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Practicing innovations and creating experiences, Shrooms Creatives – A specialist Digital Marketing agency!


Practicing innovations and creating experiences, Shrooms

Creatives – A specialist Digital Marketing agency!

“Have you seen mushrooms grow in their natural habitat? All it takes is one

mushroom and in no time numerous others spring up to form a troop. Taking inspiration from this, we don’t simply believe in growing, but growing together both- with our team and the clients we partner with.” quotes Mr.KunalGarud,CEO and Founder , throwing light at the story behind the naming of ShroomsCreatives. Incorporated In 2013, ShroomCreatives’’ journey began from thestartup hub of India – Bangalore, moving towards the financial capital of Indiaand now victoriously expanding to the business capital of the world i.e. Dubaicatering to the Middle East and African markets. “This year has been excitingand promising. To start with, we have moved to a new and bigger facility atMumbai with a capacity of 75+ professionals. We are catering to new markets,building industry specialised teams and setting up alliances and partnerships”adds Mr.SiddharthDutt, Director and Co-Founder, ShroomsCreatives. ShroomsCreatives Approach Effectively Combines Advertising and Technology to Create Meaningful User


“We don’t only evaluate the current market scenarios but have a vision for the future. We work for clients at a strategic level where solutions for tomorrow is the need along with those of today.”

ShroomsCreatives when founded four years back foresaw Digital Media as a

vision. Today Digital Media has become the talk of the business world

alongsideblockchain and AI. In this era of specialisation, each leading

business player requires a particular specialist from that domain to achieve

the desired results. To offer all this and more, ShroomsCreatives has

specialised teams of qualified professionals, brought under one roof to

provide turnkey solutions catering to advertising and mobility

comprehensively through its offerings in the arena of Digital, Branding,

Design, Films and Technological Mobility. Along with these services,

ShroomsCreatives is now moving up in the value chain with its new product

launching soon. 

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Talking about the culture…

“Frankly, we have never seen employees as numbers, but as the combined

value they bring to the organisation. Basic criteria of being a Shroomer is how

much and how efficiently one can emit positive energy. But to answer your

question we have around 50 handpicked professionals and growing”, quotes

Siddharth talking about the team. He also adds, “We have been working on our people, are working on our people and will continue to work on them. Because, our people work on everything else.” 

Mapping Milestones

Fondly recalling the inspiring journey, the duo highlights, “ShroomsCreativesis no different than others in terms of startup struggles. Month-end was scariest and surviving was the only aim but we did it and with the will to keep the wheel rotating. Being motivated and spreading positive energy are the biggest tools that worked for ShroomsCreatives to move towards the next stage where the struggles were replaced by growth as the point of focus. Now, the management sees being global as the future path and the journey as a beautiful nostalgia.” 

The Failures

Kunal humorously admits, “We have failed many times and we can have one full interview to get a glimpse of that!! But what matters is first accepting them and then overcoming them with a smile. As long as you retain your smile, you have gained from it for sure.” 


One major learning they share from their experience and thus achieved

confidence is, “aligning your strategies to an industry is a thing of the past as

every client is unique and so should be your strategy.” Our personal journeys

might be interesting but for sure not advisable to be practiced. But yes, if done

with passion, success is sure. 

What is Entrepreneurship for you?

Entrepreneurship is not a profession, it is a lifestyle

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