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CAPACLOUD:  An Initiative towards green walls powered by Internet of Things


CAPACLOUD:  An Initiative towards green walls powered by Internet of Things

Living walls, in the most recent decade,has received worldwide popularity due to their better known sociological benefits. Anachronistic changes occurring due to human activities have now gained relevance and require rapid and intensive solutions. Defeating such problems becomes possible when humans change their approach towards the environment. The innovation landscape has become much more diverse and dynamic, consistently coming up with new ideas and better solutions for meeting new and/or existing needs.In the wide array of innovation,living walls are a sensible strategy for reduction of heating and cooling costs, pollution and dust control and habitat integration. These benefits have wide-reaching positive effects on both human beings and the surrounding landscape. Considered as similar to those of green roofs, green walls have the potential to largely influence its surroundings and improve well being of people. Capacloud is one of the few vertical garden planters of India which spurred with the idea of transforming built environment into living green while embracing a strong desire to save the ecosystem.

Vertical gardens are an excellent way to grow plants in places that have limited floor area; they enrich the landscape and create regional habitat links through the city without compromising societal uses. Green walls are a great initiative for businesses to improve their image and create an intriguing advertisement. It has now developed a competitive edge on the market.

Inspired by “Make in India campaign”, CAPACLOUD, India’s the most avant​-​garde climate Change Company is pioneering a smart vertical garden powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) technology which can convert any unused vertical surface intoa natural garden. Capacloud’s smart vertical garden product is highly flexible, modular system and its IoT-based system induced a new level of sustainability through intelligent water management and system control that is flexible enough to befit any size and shape installation. With tested and climate proved living walls, Capacloud’sproduct usage is applicable in a wide number of contexts including corporate offices, hotels, real estate projects, business parks and private gardens and many more.

Improvised by the Make in India campaign, Capacloud is built on the ethos “Innovate in India.” Back then in 2014 due torising pollution in major Asian Cities, Schools and embassies were declared as closed. In a situation where everyone witnessed a hurdle, Capacloud spot an opportunity. In the densely populated cities where there was hardly any place left to plant trees, Capacloud zeroed down on growing greeneries vertically.Since its inception, Capacloud’s innovation has been acting as thesmart technology that drastically reduces the maintenance costs of vertical garden making it affordable and reliable to scale up impacting millions of lives across the globe. Launched in the year 2014, the company is now on an expansion spree to Indian metro cities to deliver its world-class product and technology through a robust distribution chain.

In the age of mistrust, where customers are in desperate search of a trusted brand that can bet on delivery and performance, Capacloud stands as a perfect product-market fit in an industry where barely any innovation took place in the last few decades. The brand’s powerful innovation and consistency in project delivery help it stand apart in the fragmented market which is in a dire need of consolidation.

Until recently, people believed that foreign technologies and products aresuperior to Indian peers. But Capacloud’s smart landscaping technology, its low operation, and maintenance costsconvinced the customers of its high quality.As a brand manufacturing next-generation vertical garden products in India, the trust could not have been possible without the brand’scontinuous on-field performance and customer experience management. Capacloud is unique in many respects, its technology and customer support are unparalleled in the landscaping industry.

Despite failing miserably in its initial product design and project delivery, Capacloud’s outright honesty and transparency consistently helped the brand in improving its delivery and performance. The founder and MD of Kalaari capital, Vani Kola’swarm gesture towards Capacloud’s honest approach through recommendation letter says it all. Regardless of the huge loss faced by the brand inits very first project with Kalaari capital, it continued to withhold its authenticity and integrity. Today Capacloud’s entire customers arewell aware of its righteousness. The first impression that consumer soften get through the brand is its reliability and innovation. Within a short span of time, Capacloud’s integrity and ethical standard made a mark in the industry.

From one stage to another, Capacloud learned from its faulty strategy and made its move accordingly to reach the pinnacle of success. As Jayabrata Bhaduri, the Managing Director of Capacloud put into words, “Learning and adapting as you go, and the journey of entrepreneurship is both about excitement and paranoia. As we all learn and grow, at the end of the day only the paranoid survive the tsunami of demands from the ecosystem of venture capitalists, consumers, vendors, employees and society in general.”

The major challenge for a physical product like Capacloud which everyone can feel and touch is to cope up with continuous change in product design coupled with an agile supply chain. Capacloud developed its products in stages and learned from its flaws committed in each stage. The brand embraced this particular realistic approach in order to survive being the innovative company in a densely fragmented market. Additionally, the company tied up with leading architects and real estate builders to create their risk appetite for trying this new generation of vertical garden product and to promote effective marketing initiatives.It had to maintain a steep learning curve to ensure that the company remains innovative as well as profitable at unit economics level.

Focused on curbing urban air pollution, Capacloud now offers end to end vertical garden and smart landscaping solutions including design, supply, installation, and after-sales. Capacloud is one of the few Indian brands to get early-stage shareholders such as SIDBI Venture and Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Within less than a year from its product launch, the company started bagging prestigious clientele such as Tata Steel and HIDCO.

With Capacloud’s major focus on B2B (business to business) catering to corporate institutions, real estates, hospitality groups and public-sector companies, the brand also caters to B2C (business to consumer) in high net worth individual category. Besides business house (B2B) market, the brand currently attracts HNI’s and upper-middle-class segments in major Indian cities. The company serves both household and industry segments with the same brand name. As Capacloud offers complete lifecycle support for its product, customers get connected to it throughout the life of the product which is typically four to five years. Nevertheless,Capacloud’s potential customers are consistently in touch with the brand through social media platforms, websites, and various events as well as through its distribution platform. The regular customer feedbacks support the brand through the recommendation for different product delivery and services.

Time Ahead 

The future is a branded house where Capacloud strives to create and deliver innovative climate change technology and products to fight urban air pollution. In next few years, Capacloud aspires to become a global brand of maintenance and free vertical garden to transform city skylines across the globe from dismal grey to living green. The coming year is a litmus test for the brand as it is on an expansion spree all over India and neighboring countries. Besides this, the brand will shortly be launching itsproduct category in the indoor vertical garden.

Milestones and Accolades for the Brand 

Since its inception in 2014, Capacloud has surpassed many challenges and achieved several milestones and awards which are a testimony to the trust reposed in the company by its customers. 

  1. Top 30 Technology Companies in India (The CEO Magazine, 2015)
  2. Most Promising Start-up from West Bengal (Government of West Bengal, 2016)
  3. University of Chicago Urban Labs Challenge (2016)
  4. Special Recognition from US Consul General Kolkata (2016)
  5. Special Recognition Award from The Indus Entrepreneurs (2017)
  6. Top 40 Start-ups to Work for in India (2017)

The brand has been covered by several media house such as Times of India and NDTV.

Words of wisdom

Never try for the low hanging fruits rather go for the high hanging ones because there where the blue ocean only exists. There’s little chance of making it big when you’re a me-too in a red ocean. 

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