Yugasa is participating actively in technology revolution.

Yugasa is participating actively in technology revolution.
No one across the globe is untouched from technology. Ranging from one’s day to day routine works to complex business operations, everyone encounters with software or technology every moment. Some are not loving this revolution and many appreciate this change. Irrespective of the positives and negatives of this revoloution, one fact which has already started concerning the industry gurus is its volatile nature.
Updated versions of the famous mobile platforms (Android and iPhoe) after every 6 months change the technical world up and down. Introduction of Automation in software development has made this change more possible and faster.
Shobhit Srivastva, V.P. Technology at Yugasa Software Labs says that some of the recent tech trend are so significant that they will transform the world soon.
Shobhit is excited about young generation working hard to automate things and introduce newer ideas. He speculates that startups will come with innovative products and ventures related to Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Digital Communication in 2018. Those who will not take this change seriously will have hard time in achieving success. We have moved on from being just a web and mobile app development team. Yugasa is keeping a vigilant watch on the revolution happening.
Yugasa has recently developed a Chatbot named “Yubot” of its own which can be made intelligent for any business over a period of time and can be integrated with any web portal or inside a mobile app.
VP says that we have detected promising space for launching a low cost digital communication tool too. Indian startups who wish to have Audio or Video call capability inside their products find it challenging to afford costly monthly license fees of such a utility. We aim to target this market for our new product we have developed in house.
Bill Gates said “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”
It is important that you choose the best vendor to partner your business for automating your operations. Yugasa endeavours to achieve efficient results for their customer with the custom software they do for clients.