Inspirational Story Dazeworks: knitting its way to paramountcy in Salesforce consulting; metamorphosing the landscape and empowering the Salesforce community

Shivanath Devinarayanan,CEO, Dazeworks

Inspirational Story

Dazeworks: knitting its way to paramountcy in Salesforce consulting; metamorphosing the landscape and empowering the Salesforce community

The fact that India’s dynamic, robust and extraordinary growth is driven by efforts of successful entrepreneurs; their creativity, innovation and resourcefulness is indubitable. In its boundless journey dedicated to bring to the readers’ table inspiring entrepreneurs and their enterprises, The CEO Magazine gets an opportunity to pen down about Shivanath Devinarayanan and his enterprise, Dazeworks – a leading pure-play Salesforce consulting company. An official partner with Salesforce, Dazeworks thrives as an emerging frontrunner across the globe bringing together an expert team that is home to eleven Salesforce MVPs and some of the best thinkers, consultants and developers; who are passionate about delivering the utmost value to businesses.

At a time when only impressive sales figures define success for businesses, implementation of Salesforce has become indispensable to ensure robust sales management. Salesforce is recognized as cream of the crop among CRM softwares for its excellent ability in generating faster and easier to close sales for a business. With wide solutions footprints covering CRM, IT Service management and much more, Salesforce has been gaining increased popularity not only for enhancing sales efficiency but also as a vital platform for digital transformation. However, businesses find themselves deficient in adequate resources and knowledge needed for effective implementation of this game changer CRM platform towards reaching organizational goals. In a short span of time, Dazeworks has come to light as one of the premier providers of unparalleled and unprecedented assistance for diversified Salesforce projects and ongoing management. The firm leverages its partnership with Salesforce to bring out the best in terms of development, implementation and facilitation with expert architectural guidance. Dazeworks’ rich portfolio offers a wide range of implementation services; from enterprise architecture planning, configuration and customization, data migration and system integration to reporting, analytics and support services. Besides, the vast suite of services is also inclusive of Salesforce Consulting, AppExchange App Development, Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce Admin & Developer Support, System Integration and Data Migration, and lot more.

The magnificent journey

Shivanath’s brief learning curve for Apex that entailed engagement with the Salesforce community deeply influenced his career choices and turned out to be a life changing experience. Shivanath’s journey with Salesforce began while he had to handle a project at his first job assignment. Speaking about it, he shares, “I had to figure out how to work with Apex on my own. So, I dug deep into the fundamental Apex workbooks where I could find the help I needed. Supplementary to that, I watched a lot of YouTube videos, especially Jeff Douglas, who was my hero. The learning curve for this platform gave me a huge edge. The Apex developer community was also very helpful and I was able to talk to other architects who walked me through solutions.”

Shivanath’s instinct that always bespoke of his promising career as an entrepreneur has been his passion to chart unexplored territories. The two year stint with the company pushed him to delve deep into APEX while majority of the software professionals in India preferred to go with promising prospects of C#. He adds, “I needed to make a choice between C# and Salesforce for my career future. It was a huge risk at that time to go with Apex.” He joined Simplion technologies as an administrator and developer; and the time he spent here was nothing but rewarding in every possible way. The huge turning point in his career trajectory surfaced when he held the second project, which was a great platform to apply his honed Salesforce skills interfacing with 50 clients to deliver successful business solutions. The entire experience enabled him with a profound understanding of business and its operations. Soon, he was promoted to Lead Associate and managed a team of 30 developers.

The year 2013 saw pinnacle of his successful career journey at Groupon – the E-commerce giant from United States and one of the largest users of Salesforce in the world. He was hired as a Salesforce Developer at its Chennai office and soon made his way to lead significant projects for his outstanding skills. The most grand and the most critical of them was the one that merged two Salesforce organizations into one and involved 28 countries; everything connected with Salesforce and the integration was highly complicated. The successful completion of the project showcased Shivanath’s proficiency in using the Salesforce platform. This whole phase of his Salesforce journey took his career to heights establishing him as the Most Valued Professional by both as well as in 2014. Dazework’s foundation in 2015 stems from Shivanath’s passion for bringing home top-notch cloud solutions for businesses and contribute significantly towards the development of the Salesforce community giving back what he learned.  The journey that began with a small team of team of three has successfully expanded its footprints beyond several geographies across nine locations. Being home to more than one hundred highly qualified and dedicated professionals, team Dazeworks has progressively set its firm footing having built a dynamic reputationas the perfect Salesforce partners! Several renowned global entities have entrusted Dazeworks with their crucial needs for not only its excellence in Salesforce development, but also for its business knowhow and peerless delivery of projects. The team lets the work speak for itself keeping an uncompromised focus on quality; the key value that has translated into the firm’s USP.

Leadership mantra

Speaking of the success mantra that drives growth at Dazeworks, Shivanath shares, “Our team is the biggest asset. As the chief driving the helm of the company, I ensure that everyone on the team feels the same level of ownership. We work not as a company, but as a community serving the customer. For us, clients are not just customers, but long-term partnerships who in turn bring us more business through referrals. One of our greatest strengths that integrates this unprecedented and unparalleled approach in our service is the unique advantage that eleven MVPs bring to our crackerjack team. We are in fact the only company to bring together so many expert MVPs under one umbrella. What adds more to our exclusivity is our distinctive engagement model that works on the expertise of invested resources in a project rather than their number. Empowered with such superiority, Dazeworks’ team is geared to redefine the tenets of consulting in India with speed and quality working together in tandem.”

The Pledge

Shivanath attributes Dazeworks’ phenomenal success along with his own to the remarkable support provided by the amazing Salesforce community or Salesforce Ohana. As a part of this ecosystem, he feels obliged to shoulder the responsibility of spreading this vital knowledge. He supports and participates in some of the exciting events across the globe such as Midwest Dreamin, French Touch Dreamin, Tahoe Dreamin, Surfforce and many more conducted regularly by the global Salesforce community. Not only that, Dazeworks has also sponsored such events in the recent past that include Midwest Dreamin’ in Chicago; Dreamforce in San Francisco and French Touch Dreamin’ in Paris. Capacitated with strong footing across diverse geographies, the company keeps an unswerving focus on empowering niche audiences with Salesforce knowledge. The team leverages content initiatives and social media practices to reach aspiring Salesforce users and developers and aid them to learn more. “As a company philosophy, we believe in giving back to the community through initiatives of Pledge 1%. Under this pledge, we organize events every month where we give back 1% of our equity, 1% of time and 1% of our products/services to the community”, adds Shivanath.