIONEEDS is adorned by industry veterans including VenuMadhava (CFO), Dr.Raghunath Reddy (COO), Dr.NitinShetty (CTO- Preclinicals), Dr.Sushobhan Das (CSO– Biopharma),Dr.Vadiraj(COO – Chemistry) and Sapna (Chief Business Officer). To encourage creativity at the workplace, he gives abundant independence to his peers to take a calculated risk and learn by trial and error. With unswerving confidence and trust in his team, Dr.Vinaya delegates responsibilities and has implemented checks and balances. This has helped him to stick to a realistic work-life balance, where he relishes family time not only on weekends but every evening.

Personal Life

He imbues his young kids to set a vision in life, to cultivate a good mind, body & heart. His mornings start with Yoga & exercises followed by office activities such as checking mails between 11 PM to12: 30 AM. His day ends with a 30 minute reading of a spiritual book before his six hours sleep. A foodie by nature, Dr. Vinaya loves to traverse unmapped horizons.

  • The entrepreneurial and managerial skills of Dr. Vinaya has inspired many and helped BIONEEDS to expand its horizons globally. The organization has received various recommendations and certifications from national as well as international boards and authorities. Few of which are CPCSEA, GLP, DTL. RCGM DSIR, AAALAC & ISO certifications

As tasting the hard-earned fruit of victory has filled him with abundant business expansion skills and tremendous confidence, Dr.Vinaya further envisions leveraging both organic and inorganic growth strategies to usher BIONEEDS to the Rs.1000crore company club in next five years. Planning for growth and executing it is his favorite aspect of entrepreneurship, Dr.Vinaya is looking forward to consolidation of the CRO industry in India.